Gift Basket Affiliate Programs: How to Promote Thoughtfulness

Thoughtfulness is a quality we all appreciate but often struggle to express. Regardless of your niche, partnering with gift basket affiliate programs might be a simple but effective way to help your readers.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

The holidays are approaching or a special event occurs that impacts someone we care about. We know a gift would be a thoughtful gesture. But we’re at a complete loss for gift ideas. What’s more, we’re busy and haven’t had the time to give the problem much consideration.

A gift basket suggestion might be the perfect solution to a reader’s problem. Moreover, the multiple options available make gift basket promotions a stellar choice for many affiliate marketing bloggers. Personally, I love the idea of helping my readers to connect with the important people in their lives.

Learn to make money with gift basket and other affiliate programs

So, let’s discuss some of the best gift basket affiliate programs available, shall we?

7 Gift Basket Affiliate Programs You Really Should Consider

1. The BroBasket is a premier gift-giving site tailored specifically for the hard to please men on your list. The concept was first developed in an Entrepreneur college classroom because the gift basket market didn’t seem to focus on men. After launching in 2014, BroBasket now ships all over the US.

BroBasket Affiliate Program

Shoppers can choose from selections like buckets of beer or various spirit gift baskets. There are also non-alcoholic choices featuring popular favorites like coffee samplers, beef jerky, or snack baskets. Moreover, you can also spot some fun collections for golfers or even the backyard barbecuer.

One of BroBasket’s specialties is the customized gift basket. It’s a customer favorite because you can personalize everything from the container to all of the contents. Reasons to promote BroBasket include high-quality products and unique offerings. ShareASale manages its affiliate program.


Commission Rate: 12%

Cookie Duration: 120 Days

Sign up for the affiliate program here

2. Gourmet Gift Baskets has a mission to provide outstanding, hand-crafted gift baskets for all of the special events in life. Founded in 2002, this company is a family-owned entity with a goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Gourmet Gift Baskets Website header

It doesn’t matter whether you need something special for a man, woman, child, couple, or maybe business associate. You can find an ideal choice on this website. Products are organized by all major holidays or by significant life events. Customers can find treats for many milestones such as a housewarming, a retirement, or the arrival of a new baby.

You can proudly promote these gift baskets because they’re uniquely designed and come with satisfaction guaranteed. Gourmet Gift Baskets partners with Impact to run its affiliate program.


Commission Rate: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not specified

Click here to sign up for their affiliate program

3. Design It Yourself Gift Baskets

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets is an online retailer of personalized gifts. Customers have the option of crafting a gift basket by choosing a theme, selecting a container, and hand-picking products for inclusion. Alternatively, a huge array of standardized gift options is available for all occasions.

Design it Yourself Gift Basket Affiliate Program

This retailer offers some fun specialty baskets for folks with many hobbies or passions including fishing, poker, tennis, gardening, pets, or sports to name a few. In fact, they now offer quarantine baskets with lots of goodies. Additionally, these baskets can include family-oriented board games or card games. Thus, each gift feels especially meaningful.

Hence, affiliates can feel great about promoting high-converting, quality products that receive exceptional customer ratings. At the same time, affiliates earn generous commissions. ShareASale administers the affiliate program for Design It Yourself Gift Baskets.


Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Click to Sign Up for Affiliate Program

4. Healing Baskets specializes in inspirational products that encourage or comfort people who are experiencing challenges. Consequently. these gifts can be ideal when you want to reach out to offer comfort or express sympathy.

Healing Baskets Affiliate Program

It’s often difficult to know what to say when people have lost a loved one, are dealing with serious illness, or experiencing other emotional events. Healing Baskets offers a thoughtful way to convey compassion and let others know you’re thinking of them during a time of need.

Promoting Healing Baskets feels rewarding because of quality products and memorable gifts. ShareASale administers the Healing Baskets affiliate program.


Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Affiliate Program link

5. Gift Tree guarantees uncompromising quality and strives for genuine delight and gratitude on the part of customers. One of the hallmarks of their gifts is a careful and stunning presentation in containers that can be repurposed for years thereby extending the pleasure.

Gift Tree affiliate program

The Gift Tree team takes pride in scouring the world for unique ideas and products. Extraordinary gift baskets may include wine, champagne, fruit, flowers, and premium extras.

Customers can also make gifts even more memorable by adding personalized touches.  For instance, gifts may include things like engraved plaques or custom printed ribbons. One-of-a-kind gifts for all occasions that are carefully selected and presented are excellent reasons to promote the Gift Tree brand.

Gift Tree employs All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) to manage its affiliate program.


Commission Rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Affiliate Program link

6. offers gorgeous gift baskets in a wide range of prices that are perfect for many situations or special events. Baskets are available with red, white, or sparkling wines or other spirits. Additionally, they may also feature gourmet snacks and fresh fruit.

Wine Basket Affiliate Program

This organization prides itself on keeping up with the latest vineyard labels and also gourmet delicacies. They can also accommodate customers desiring Kosher, sugar-free, or organic selections. Gift baskets can be shipped throughout the US and many come with free shipping,

Any gift basket from can be personalized with a custom ribbon containing a personal message or logo. Some of the best reasons to promote are their unique products and their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

CJ Affiliate administers the affiliate program.


