How to Make Money With the Kindle – Is This Your Niche?

How to Make Money with the Kindle

As an Amazon Associate, I got a heads-up recently of an exciting Amazon promo. Instantly, my blogger’s brain leaped to how to make money with the Kindle. And, I couldn’t wait to share this with my readers.

Let me connect those dots for you 🙂

I’m a huge advocate of affiliate marketing as a viable option for supplementing income online. Many people can benefit from this approach to earning and seniors hoping to increase their retirement income are no exception. In fact, it’s an exceptional alternative for retirees who have the flexibility to pursue blog creation.

There is an infinite number of potential niches around which you can build a successful website and the Kindle is one such possibility. My goal today is to provide practical suggestions and insights you can implement right away.

So, please join me as we explore this fascinating niche!

What is the Kindle?

The Kindle refers to a series of Amazon e-readers and tablets (the Kindle Fire). The name suggests to “light a fire” and that’s been fairly prophetic. When Amazon introduced the original Kindle in 2007, it sold out in five and a half hours. It remains the top e-reader in the market and one of Amazon’s all-time best selling products.

E-readers offer varying features, functionality, and price points. It’s definitely not a “one size fits all” scenario. Consequently, it represents an excellent niche opportunity for affiliate marketers to blog about the different flavors. A niche is simply a group of people with a focused interest in a particular topic.

Potential customers will have numerous questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each Kindle model. You can provide a valuable service to readers by writing thorough product reviews and comparing competing electronic devices.

How rewarding to assist your visitors in locating the perfect e-reader device to meet their needs! Of course, there are also some super accessories to review and over 5 million e-book titles in the Kindle store.

Google Trends

When considering a new niche opportunity, I like to check the interest in Google Trends. The chart below shows a sustained interest in the Amazon Kindle.

Google Trends for the Amazon Kindle

Blogs Are Crafted Around Keywords

When members of any niche have questions or concerns, they tend to turn to Google. Queries typed into a Google search box are called keywords. It’s essential to do your research and hone in on your target market’s most pressing keyword phrases.

As a new blogger, it’s best to choose low-competition keyword phrases because these search terms are easier to rank for in Google. I look for keywords that receive at least 50 searches per month with very few competing sites that target the same phrase. We often describe such terms as “low hanging fruit”.

Here is a list of 20 keywords that might help you get the creative juices flowing. The first number that appears after each phrase represents the average searches conducted for that term each month. The second number reports the websites that are currently targeting that exact phrase.

Low Competition Keyword Examples

1.  What is a Kindle E-Reader? – 984/3

2.  What is a Kindle Fire? – 45,727/12

3.  The Best Kindle for Kids – 144/3

The best Kindle for Kids

4.  The Kindle vs the Nook – 552/19

5.  How to Use the Camera With the Kindle Fire – 112/0

6.  The Kindle vs the Ipad – 302/14

7.  How to Use a Kindle – 676/44

8.  Manage My Kindle Library – 352/16

9.  How to Read Library Books With a Kindle – 56/0

10. The Kindle Fire for Kids – 3,370/53

11. Best Apps for the Kindle Fire – 125/16

12. The Best Kindle for College Students – 72/0

13, What is the Best Kindle for the Money – 64/3

14. The Best Kindle for Seniors – 64/0

15. Amazon Kindle Fire Books – 2,804/55

16. Audio Books for the Kindle – 206/17

17. What is the Best Kindle to Buy? 272/9

18. Accessories for the Kindle Fire – 136/35

19. How to Get Free Books for the Kindle – 150/2

20. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review – 72/8

Are you starting to catch my excitement?

As an avid reader, I instantly fell in love with electronic reading devices and my enthusiasm has steadily grown over the years. I know I’m in good company which makes this a fabulous niche. So many of us crave ready access to a steady supply of fascinating reading material that is right at our fingertips.

And, the advantages of e-readers are extensive for various groups of users. Consider these outstanding features.

  • Highlight sections of text and insert notes. How useful is this for students?
  • Enlarge the font size to make reading easier on the eyes, I can skip the reading glasses!
  • Purchase new titles quickly and easily.
  • Borrow and return library books from the comfort of home. No more overdue fees!
  • Engage children and foster a lifelong love of reading and improved academic success.
  • Store your favorite authors without the clutter or space requirements of traditional books.
  • Allows easy access to audio books for the visually impaired.
  • Travelers and vacationers can “pack” plenty of books to keep them entertained throughout the trip.
  • Read many of your favorite magazines and newspapers from any location.

Particularly as the holidays approach, it’s easy to see why Kindles make wonderful gifts and feature prominently on so many wish lists. As an affiliate marketer, you can assist potential purchasers in their quest for the perfect device by explaining product features in detail or pointing out any disadvantages of a specific model.

It’s all about helping readers achieve their objectives!

What is a Kindle Unlimited Subscription?

What is a Kindle Unlimited Subscription

A Kindle Unlimited Subscription gives users access to over 1 million ebooks and also thousands of audiobooks. For a monthly subscription price of $9.99, reading enthusiasts can explore new authors or genres at will. This is a thrilling complement to any Kindle device but it’s actually even better than that.

