How to Start a Home Decor Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Home Decor Blog

Do you have a flair for style and home decorating ideas? Learning how to start a home decor blog might be an excellent way to use your eye for design to generate a side income (or eventually, a full-time income). The Internet makes it feasible for everyday folks like you and me to have these …

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What’s a Niche Market? How to Choose the Best Niche For You

What's a Niche Market

Finding the best niche for your entrepreneurial needs is the first step to success as an affiliate marketer.  And yet, the concept of a niche market befuddles many newbie Internet marketers. So, let’s start by answering the question, what’s a niche market? A complete answer to this question includes: Characteristics of a good niche market; …

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How To Start A Gardening Blog For Fun And Profit

how to start a gardening blog

Is your flower or vegetable garden the talk of the neighborhood? If so, today’s post on how to start a gardening blog may be perfect for you. Blogging is an exceptional way to share your gardening adventures, secrets, tips, and strategies with people who really want to know about them. Your green-thumb expertise can fill …

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How to Make Money Selling Essential Oils

How to Make Money Selling Essential Oils Featured Image

Online opportunities abound for affiliate marketers. In today’s discussion about how to make money selling essential oils, we’ll look at yet another awesome niche possibility. Essential oils have been a hot trending topic with broad appeal for several years now. Is essential oils a good niche fit for you? Affiliate marketing success begins with finding a fascinating …

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How to Make Money With Fitness and Activity Trackers

How to Make Money with Fitness and Activity Trackers Featured Image

As part of my niche ideas series, I’m excited to explore how to make money with fitness and activity trackers. For years now, I’ve felt a bit naked without my tracker, lol! So, I know I bring a valid user perspective to the discussion. Opportunities just abound in this field because we all recognize the …

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