The Best Grocery Saving Apps – 5 Simple Ways to Save

Using your smartphone can make saving money on groceries a simple and hassle-free process. One great aspect is that the best grocery saving apps can be downloaded for free. Knowing this, I can give in to my natural impulse to try them all.

According to the USDA, food expenditures chew up roughly 10% of the typical American household budget. Wow! I think most of us would like to slash those expenses. Wouldn’t you agree?

And, I don’t know about you, but I find it especially satisfying if I can save money without having to invest a lot of time. For example, coupons are wonderful, but my use tends to be hit or miss because clipping and organizing require a commitment that I’m not always willing to make.

So, let me share my experiences with some of my favorite money-saving apps.

5 Of The Best Grocery Saving Apps

The list of apps that follows is certainly not exhaustive. But these are all legitimate programs that I use every week. I’ve received multiple payments from each either in the form of cash deposits to my PayPal account or as Amazon gift cards.

No, I don’t earn life-changing amounts of income. But I have to admit that vanilla lattes from Starbucks are my downfall and my grocery rebates support that habit pretty well. Furthermore, the Amazon delivery truck is at my door 2 to 3 times per month, and I invariably have gift cards to defray that cost.

Make Real Money Online

For me, the minimal effort required to earn from grocery rebate apps makes them worthwhile. I also get a kick out of the fact that I can often save money on the same item from 2 or more of these programs. As a result, I’ve been known to score free stuff.

Oh, and you should know that all of these apps are available for both IOS and Android devices.

1. Shopkick

The Shopkick App

Shopkick is a mobile app dedicated to reinventing the shopping experience. Earn reward points (called kicks) on every grocery shopping excursion. All of the major grocers in my area participate.

The Shopkick app has earned its number one position on my list by providing consistent savings over time and by being a fun and engaging program to use. In general, I find shopping a necessary but not very pleasant chore, so I appreciate getting paid a bit to do it.

I like earning rebates on items I intend to purchase anyway. But, what’s especially nice is the ability to earn kicks in several ways that don’t involve buying anything. Moreover, the Shopkick payout threshold is unusually low. Hence, I can indulge in special treats using my payouts that much quicker.

And, who doesn’t enjoy a treat?

Finally, Shopkick lets me redeem my kicks as either gift cards or as cash using Paypal. When I first joined Shopkicks back in 2017, cash was not an option. But the program has expanded, and Paypal is now available.

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2. Drop

Drop Shopping App

Drop is an app that lets you automatically earn points on purchases you were going to make anyway simply by linking your debit and credit cards within the app. The convenience is amazing because once you’ve installed Drop, selected your 5 favorite vendors, and linked your cards; there is no need to do anything at all to rack up reward points.

You can save on more than groceries with Drop. But, you’ll certainly want to choose one or more grocery stores as your standing offers. Points are earned based on your entire purchase. There’s no need to open the app, select specific items, or scan receipts.

How easy is that?

Now, you can earn even more points by selecting special offers within the app. But you’ll always save on recurring grocery expenditures in a completely effortless fashion.

Once you’ve earned 5,000 points or the equivalent of %5 (which doesn’t take long), you can redeem your Drop points for desirable gift cards. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Applebees are just a few of the numerous choices available.

One of the best aspects of using Drop is that you can easily stack the savings from this app with any of the other apps on this list or with coupons. Drop points are also in addition to any rebate points you already earn with your credit card. It feels like you’re supercharging your savings!

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3. Fetch RewardsFetch Rewards Shopping App

Fetch is a mobile shopping app that rewards you for scanning and uploading all of your grocery receipts. The program works with major grocery brands and generally awards points based on brand name purchases rather than specific products. For example, the purchase of any Campbell’s soup will do.

You’ll earn 10 points for each $! of allowable brand purchases and Fetch has partnered with more than 250 well-known brands. There are also special promotions each week that let you earn bonus points on specific products. It’s helpful to review the promotions to maximize your points, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Receipts can be uploaded within the Fetch Rewards app in seconds. Your receipt is quickly scanned, and points are instantly awarded for any partner brands contained on the receipt. You can upload receipts from grocery stores, convenience stores, and bulk-purchase stores like Costco.