Kindle Unlimited can be enjoyed with any electronic device including your smartphone, tablet or computer. Just download the free app and dive into a great read today.

You can try a Kindle Unlimited Subscription free for 30 days. It’s also cancellable at any time so there’s minimal risk in trying this service. For anyone who indulges in a lot of reading, it’s a gonga deal!

How Does Overdrive Work on Kindle?

If you have a library card, you can download the Overdrive App to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. Typically, you can borrow an ebook for 21 days, Say goodbye to the problem of overdue fees because book return occurs automatically. Place holds on titles not currently available and receive an email notification when they’re on your bookshelf.

So simple! Conveniently browse bookshelves from the comforts of your home without having to make the trip or worry about whether the library is open.

Is it Time to Create Your Blog?

If you’ve been searching for an avenue to make money online, you owe it to yourself to explore the world of blogging. Mind you, it’s not a quick fix. Achieving success as an affiliate marketer takes a sustained effort over a period of months. But the process is fun and it’s thrilling to watch your website grow.

Choose a niche that captures your imagination. Sharing information about topics that you’re passionate about is the key to sustaining your interest. And, the niche possibilities are huge and diverse. Just take a glance around at the diversity of websites on the Internet.

There is something for every taste and hobby!

You will need to build a website and get some solid training in the basics of affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. That’s why I strongly recommend joining a community with tens of thousands of like-minded individuals pursuing a goal of making money online.

That community is Wealthy Affiliate and as a premium member, I can assure you they offer all of the resources you could possibly need to see your online business take off. I hope you’ll choose to join us in pursuing a common dream. You can join for free today and thoroughly explore the platform with no obligation.

A free Starter Membership is your risk-free opportunity to determine once and for all if working online is the right opportunity for you. You can remain at the free membership level for as long as you need to make a sound decision that’s in your best interest.

I quickly updated to a premium membership because I knew immediately that I loved working from home and building a business of my own without the boss or the daily commute. Wealthy Affiliate will work for anyone who is prepared to commit and I discovered that it’s an exceptional avenue for seniors such as myself.

Wrapping Things Up

I sincerely hope you’ve been intrigued by today’s discussion of how to make money with the Kindle. Is this a niche that appeals to you? Do you have another passion you’re eager to pursue?

I invite you to join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below. I look forward to hearing from each of you and wish you all the best in your online endeavors!

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Money With the Kindle – Is This Your Niche?”

  1. This would be a great niche, and your topic suggestions are really helpful. Plus there are so many things you can do with Kindle. I love reading, and I use my Kindle all the time. It’s also great for reading long pdf documents on the go if you don’t want to read on a smartphone and don’t have access to a computer. I’ve also found some great movies on there too!

    • Hi Erica,
      I couldn’t agree more that the Kindle represents an excellent opportunity for an enterprising affiliate marketer. It is indeed an exceptional tool with many uses making the target market vast.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing your insights!

  2. Great post! Using the Kindle for a niche is a great idea. I’m always surprised by some niche ideas. I’m not good at narrowing down to one thing or thinking of specific topics to create a blog around. You have listed a lot of really good ideas for different blog posts with Kindle as the niche.

    Like you, I get excited when I finally think of an idea for a niche. And then get even more excited when I think of all the different posts I could write and how much they will help people. Helping people is the best part.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Hi Weston,

      You’re so right! It is about helping people and so many people can benefit from a great product like the Kindle. It’s definitely an exciting niche possibility. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I, too, am retired and earning money online. Your information is spot on and I hope more retirees will heed your good thoughts and suggestions.
    Kindle is a great way to begin an online enterprise. I have published two ebooks at Kindle and can vouch for the sophistication of the program.

    • Congratulations on your e-books! Kindle is indeed an excellent platform for self-publishing.I’m excited to hear of your success. Thanks for sharing and I wish you continued online success!

  4. Thanks for the info, Linda. When e-readers first came out my wife and I got Nooks, mostly because we were near a Barnes & Noble. We liked them, and bought some for our kids too. Kindle is pretty much the same, isn’t it? I’ve never owned one, but my Mom has one.
    I have a tablet now and have both the Kindle and Nook apps on it. Can i do the same thing on my tablet, with the apps installed? Thanks.

    • Hi Grant,

      You make a good point that there are many electronic devices to choose from that allow you to read and enjoy e-books. I would argue that this is what makes this a great niche because it’s important for your readers to understand the different options. For example, tablets have more functionality than dedicated e-readers but they may be less comfortable for reading because of differences in the screen resolution, the amount of glare, or the weight of the device. 

      Writing thorough product reviews of different models and options provides a real service to readers because we’re all different and value different things. For some people, price points are a major factor and they may appreciate the entry level Kindle for that reason. I personally prefer a backlit screen while others maintain that a backlit screen is harder on their eyes. 

      Personal preferences will vary. So, it’s good to understand the pros and cons of various devices before you make a purchase decision. That way you can make the best choice for you.

      Thanks for adding your comments!


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