Is PrizeRebel Legit? How to Make Some Easy Pocket Money in 2018 and Beyond

With the many programs available in the online space, it’s not surprising that a lot of folks are asking, “Is PrizeRebel Legit?“. Naturally, no one wants to waste their time on a platform that’s less than ethical, right? And, from time to time we do hear some scary tales

But, let me quickly assure you that PrizeRebel is one of the good ones!

As a member, I’ve explored all facets of the program, earned rewards, and received prompt payment via PayPal. So, this PrizeRebel review is comprehensive and will answer any questions you may have.

And, let me add that I’m impressed with PrizeRebel. It’s certainly not a “bill-paying” opportunity because the earning potential is limited. However, you can make a little extra money each month for some of those treats that we all enjoy now and then.

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I’m sure you have a few more questions about PrizeRebel, So, let’s get them answered, shall we?

What is

What is

PrizeRebel is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) rewards site with more than 7.5 million members. The site was launched in 2007 and has awarded more than $15 million in cash and prizes.

Their purpose is to connect everyday people like yourself with advertisers and market researchers who need your opinions.

Signing up with PrizeRebel is a free and simple process. You’ll be up and running and prepared to start earning in a minute or 2. All you need is a name, e-mail address, and password. You can also sign-up using your Facebook account, but I don’t really recommend that approach.

I have a free email account that I created just for purposes of managing notifications and offers from websites like this one. It keeps my regular email Inbox from getting clogged. If you use Chrome or FireFox, you can also download a free browser extension that offers handy access to your account details.

PrizeRebel uses a point system where 100 points are the equivalent of $1. You’ll earn a few points immediately for things like completing your profile, taking a video tour of the site, and liking their Facebook and Twitter page.

The program is open to anyone over 18 (or 13 to 18 with parental permission). There will be more surveys and offers for individuals in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia. But members from other countries are also welcome.

How Does PrizeRebel Work?

There are a number of reasons why I like and recommend PrizeRebel. I noticed immediately that the interface is professionally designed and very user-friendly. And, I appreciate the FAQ page that’s available through the Help menu because I can cut to the chase quickly.

Another big plus for me is that PrizeRebel offers multiple ways to earn points. It’s a smaller platform than Swagbucks (which remains my all-time favorite rewards site), but it’s very similar. There are benefits to diversity.

Here’s a list of the major ways you can earn points:

Take Surveys

Surveys are the cornerstone of this program. Since PrizeRebel partners with about a dozen different market research organizations, there seem to be a lot of surveys available on a plethora of topics. Take a look at the image below which is a screenshot of my survey offers from one organization (SaySo Rewards) on the date of this post.

List of Available PrizeRebel Surveys

Notice the row across the top which lists the other survey providers. Just click on each button to see additional survey options. Note also that some of these surveys pay pretty well. For example, one offers 522 points which are the equivalent of $5.22.

You won’t qualify for all surveys but with more choices available your chances of meeting the qualification criteria improve.

Survey Taking Pointers – Improve Your Earnings Chances 

Market research companies are eager to pay for honest, thoughtful, and consistent responses that help them make better product and business decisions. To ensure your points are awarded and increase your chances of being accepted for more surveys, it’s essential to maintain your quality score.

Many people who are anxious to make some money take a shortsighted approach. They want to complete as many surveys as possible, and they may rush through the questions. This can have a detrimental impact on the quality of your answers. And, once your quality score decreases, it’s tough to recover.

Be aware that all surveys contain one or more check questions designed solely to make sure you’re paying attention. You don’t want to miss these questions. They may also ask the same fundamental question in somewhat different ways to test for consistency.

Take your time, be completely honest, and you’ll build a better reputation!  Conversely, if you’re labeled a “speeder” because you complete tasks much quicker than the estimated completion time or the accuracy of your answers is suspect, your account may be shut down.

Watch the video below for tips on maximizing your survey earnings.

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Sign Up for Offers

Offers are great ways to earn points by engaging with different brands in a variety of ways. Some offers are free such as downloading apps or subscribing to websites. Others require purchases but can result in exceptional discounts on products or services you already intended to buy.

As an example, I completed an offer to sign up with Home Chef and earned 1350 points ($13,50). I was planning to try this service and for whatever reason just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. By joining through PrizeRebel, I saved a nice chunk of money.

The image below gives you a sense of the types of offers you may see.

PrizeRebel - Sample Offers

View Videos

The videos are not an area that I plan to spend much time with because the points awarded (.55) are not worth the time commitment. But I will say, they have some interesting choices if watching videos is your thing. Clips are short (one to two minutes) and points are credited for every 3 videos you watch.

Perform Micro Tasks

You can complete short tasks for pay that require human intervention. For example, I tried transcribing video clips. The tasks are simple, but this is also an area where accuracy is important.

As you gain experience and demonstrate acceptable levels of accuracy, more tasks will open up. In general, pay rates are low, and I feel there are more lucrative ways to spend my time.

Get Referrals

PrizeRebel has one of the more lucrative referral programs. If you join the platform and find it worthwhile, why not share your link with family, friends, and Facebook followers? This is a super way to earn completely passive income.

As your referrals earn points, you earn 20 – 30% of their points. Your referral percentage increases as you level up within the program. As a Bronze member, your rate is 20%. Silver members (1000 points) earn 25%, and when you reach the Gold membership level (3000 points), your referral rate grows to 30%

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How Do You Get Paid

Now we get to the important part 🙂 And, I think this is where PrizeRebel shines because they offer a lot of flexibility. You can earn nice gift cards to popular vendors like Amazon, WalMart, Target, BestBuy, and many others. But you can also get paid in cold hard cash with either PayPal or direct bank deposits.

Minimum payout thresholds are low. At the Bronze level you only need $5, and at the Silver or above level you can cash out with $2. Moreover, these thresholds are quickly and easily achieved.

But, what I really like is how fast your rewards are processed. I requested my first payout of $10 through PayPal on the day I joined PrizeRebel, and the money was in my account the next day. Many survey sites have much higher minimum payout levels and can take days or weeks to process your rewards.

For all you skeptics, Here’s my proof of payment.

PrizeRebel Complaints

The vast majority of consumer PrizeRebel reviews I’ve read are very positive, even excellent. But will you find complaints? Yes, every site of this nature will have some negative reviews. Unless the majority of reviews are bad, I tend to take the poor reviews with a grain of salt.

There will always be people who have unrealistic expectations regarding how much money you can make with survey and rewards sites. The fact is that the earning potential is limited.

And, there will always be the folks who get tagged as speeders trying to game the system. When their account gets shut down, they complain. Really? Why would any company pay for poor quality responses?

My Final Verdict

For anyone who’s been wondering, “Is PrizeRebel Legit?”, please rest easy. This is a completely legitimate way to earn some extra pocket money for little extras every month.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

I gave PrizeRebel a ranking of 4 out of 5 stars. I might have gone even higher, but my ranking is tempered by the fact your earning power is limited.

Would you like to earn more? Then I urge you to fully explore my favorite platform for making money online because anyone can learn to make money with a website. And, you can check it out for Free!

I sincerely hope this PrizeRebel review was helpful!

Over to You

Have you tried PrizeRebel yet? Were you able to make some money? More importantly, if you still have questions, please post them in the comment section below. And, be sure to share this post with anyone who might benefit from this rewards program!

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