I like the simplicity of the Fetch app and the minimal investment of time that is necessary to earn points. The minimum payout threshold is also only $3 (3,000 points), so it doesn’t take long to qualify for a gift card. And, your gift card choices are astonishing.

With 137 retail stores and 172 restaurants on the rewards list (among other available selections), there is something for every taste imaginable.

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4. Ibottaibotta Shopping App

Ibotta is a mobile shopping app that allows you to earn rebates on select grocery products on a weekly basis. The Ibotta app is a smart way to save on your favorite brands and can be used at hundreds of participating retailers. Your earnings can be withdrawn in cash using Paypal or with gift cards.

I’ve enjoyed some nice savings with ibotta over the years, and I definitely recommend you download the app and give it a try.

I will admit to you that my use of ibotta is a bit more hit or miss than the first three apps on this list. The app is not at all difficult to use, but it does require a little more organization than the others. If you’re someone who takes time to prepare a detailed list before each shopping trip, you’ll probably do well with ibotta.

To earn rebates with the ibotta app, you must open the app and select the products you want to buy. You may then be required to complete a micro-task like answering polling questions or viewing a short video.

Be sure to save your receipt and upload the receipt through the app. You’ll also be asked to scan the product bar code to ensure you’ve purchased the specific product.

One thing I find restrictive with ibotta is that the minimum payout threshold is higher than my top 3 apps above. You need to accumulate $20 before you can cash out with ibotta. Depending on your spending habits, this could happen quickly or take several weeks.

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5. CheckOut 51

The Checkout 51 AppCheckOut 51 is a sweet little app that helps you save money on every grocery trip without having to scour the weekly circulars or clip any coupons, Offers are posted every Thursday in the app, and you have until the following Wednesday at 11:59 pm to make your purchases and upload the receipt.

Similar to ibotta, you must open the app and select the specific items you wish to buy. Then you snap a picture of your receipt within the app and submit it for processing and credit.

One feature I particularly like is that Checkout 51 frequently offers savings on generic products like eggs, milk or produce in addition to brand name selections.

As with ibotta, the minimum threshold for cashing out by check or through Paypal is $20.

Bonus App – CoinOut

The CoinOut AppThe CoinOut App is a cool way to effortlessly turn any receipt into cash. My complete review of the CoinOut mobile app is overdue. But I include it here as a bonus because I’ve been using it for weeks now on top of the other apps above.

If you’re already scanning and submitting grocery receipts, why not take a few extra seconds to upload the same receipt in the CoinOut App also? In my experience, each uploaded receipt is awarded a random cash reward from 1 cent to 11 cents. I’ve read claims of higher rewards ( as much as 71 cents), but I haven’t yet received more than 11 cents.

Still, it’s free money, and it adds up over time. Interestingly, CoinOut does not have a minimum payout amount. I’m not sure why you would want to request a Paypal distribution of 1 cent but you can.

Final Word

If you own a smartphone, you have a powerful tool for taking a bite out of those recurring grocery store expenditures. The best grocery saving apps are convenient, free to use, and put greenery back in your wallet. Why pay full price when we don’t have to?

Savvy shoppers will want to download all of these smartphone apps. Using any of the above apps individually will save you money on your grocery bill. But I challenge you to  multiply your savings by using them all.

Over to You

Have you used anything in this list of the best grocery saving apps? If so, I hope you’ll jump in below and tell me how you liked it. But what I’d really like to know is if there’s another app that you’ve used that you’d like to recommend, I look forward to your feedback!

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22 thoughts on “The Best Grocery Saving Apps – 5 Simple Ways to Save”

  1. I had never heard of any of these apps, but I  will be downloading the apps onto my iPhone!  Thank you so much for putting this great list together.  I am all for saving money any way I can being a single mom and all.  Which of these apps do you use?  And which ones do you think save you the most money?

    • I use all of these apps and they’ve all saved me money. I would say I’ve earned rebates more consistently with the top three apps. Ibotta and Checkout 51 can offer several things of interest one week and then the next week there won’t be much at all. I tend to avoid a lot of processed foods. So, I may not be your typical grocery shopper. Although, they do often have good deals on cleaning products that I take advantage of.

