What is GrabPoints All About? Is it Worth Your Time?

Those wondering just what is GrabPoints all about will have their curiosity satisfied in this comprehensive GrabPoints review. Is this a good side hustle where you can earn some extra money every month? And equally important, is GrabPoints a legit site that will pay you for the points you earn?

These are all valid questions that are deserving of complete answers. We all know that the Internet has opened up many online opportunities. But all programs are not created equally, and it can sometimes get complicated as we navigate our options,

I believe it’s always best to do our research in advance rather than complaining after the fact when we don’t get paid, don’t you? So, I’m glad you’re joining me on the blog today.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What is GrabPoints and How Does It Work?

GrabPoints is a classic example of a get-paid-to (GPT) rewards program. It’s only been around since 2014, so it’s a relatively new kid on the block when compared with similar sites like Swagbucks. That said, it’s free to join, and you can earn points for a variety of simple tasks including sharing your opinions on surveys, viewing videos, completing offers, downloading apps, and referring friends and family.

All you really need to sign up is an email address unless you want to be able to take some surveys. To be eligible for surveys, you must complete your demographic profile. Without some basic info like your gender, age, and education, GrabPoints won’t be able to match you up with surveys that are a good fit for you.

Be sure to enter an Invite Code when you join to earn an immediate 500 points (my code = T2HKYO). Completing your profile questions will make you an additional 50 points as will verifying your email. And you’re now ready to roll and can select your choice of activity.

Be aware also that you can earn GrabPoints on the go because their website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. At one time they had an app you could download to your phone, but that’s no longer necessary or available. Simply access the website on any device.

How to Make Money With GrabPoints

GrabPoints has more than 4 million members (members must be at least 13) and has distributed over $5 million in rewards since its inception. Programs of this nature can offer rewards to consumers because they work closely with advertisers.

Compiling market research info can be a daunting task. Hence, many legitimate companies are eager to work with sites like GrabPoints.Vendors can pick consumer’s brains about new product ideas or even things like product packaging. Offers are frequently for trial subscription services of some type where companies are anxious to find people willing to try it out.

Get Paid For Your Opinions

One of the first things I observed after creating my GrabPoints account was a large number of surveys available. Getting access to target markets does seem like something companies are willing to pay for. GrabPoints works with organizations like TapResearch, TheoremReach, and RevenueWall.

Additionally, GrabPoints functions as a portal and survey router for many other providers such as YourSurveys or Opinion Capital. I know some people genuinely enjoy completing surveys, and those folks will find a wealth of choices through this portal.

I’m not a survey fan and find I rarely fall into the right demographic basket, meaning I get disqualified more often than not. But I will say that I earned a few points for my time after I was bounced out of several surveys, so maybe it stung a little less. 🙂

If you can believe the hype, GrabPoints offers better survey compensation rates than its competitors. Rates are still very low. But GrabPoints claims to be very selective in their choice of partners to ensure that members get paid. Here’s a comparison chart that GrabPoints compiled for members.

Watch Videos

Learning how to earn by watching videos has enormous appeal for many people. This is one of those sites where it is possible. Again, you’re being paid by companies who are researching consumer reactions to products, which means you’ll be watching a lot of ads.

I found the videos interesting enough, and even some of the ads were entertaining. You will earn 7 points for viewing short video clips of a few minutes. Based on the point conversion rate, we’re talking fractions of a cent. That said, if TV viewing is your thing you may enjoy this option.

How to Earn by Watching Videos

Complete Offers

Offers are frequently for subscription services of some type. The company is anxious to find people willing to try out a service. Therefore, the vendor offers an incentive with the hope that you’ll enjoy the service enough to purchase an on-going subscription.

The biggest issue with trial offers is that you will probably have to provide a credit card. I advise treading cautiously here and paying extremely close attention to the offer details. If you forget to cancel your trial subscription in a timely manner, you can quickly end up with an unwanted credit card charge.

That said, there may be something new, perhaps a home meal service like Home Chef, that you’ve wanted to check out. Why not earn an incentive to try?

Download Apps

This is not an activity that appeals to me. But, gamers may find this enticing. If you download a new game app, you’ll probably have to play until you reach a certain level to earn your points. Who knows? You may find a new favorite app!

The GrabPoints Referral Program

Refer family, friends, or social media followers using a link or unique invite code. If your referral joins and proceeds to earn 1,000 points, you receive points based on your referral’s location as follows:

GrabPoints Referral Program

The US, CA, and GB are Tier 1 countries. Find additional information here.

GrabPoints Promo Codes

Expect periodic notifications of promo codes (alphanumeric codes) that are posted on Facebook or Twitter and can be used for a few bonus points.

How Do You Get Paid by GrabPoints?

The points awarded by GrabPoints for completing tasks can be converted to dollars at the following conversion rate: 1,000 points = $1. The minimum threshold for the conversion of points is $3 or 3,000 points which you can use to either transfer cash through your PayPal account or to obtain a $3 Amazon Gift card.

Many other gift cards are also available which you can check out in the Rewards Store. As soon as you have enough points, you can request a payout. You should then have payment within 48 hours.

The Positive Features I Like About GrabPoints

GrabPoints has several Pluses, including the following:

  1. The program is completely free to join.
  2. There is a good task array you can complete to earn points.
  3. Their website is clean and easy to use.
  4. You can complete tasks on the go from your smartphone.
  5. The minimum payout is low at $3, and payment is prompt.
  6. They will pay you in your choice of real cash or attractive gift cards.

The Not So Positive Features

Here are the cons of using GrabPoints:

  1. It’s not possible to earn any significant amounts of income.
  2. Tasks are simple enough but time-consuming with pay rates that are unlikely to exceed even $1/hour.

Conclusion – Is GrabPoints Worth Your Time?

GrabPoints is a legitimate rewards site where you can earn some extra pocket money by performing easy tasks that satisfy the market research needs of various advertisers. The question of whether it’s worth your time is a value judgment, and the answer will vary by participant.

Frankly, my personal response is a resounding no! But then, I’ve discovered an online earnings opportunity that I love with far more significant income potential. There’s nothing wrong with earning small amounts of supplemental earnings through GrabPoints that may pay for little extras like movies or restaurant meals.

But if you’re interested in life-changing income, you will have to look elsewhere. Moreover, you may want to consider my top recommendation for making money from home (the platform where I started this website).

I will conclude by saying that after joining GrabPoints, participating in some of their activities, and reading numerous positive testimonials, I don’t see any concerns with using this platform. In fact, there are indications that they may pay slightly better than similar GPT sites.

Over to You

Have you used GrabPoints? If so, will you share your personal experiences with the program in the comments below? Do you have other favorite rewards sites that we should know about? We hope you’ll share those below as well!

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