CBD Oil Affiliate Programs – How to Make Money With CBD Oil

In this article, you will learn how to make money with CBD Oil through partnering with CBD Oil Affiliate Programs and the magic of affiliate marketing. We know consumer interest in hemp-derived CBD oil is skyrocketing with predictions for the industry as high as $22 billion by 2022.

With all indications pointing toward the unfolding of a robust market, it’s not surprising that CBD infused products are exploding and readily available for purchase online. Moreover, all those online purchases are great news because studies show that the vast majority of online transactions involve an affiliate.

Millions of CBD enthusiasts will be flocking to websites in search of product reviews and answers to general queries on the benefits of CBD oil for both themselves and their pets. It’s an opportune time to create a niche website and begin attracting a following with a helpful blog.

Investigating affiliate programs to understand more fully the types of products on offer is a significant first step. So, we’ll start with an overview of some of the better programs. From there, we’ll chat about the next steps in the affiliate marketing process.

So, kick back and let’s get to it, shall we?

What is CBD Oil and What is it Good For?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is a substance extracted from the cannabis plant. It is then added to hemp seed oil or another carrier oil like coconut to form CBD oil. CBD is derived from hemp and unlike other cannabis elements, it does not produce a high. However, it’s widely touted by users for it’s medicinal and health benefits.

The World Health Organization recently concluded that CBD Oil is safe for nearly everyone to use. More research is recommended, but therapeutic benefits may include fighting chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress, sleep disorders, acne, and epilepsy among others.

CBD oil is available in several different product forms including tinctures, concentrates, capsules, topicals, sprays, and vapes.

6 CBD Oil Affiliate Programs to Consider

All of the affiliate programs listed below are reputable organizations and are free to join.

CBD Pure

CBD Pure offers all natural products from organic hemp seed oil and pure CBD extract. Products are subject to stringent third-party quality testing, and the company offers a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

Affiliates receive a 40% commission on all sales and benefit from a 90-day tracking cookie. Commissions are paid monthly by check.  You can also recruit new affiliates using your link and earn 5% of everything your recruits sell. Sign up for the CBD Pure affiliate program here.

CBD Pure Affiliate Program
Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offers a variety of products including vape juice, capsules, gummies, tinctures, pain rub, and syrup at competitive prices. Their affiliate program offers commissions starting at 20%. Payouts happen weekly through Paypal and the cookie duration is 90 days.

Be aware that your website must be at least 6 months old and receive 10,000 or more visitors per month before you will be approved for their affiliate program. You can sign up for the Hemp Bomb affiliate program here.

You may also enjoy this Hemp Bomb video tutorial for affiliates:


HempMyPet Affiliate ProgramHempMyPet has three organically grown, lab-tested products — CBD tincture, organic dog biscuits, and hemp infused coconut oil. Their website contains many pet parent testimonials about effectively treating seizures, arthritis, and anxiety.

Affiliates earn commissions of 30% for each sale with a 3-month cookie duration. Payment of fees occurs one month after the purchase transaction. Sign up to become a HempMyPet affiliate here.

CBD Essence

CBD Essence is able to produce 100% natural, high-quality CBD oil by growing their own hemp and completely controlling the production process. They offer an extensive product line.

NutraHemp affiliate marketing system is the software platform in use. Affiliates earn a 20% commission on each sale and enjoy a lifetime cookie. Payout is monthly if your earnings exceed $200.  With commissions of less than $200, payment occurs every 3 months. Join the CBD Essence affiliate program here.

CBD Essence Affiliate Program

Charlotte’s WebCharlottes Web Affiliate Program

Charlotte’s Web produces and sells a line of premium hemp health supplements including oils, capsules, chews, topicals, and dog products. The company is named after a little girl named Charlotte Figi who suffered from a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome.

Her documentary, which is briefly summarized in Wikipedia, dramatically increased the demand for products high in CBD. The Pepperjam network administers the affiliate program for Charlotte’s Web which you can sign up for here. Earn a commission of 15% on all sales.

Vape Bright

Vape Bright pioneered high-potency, pure CBD Vape Pens. Instead of using artificially flavored e-liquids, Vape Bright uses MCT oil as a healthier alternative. Users inhale 100% organic CBD to focus and relax without the side effects of THC.

Vape Bright Affiliate Program

Affiliates earn a 25% commission with a 90-day cookie length. As an affiliate, you can also incentivize traffic with 10% coupons. RevOffers network administers the program on Vape Bright’s behalf. Sign up for the Vape Bright Affiliate Program here

How to Make Money With CBD Oil as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a business model that makes the perfect blog monetization strategy. If the idea of earning income as an affiliate in the emerging CBD market excites you, you’re going to need to build a website that includes a blog. You can then promote the products of one or more vendors in exchange for a commission.

The concept of affiliate marketing is a rather simple one and the infographic below does a good job of explaining how the process works.

How to Make Money With CBD Oil as an Affiliate Marketer

Mind you, success won’t happen overnight. Just about anyone can learn to generate a nice side income, or even a full-time income, with an affiliate marketing niche blog. But it does take time to gain traction with readers because you’ll have to create appealing content first.

It’s All About the Keywords

There are hundreds of thousands of people searching the Internet for information on CBD oil. When they conduct searches they type queries, also called keywords, into the search engines. Therefore, your mission as a blogger is to discover what their questions are, perform research, and write articles to answer the questions.

Product reviews and other high-quality posts targeting the right keywords will draw traffic to your website. Once your target market is reading, you can then recommend the best products to meet their needs. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that everyone wins.

Consumers get answers to their questions, vendors sell products, and affiliates share in the profits from the sale. Above all, the benefits for all participants are what drives the popularity of this business model. Another big attraction for affiliates is the low barriers to entry.

Firstly, you will need some training to get off on the right foot. I can comfortably recommend an all-inclusive platform with all the training and resources you’ll need.  It’s the same community where I got my start. Hence, I’m very familiar with the many advantages for both newbies and experienced marketers alike.

Wealthy Affiliate - Training That Works


Final Thoughts

I sincerely hope you found today’s post on CBD Oil Affiliate Programs of interest. Partnering with one or more of these vendors and engaging in affiliate marketing can be an excellent solution for anyone dreaming of working from home and establishing what can ultimately turn into a lucrative online venture.

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Do you have any experience with any of the CBD Oil Vendors listed? Are there alternative CBD Oil Affiliate Programs that you would recommend? Please jump in the comments below and share your thoughts and questions on this online business opportunity.

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