The NCP Mobile App: Is it Really Worth Your Time?

After hearing a lot about the NCP Mobile App, I had to check it out. I’m a huge fan of shopping apps that let me save money on groceries and other essentials that I can’t avoid purchasing. Furthermore, I know my readers share my curiosity when it comes to these money-making apps.

I think we all approach new platforms with some trepidation, don’t we? Is the program legit or will we waste a lot of time and risk not getting paid? It’s a given that we’re not going to make a ton of money with a shopping application. On the other hand, if the time involved is minimal, the rewards could still be worthwhile.

So, with all these questions churning in my mind, I downloaded the NCP Mobile App. I hope you’ll stick with me as I share my discoveries about this unique National Consumer Panel shopping rewards platform.

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Exactly What is the NCP Mobile App?

The NCP mobile application offers US consumers a way to earn shopping rewards by submitting purchase data to the National Consumer Panel. There are similarities with receipt-scanning apps like Fetch Rewards. But rather than scanning purchase receipts, members (called panelists) scan the barcodes on each item bought during a shopping trip.

NCP is a joint venture formed by The Nielsen Company and IRI. These are two prominent consumer insight organizations. The purpose of the Panel is to gather market research information. Retailers and manufacturers use the information to make product design decisions and marketing strategy adjustments.

In addition to scanning product barcodes, participants provide details such as the store where the item was purchased and whether any coupons or promotions were involved. Members also complete surveys to provide more data around why they purchased items.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

How Does the NCP Mobile App Work?

Your starting point will be to head to the App store and download a free copy of NCPMobile to your smartphone.

One key factor to be aware of is that while prospective users can download the app for free, membership is not guaranteed. You must provide household demographic information during the signup process, A decision is then made as to whether your household is a good fit for the Panel.

As a senior consumer, I was accepted as a member. I had to provide a bunch of data that seemed pretty typical of market researchers like age, employment status, size of household, and so on. You really have nothing to lose beyond a few minutes of your time, so I recommend you give it a shot.

The App is really pretty slick. In years past, panel members were sent hand-held scanners to use for data submissions. But today the App makes use of your smartphone’s camera to scan the barcodes on items you purchase. As you can see from the 4.3 rating that the NCP Mobile App has on the App store, it’s reasonably popular with consumers.

Ideally, panel members transmit data for each of their retail purchases. Your purchases may be from grocery stores, convenience stores, local department stores or even online retailers.

Transmitting DataThe NCP Mobile App Home Screen

Once you’ve made your purchase, simply open the NCP Mobile App and click the “Scan New Purchases” button on the home screen. From there, you must tell NCP where you shopped. The list of stores to select from is extensive with hundreds of options. You can also create a list of Favorite stores to save time with future transmissions.

Scan the barcode on each item you purchased and then indicate the quantity purchased and if you used a coupon. There may be a few items without codes like produce or bakery items. For these products you can select from categories provided in the App.

With most stores, scanning is very quick. One thing I have found annoying is the occasional retailer where you have to enter the price of each item. But most of the time prices are automatic.

Once all items are scanned, you finish off by indicating who shopped (your household may include more than one shopper), where the products will be used (e.g. home), the total amount spent per your sales slip, and your method of payment. After you click the transmit button, you should almost immediately receive a message that your transmission was successful.

Your NCP C-Score

Your points will appear in your account within a matter of hours. The number of points you receive are based on your C-Score. The “C” stands for Consistency. To encourage your regular participation, NCP increases your reward if you are a consistent transmitter over time.

For each week that you transmit purchase data, your C-Score increases by 2 points. If you miss a week, your score goes down by a point. The image below indicates the number of points you will receive for your participation based on your score.

The NCP Mobile App C-Score

You only receive C-Score points for one transmission each week. But don’t let that stop you from submitting additional shopping trips. Additional transmissions will earn you spins in the “Spin to Win” game. If you transmit each week within a month, you receive entries into a sweepstakes drawing where you might win a $100 Visa card. There are 20 winners each month.

NCP Online Surveys

In addition to receiving points for submitting purchase data, NCP panel members can frequently participate in surveys. Again, NCP is a market research firm. In addition to what you purchase, this organization is interested in how and why you make your purchasing decisions.

