What is the ClixSense Program and Is It Legit?

What is the ClixSense ProgramAre you one of the droves of retirees hoping to earn extra income online? I was motivated to write today’s post, what is the ClixSense program, because we have to understand the pros and cons of different choices out there. We must exercise caution when selecting an online path. Readers have asked whether ClixSense is a legitimate opportunity or if it’s a scam.

I joined ClixSense as a free member to get an insider’s perspective. My review includes my personal experiences with the various aspects of this program which should help you in making a more informed decision. So, let’s explore this online option in more detail.

What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is a top-rated paid-to-click (PTC) program that functions as a middleman between advertisers and consumers. Advertisers pay to display ads on the website. A portion of the payment goes to the individuals who click and view the advertisements. The program began operating in February 2007 and has evolved to include additional ways of earning money.

People seeking ways to earn money from home can sign up for a free membership in this program. Registration is a very quick process, and you can begin earning immediately. As of October 2016, Clixsense has 6.8 million members and has paid out more than $21 million. Members, including myself, have not experienced any significant payment issues. Based on personal experience, I can confidently state the ClixSense program is entirely legitimate.

There are a variety of ways in which you can earn money through this website with a free membership. Let’s look at your options in more detail.

7 Ways to Make Money With ClixSense

(1) Click on Advertisements

Get paid to click on 5 different types of advertisements including micro, mini, standard, extended, and sticky ads. You must view each ad for a specified period of time from 5 to 60 seconds. Payment ranges from $.001 t0 $.02 per ad depending on duration. Here’s a screenshot of advertisements from my account.

ClixSense Sample Ads

This is how the process works.

  • Log into your account and choose View Ads from the menu.
  • A display like the image above will appear. Click on an available ad to open it in a new tab.
  • Complete the picture Captcha to verify you are human. You will see photos of 5 pets. There will be 4 dogs and one cat. Click on the cat.
  • The advertiser’s website will load, and the timer will start to run. When the timer ends, your account is instantly credited
  • Click the Close button to go back to the list and select the next ad.
  • Continue until there are no more ads in your account.

Tip: Check back thru out the day because new ads are periodically placed in your account.

(2) Play ClixGrid

ClixGrid is essentially a game of chance that’s a bit like playing the lottery. It’s a 20 x 30 grid with 600 squares. When you click on a square, an ad will run for 10 seconds. You are not paid for viewing these ads. You get 30 clicks per day and with each click you have the possibility of winning anywhere from $.10 up to $10. Unfortunately, you need a bit of luck, and you can often click for days and not win anything. But it’s fun. Here’s an example of GlixGrid.

Screenshot of ClixGrid

(3) Complete Micro Tasks

CrowdFlower is a micro crowdsourcing service that allows members to complete micro-tasks for cash. When you first join, the list of available tasks is short, and they only pay $.01 or $.02 per task. These are test tasks, and you must complete 100 tasks with a high degree of accuracy to be eligible for higher level tasks. The higher level tasks pay a bit more. Here is a partial list of potential tasks currently available.

CrowdFlower Potential Tasks

The tasks are rather mundane (read boring 

 ), but you can earn cash for each task that is immediately credited to your account.

(4) Complete Offers

ClixSense has both free and paid offers available for you to complete. Frankly, I tend to shy away from most offers. Some involve viewing websites or perhaps short videos for a fee of $.01 or $.02 which is fine. Many of the free offers require you to download apps to your computer or sign up for trial memberships. These concern me and I avoid them.

The paid offers represent more of a cash rebate than true earnings. You are required to purchase a product, and you receive cash back in the for of Clixcents that are added to your account. I don’t care for the idea of having to spend money to make money. But if it’s a product you intended to purchase anyway, it may be a good deal for you.

(5) Complete Surveys

If you enjoy answering survey questions, this may be perfect for you. They’re not really my cup of tea. I also find that I don’t qualify for very many of them. But there are many available, and you can complete one survey per day for payments that range from a few cents up to $5.

(6) Earn the Daily Bonus

Completing the daily checklist is a good way to amplify your earnings for that day. Your daily earnings are increased by 6%. The checklist consists of the following activities:

  • 6 PTC Adverts, and
  • 20 ClixGrid Squares, and either
  • 10 CrowdFlower tasks, or
  • 2 Offers or Surveys, or
  • 5 CrowdFlower tasks and 1 Offer or Survey

You must also visit at least one forum page (posting is not required).

(7) ClixSense Referral Program

The ClixSense referral program can be lucrative. You not only receive a commission for referring individuals who join through your affiliate link but you also receive compensation when your referrals earn money by clicking on ads or completing tasks and offers. You can click here for a complete description of the referral program.


How Much Money Can You Earn With ClixSense?

Realistically, you can not earn anything close to a full-time income by completing ClixSense tasks. You can make a bit of extra spending money. Earning $45 -$50 per month is possible. If you can refer a large number of people to the program, your earning potential will increase, but you’re still probably limited to a couple of hundred dollars a month at best. It can certainly be a nice supplement, and the tasks are not strenuous.

Do you have some spare time on your hands that you might otherwise waste playing games or watching TV? If so, this program may be ideal for you.

Should You Become a Premium Member?

ClixSense offers a premium membership for $17 per year or $30 for two years. Many of the fees earned for completing activities are double for premium members. Still, I would not recommend becoming a premium member unless you will be referring other people to the program. Referral fees increase from $1 to $2 for premium members versus standard (free) members, and this can really add up. Without referrals, I’m not sure that increasing your fee for clicking on ads from $.005 to $.01 is justification for spending the fee.

How Will You Be Paid?