      These apps are all free to use, so you really can’t go wrong by downloading them and trying them out. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Linda, 

    This is an amazing post. As I was searching for a new app to download I came across your website. From your list of the 5 grocery apps I’ve used 4/5. The only one that I am unfamiliar with is Fetch. However, I just downloaded it. It seems a lot like Ibotta. Additionally, I have never heard of the bonus option that you included. I will definitely download because these forms of getting cash back helps. Do you ever order groceries online? Would you recommend Ebates for online purchases? 

    • Hi Nia,

      Fetch is somewhat similar to ibotta in the sense that you must upload receipts within the app to receive reward points. However, you do not have to select items with Fetch before uploading or scan any bar codes. The receipt is scanned for allowable brands and if you’ve purchased anything from a brand that Fetch partners with, you get points. You may not even be aware at the time of purchase that an item is eligible. Fetch partners with a lot of household brands like Campbells, Kraft, Heinz, and Hellman’s. In that sense, Fetch is more flexible.

      I haven’t done any grocery shopping online. Ebates doesn’t offer rebates on any online grocery stores. But you can use Checkout 51 and upload the packing slip. Ibotta partners with Whole Foods which offers online services. So, I think that would work also.

      I hope you enjoy Fetch and CoinOut. Thanks for commenting!

      • Fetch apparently ditched its acceptance of all of the Campbell’s brands as of their June 27th, 2019 update to their app just an FYI (there were a lot under that umbrella including all the Pepperidge Farm products, Goldfish crackers, Pacific foods anything, V8, Pace, etc… And of course Campbell’s soups.
        It’s a very big backwards move.

        • Hi Aiden,
          It is unfortunate that Fetch is no longer working with Campbell’s. And yet, they continue to partner with many popular brands like Heinz, Kraft, Pepsi, Ore-Ida, Dove, and others. I continue to use this app on a regular basis and I highly recommend that everyone do so. No, it’s not life-changing income but it can stretch your monthly budget and I’m OK with that.

          Thanks for sharing these updates!

  3. Hello Linda:

    I just finished your new blog on grocery savings. It seems like everything on it is working fine and the color choices are great. Very inviting. I’m retired too. but work at home like you. It is the best job I ever had. So much freedom and growth from doing a home business.

    I felt all of your comments were justified and spot on. I liked the bonus of CoinOut I almost went and downloaded the app. I just don’t drag more than I need to the grocer. That’s probably my downfall. Maybe later I’ll do that. 

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

    Thank you,

    Brian E.

    • Hi Brian,

      Yes, there is a lot of freedom and flexibility when you have an online business and are able to work from home.

      You mention not wanting to “drag more than you need to the grocer” in connection with CoinOut. I just want to point out that CoinOut is only used after the fact to scan your receipts. There’s no need to do anything at all while shopping and the scanning process literally takes seconds. It’s one of the simplest apps out there. So, I’ll hope you’ll reconsider because even though it’s not a lot of money it’s free money. 

      Good luck with your business and thanks for reading!

  4. Thanks Linda

    I am in the “soon to retire” bucket and looking to get all my ducks in a row and one of those ducks is looking at ways to reduce spending on everyday items including groceries.

    The apps you have listed all look great and well worth my time to spend a few minutes a day scanning and uploading receipts. They all seem to offer rebates on purchases. Have you found anything that provides discount codes or similar to reduce the purchase cost up front?

    If there was we could then be getting the best of both worlds – upfront savings and rebates on total spend.

    I love all the tips and tricks on your site. Please keep up the great work.


    • Hi Ian,

      When it comes to grocery purchases, it’s still very possible to save upfront using coupons and then also take advantage of cash rebates. In this way, you can stack your savings. Most of the major grocery chains have their own apps that offer the convenience of digital coupons. For example, I always use the Safeway app. You’ll also want to use

      Congratulations on your impending retirement and thanks for jumping into the conversation!

  5. Wow Linda, I never knew that there were so many apps that can help with shopping and earning points while doing so.

    I do like the sounds of Shopkick and Drop, are these apps available to use in other countries? I am based in Australia.