Right now, I have 6 surveys that I can choose to participate in by logging in to the App and choosing a survey from a list. Typically, you have anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to complete the survey once you receive a notification. I’m not generally a big fan of surveys but these aren’t bad at all.

All of the surveys I’ve completed so far have been short and only took about 15 minutes to complete. You can take them anywhere. So, for example. I might complete a survey to pass the time while waiting in a doctor’s office. Surveys might deal with particular types of products like pet foods. Or, they may be seeking feedback on your experiences with different retailers.

You have the option of receiving 150 gift points added to your account or receiving sweepstakes entries. You don’t have to take surveys but your points will add up more quickly.

National Consumer Panel Rewards

NCP does not offer cash payouts through PayPal. But they do have several gift card options including Amazon and Vanilla Visa Cards which are every bit as good in my opinion. There isn’t much you can’t buy on Amazon, right? The whole process is electronic and seamless.

Once you have enough points, you simply click on the reward you want. You’ll receive your gift card electronically in a day or so. Then, you simply use the gift card code to redeem your reward, You can convert 5,000 points for a $5 gift card, 9.000 points for a $10 gift card, or 25,000 points for a $25 card.

As you can see, it pays to be a little patient because higher denominations are a little cheaper. I just redeemed a $10 Amazon gift card which was handy since I was doing some Christmas shopping online.

NCP Amazon Gift Card

If you prefer, you can also visit to view the NCP rewards catalog which includes a variety of products you can choose from starting at 9,000 points. NCP ships these products  to your home.


Is the NCP Mobile App worth your time? I recognize that the answer to this question will vary by individual. I find that I like the App and have used it for about a year now. Have I made a ton of money? No! But I have earned several gift cards without investing a bunch of time.

It’s not the primary way that I earn online. I find that I can generate far more revenue with my website. If blogging and affiliate marketing appeals to you, I highly recommend that you check out an exceptional online platform that I have used to make money online for more than 5 years. Find all the training and tools you need to both start and achieve success. And, getting started for free  makes it a very attractive option for anyone curious about the potential uses of a website.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the NCP Mobile App!

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10 thoughts on “The NCP Mobile App: Is it Really Worth Your Time?”

  1. Mobile shopping apps are such a great way to earn a little bit, as each cent counts these days. And getting an Amazon gift card would be perfect for most people. The NCP app certainly looks as if it is worth the time you spend sending them bar codes on your purchases. It is just a pity that it appears to be available only to USA residents. 

    I live in Italy, do you know if I would qualify for NCP, or is there a similar app for use in Italy? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately, you are correct. The NCP Mobile App is only available in the US. I’m sorry but I’m not aware of anything similar in Italy. I wish I could be more helpful but thanks for reading!

  2. This seems like something only for people who are living in the United States. I mean it’s a great concept, but they need to find a way to incorporate the whole world. That way they will be able to make more money than expected. I have a few friends in the US so I will share it with them 

    • Hi Daniel,

      I have to agree that it would be nice if this App were available worldwide. Thanks for taking the time to read and for sharing the information with your American friends.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience using NCP Mobile App. I like that it pays and it doesn’t consume much time. I will also give it a try. And talking about blogging being your main source of income has opened my eyes to this opportunity. I will also join this platform to see what I can learn. Thank you!

    • Hi Abel.

      I have found NCP to be a reasonably simple source of a little extra income which comes in handy. I hope you enjoy it. But I’m really glad to hear you’ve decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. Blogging is my passion. I started my first  website shortly after retiring and have thoroughly enjoyed it for more than 5 years now. I think you’ll find it addictive.

      I hope you’ll contact me through the WA platform with any questions or just to let me know how things are going for you. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello Linda. Thanks for sharing your experience using NCP Mobile App. Is this only for people living in the US? I like that it pays and it doesn’t consume much time. I will also give it a try. I live in Germany, do you know if I would qualify for NCP?? Thank you for sharing.

  5. I agree with your conclusion. Using apps like these can be very useful to earn a little something at the side, and that is always welcome these days. Also, it seems that the NCP Mobile app I can trust it, that is good to know and I would like to thank you for this review. Now, up to bigger things with affiliate marketing, I will get right to it! 


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