You can opt to be paid electronically with PayPal, Paytoo, Payza or Neteller. You also have the option of being paid by check. The minimum cashout amount is $8 for a free member and $6 for a premium member.

The Clixaddon

The CixAddon is a browser extension you can install that adds a button to your toolbar. The extension is convenient for quickly accessing your account. But I have to admit it’s also somewhat annoying. It flashes whenever there are tasks available for completion which is most of the time.

In Summary

I hope you found today’s post on what is the ClixSense program to be informative. If you’ve been wondering about this program, I can assure you that ClixSense is a reputable, legitimate option for earning some extra spending money from the comfort and convenience of home. And who doesn’t like that? I find myself logging in most mornings while slurping my second cup of coffee and planning my day.

Would You Prefer an Option With the Potential to Earn a More Significant Income?

If so, you might be interested in my review of Wealthy Affiliate which is my number one recommendation for earning online.

If you have any other questions on ClixSense or would like to share your experiences with this program, please drop a comment below. As always, if this information was helpful, please share it on your favorite social media platform.

To your success!


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16 thoughts on “What is the ClixSense Program and Is It Legit?”

  1. Great article on ClixSense, I am also a CS user and have been for years. It has just become a part of my daily online routine and an easy way to make a few bucks. I am a premium member and as a premium member, you also receive a lot more ads to click each day. The $17 a year is well worth it, I make more than that in 2 weeks and I do not have many referrals.

    • Hi Cathy,
      Thanks so much for adding your personal experiences with ClixSense to the discussion. I really appreciate your take on a premium membership. It sounds like more of us should consider going that route.Thanks for visiting my site and for confirming the value of this PTC website!

  2. Hello, this is the first time that I’ve heard of this program, but it seems to be solid and sound. A great way to make money online. I’m going to have to give it a try. Your website is amazing and so detailed with tons of information. All the best to you and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Norman,
      Thanks very much for the kind words on my site and for taking the time to share your opinions. ClixSense is a very sound program and definitely can be a source of extra income. I hope you enjoy your experience with this program!

  3. Great review Linda. I think you covered the key points of the Clixsense program very well. I’ve been a member of clixsense for about 2 years, but haven’t really tried to earn with it as I felt the earning potential was just too low for me. However, I think it’s a good option for some people, and it’s worth a try for anyone looking to make a little extra money online.

    I also had a look at Cathy’s comment and thats quite interesting that she’s able to make back the $17 premium fee within 2 weeks and without referrals. I say congratulations! I have heard that you get much more ads when you upgrade to premium. Who knows, maybe I’ll give Clixsense another go.

    Thanks again for your review!

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for chiming in with your ClixSense experiences. I agree with your assessment. I’ve tried all of the features of the ClixSense program and spent enough time on the site to determine that you can indeed earn a bit of extra spending money but the potential is limited. Still, there’s nothing wrong with earning a little mad money 🙂 If you upgrade to premium, I would be very interested in hearing whether you feel an upgraded membership is beneficial. I appreciate your visiting my site and adding to the conversation.

  4. I have tried Clicksense before but I have left it since it was rewarding me just with pennies.

    I think it may be a good source of extra cash for people that reside in the US since advertisers focus on those people.

    Living in Italy, I can’t make much money with it. I think you have reviewed the product very well thanks for sharing it with us and have a good day.

    • Hi Anis,

      I believe you’re correct that the program tends to focus on folks living in North America. The earning potential is still quite limited but you can make a bit of extra spending money and your earnings will increase if you can get referrals. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Thank you for a very detailed review on Clixsense. I have tried programs like these before and must say that I was not very happy with outcome, I do find what you get for your work is too little to be worth it.

    But at least this seems to be legit program and also promoted in an honest way, without promises of big earnings. I see from the comments of other users that they are happy with it so good luck to everyone who wants to join it. I will stick to Affiliate Marketing though and I agree completely with your recommendation that. Wealthy Affiliate is the best resource I have seen so far on building an online business.

    • Hi Jojo,

      Yes, ClixSense is definitely a legitimate program. For those who are just looking to earn a little extra spending money from home each month, it’s a popular choice. Earnings are limited but it’s also not difficult work. You and I are in complete agreement about affiliate marketing with the help of the training and resources available through Wealthy Affiliate. This approach has a far greater earnings potential. Naturally, it also involves far more work and effort 🙂 Thanks very much for adding your comments!

  6. Hi, Linda thanks for the information. I really enjoyed your description. It is clear and easy to follow. I would not be interested in joining though because I just don’t have time. It does sound like fun and I can see where it might be helpful for some people. Good luck to you.

    • Hi, Wanda. I appreciate your comments. I agree that ClixSense may not be for everyone. But I also think it may be of some help in providing a little bit of supplemental income. Thanks for the good wishes and for visiting my site!

  7. Hi there! I just read your article on Clixsense and thought I would just drop you a quick line or two to say thanks for sharing this information. I have heard about this website quite a few times but didn’t actually know what Clixsense was.

    On one hand I think that its very good that at least this doesn’t appear to be a scam in any way. Most of what we see these days are total scams! But yet Clixsense still doesn’t do enough to entice me to join. I think this is great for those that are willing to spend a lot of time for very little pay. But the pay rates do seem very low. On saying that, I would still recommend it based on your information here, to the right people.


    • Hi Andrew,

      I couldn’t agree more with your comments. ClixSense is definitely not for everyone because of the limited earning potential. That said, for some people it is a perfect fit. Thanks for visiting my site!

  8. Thanks for a thorough review of a money making program online. Clixsense could pay your petrol for the week/fortnight if you join and make it part of a routine.


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