    I use a Rewards card here when I go shopping that accumulates points that can be redeemed for discounts on fuel or purchasing products at other nominated stores. Having an app would be even better.

    • Hi Snowflake,
      Unfortunately, neither Shopkick nor Drop are available in Australia at this time. Shopkick is currently only available in the U.S. Drop is a Canadian company that launched in the US in late 2017. I wish I had better news but thanks for commenting!

  6. This was a great and simple to follow guide on best grocery saving apps. You laid it all out clearly and showed examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for people like me.

    I have used Shopkick and Drop before now and I really enjoyed those apps because their interface is very easy to use. I appreciate the fact that you shared this useful information with your blog readers

    This is the type of information some so-called professional bloggers will love to hide from public knowledge. I’m so happy I found your blog

    • Shopkick and Drop are two of my favorites and I agree they are very easy to use. I’ll hope you’ll check out the other apps on the list also. Deal stacking is a very real possibility when you use multiple apps and I think you’ll enjoy the additional savings.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  7. Hello Linda,

    I have read your article on The Best Grocery Saving Apps – 5 Simple Ways to Save, This is an amazing post. really a very informative and helpful article. I never heard any of these apps before, but when I was searching for a new app to download I found your website. Thank you so much for putting this great article together. I will download these apps onto my Android Phone and share this post with my friends also. 

    • Hi Tawhid,

      I hope you and your friends enjoy the savings from these grocery saving apps. There’s really no reason to pay full price for groceries when so many simple tools exist to help us save.

      Good luck and thanks for reading!

  8. Hi Linda, 

    Thank you for introducing these 5 Grocery Saving Apps that can help me in saving for my grocery shopping. Presently, l am only using Credit Cards to earn some bonus points but it seems very difficult to accumulate enough points to redeem anything from their catalog.

    Definitely, l will download two or three of the recommended apps to help me to earn some points or rebates while doing my shopping. 

    Once again, thank you.

    • Hi Shui,

      I think you will be well-served by downloading these apps. It’s not like we can avoid spending money on groceries. But it sure is nice to spend less. And, it’s also nice to stack the savings and earn rebates in multiple ways on the same purchases. For example, you mention using credit cards to earn rebate points. Why not link the card through the Drop app and earn additional rebates?

      Happy rebating and thank for your comments!

  9. Hello, talking about impulse got me there, as I am already thinking of how to jump in by downloading my own grocery saving app. Great to know that you have tried some of the grocery saving apps. At least I can rely on your good judgment to choose the best apps.

    From all the five apps reviewed, I think starting with Fetch Rewards will be great. The notion of scanning and uploading one’s grocery receipts sounds great. Thanks for your informative piece.

    • Hi Gracen,

      Yes, I’ve not only tried all of these apps but I’ve used them on a routine basis and I know from personal experience that they all pay. Fetch Rewards is a great choice to start with. But please keep in mind that you can stack your deals and earn rebates from more than one app on the same purchase. Since these grocery saving apps are all free to use, there’s really no reason not to try them all.

      Good luck and thanks for chiming in!

  10. Thank you for sharing ¨the Best Grocery Saving Apps-5 Simple Ways to Save¨. I would simply add two to your list: SavingStar and Grocery IQ. They both run on iOS and Android platforms.

    SavingStar takes the stress out of gathering coupons for your shopping, making it easier than ever to save money on the things you buy every day. By partnering with thousands of stores, it brings you exclusive discounts and rebates on the things you like .You can also enter your rewards card number and search for coupons.

    Grocery IQ. You can download this app to your phone and carry your grocery list with you electronically. As you buy your groceries, you just tap on the item you have put in your basket and it deletes from your list. No more juggling paper and pencil. I would love to see those who created this app to come up with one that would keep a current list of pantry items on hand so they could be cross checked with your current grocery shopping list

    • Hi Enrique,

      I appreciate you contributing these additional apps. I’m not familiar with either SavingStar or Grocery IQ yet, but I look forward to checking them out.

      Thanks for sharing!  We can’t avoid grocery shopping but we can make it cheaper and a little easier.


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