Commission Rate: 7%

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

Affiliate Program Link

7. Amazon

Are you surprised that Amazon offers an extensive array of gift baskets? You really shouldn’t be. Amazon’s claim to have everything from A to Z is pretty much on the money. It’s true that the commission rate is a bit lower. But do keep in mind that you will earn a commission on anything your readers purchase on Amazon’s site after clicking your link.

Furthermore, one of the great things about partnering with Amazon is their skill in converting browsers to customers. Firstly, they use clear calls to action. Secondly. Amazon regularly incorporates recommendations of complementary products. Finally, the availability of customer reviews contributes to very high conversion rates.


Commission Rate: 4%

Cookie Duration: 24 Hours

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So, Where Do You Go From Here?

Does making money online by partnering with any or all of these gift basket affiliate programs sound good to you? If so, there are some distinct steps you must take. First and foremost, you will need a website. A website is essential because your site will allow you to attract and connect with potential customers.

Affiliate marketing is a brilliant business model and there are numerous benefits to becoming an affiliate. Furthermore, it’s something that almost anyone can learn to do.  All it takes is a few resources and the right training. This is the training I followed to turn my website into a money-making venture. I know this training will work for you as well.

Gardening Gift Basket

By the way, my recommended training solution is free to start. So, I hope you’ll take advantage of the additional knowledge available and learn all that you can about building a website and growing traffic. Gift baskets could work well as your chosen niche. But, they also might make a nice addition to a variety of other sites.

As one example, let’s say that based on your passion for the topic you decide to start a gardening blog. Design It Yourself Gift Baskets has the perfect gift selection for folks with a green thumb.

I hope today’s discussion of gift basket affiliate programs has inspired you and opened your eyes to some exciting marketing possibilities!

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  1. It’s very good to be able to read through an article like this, with a lot of benefits to online business owners and those who are willing to go into it. These affiliate programs that deal with gift baskets are very good and they are gonna be good ideas. I’ll look into choosing one or two to join once my new blog starts to get more traffic. 

    • I’m pleased to read you found this information helpful. I also think you’re wise to let your new website grow and mature before adding affiliate links. As bloggers, our first task is to define our audience and then attract relevant readers with solutions to problems that plague our target market.

      Good luck as you focus on growing your readership and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Hi there, thanks for sharing this review. It was really helpful and got me thinking. I’ve never heard of such things as gift baskets before. I must say your article has really enlightened me on how these programs actually work. I think this is what people actually get themselves involved in because it’s such a wonderful opportunity. I’m just getting started with a blog and I plan to look into joining one of these programs. Thanks for this interesting piece.

    • Hi Philebur,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and I was able to inspire you to possibly move in new directions with your marketing efforts. Good luck, and thanks for dropping by!

  3. I imagine that demand for gift baskets is increasing at the moment because travel and socialising has been limited by coronavirus and a lot of people are looking for ways to still make special occasions memorable and let people know that they care, I hadn’t realised that you could act as an affiliate for these kinds of companies so thanks for this detailed review of the different options. The commission rates from some of these companies is pretty generous as well.

    • Hi Emma,

      Yes, there are some generous commissions being offered by some of these gift basket affiliate programs. When you combine that with some terrific products that receive excellent customer reviews, I think you have a winning combination.

      Thanks for taking the time to offer your feedback!

  4. Gift baskets are a really great idea, especially nowadays. I myself am just in the phase of researching useful affiliate programs, and this list of yours is very useful. Thank you for presenting these seven programs so transparently with all the necessary information. According to my niche, I like at least three, which I will take a closer look at the attached links. Thanks!

    • You’re very welcome, Nina. I’m glad to hear the information was useful and relevant for your niche.

      Best of luck to you and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. You have given me some great ideas for gifts, as well as for affiliate programs!

    I have an affiliate website through Wealthy Affiliate (a great platform, by the way!) and had not even considered adding gift baskets to my links. Your article provides a lot of good ideas.

    For those not already involved in affiliate marketing, you have given some great ideas on possible products as well as an introduction for them to consider this business model.

    Thanks for all the information!

    • Hi Diane,

      You’re very welcome. I hope promoting gift baskets works well for you. I think we all love receiving them, don’t we? And, with the wide variety available they seem to fit well with many different niches.

      I would agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform. I’m glad you’ve found it as well and I wish you the best of luck with your site. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. What a great idea. As I type this we are at the holiday season and I personally have been looking for gift ideas for my employees and did not realize all the options out there. As a guy, the BroBasket is very appealing to me. You have really made me think about an affiliate program as it relates to gift baskets. Being in the corporate world and being an affiliate marketer on the side, I could really see the possibilities that this program could provide. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Colin,

      Yes, I think you’ve tapped into a great niche idea by targeting corporate needs. There are a ton of diverse options that appeal to just about anyone. I too found the BroBasket very appealing for some of the guys on my list. Until I did the research for this article I didn’t begin to understand how many great options were available with gift baskets.

      Thanks for jumping in and sharing your reactions!

  7. I love this!  I love to give gift baskets and I love to receive them!  This is a great idea that I haven’t even considered but I am so on board with it!  I’ve taken the time to sign up for these programs as now I’m thinking that Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day are all coming up soon!  I love the wide variety of different options that you’ve put up here.  There’s something for everyone!  Thank you for the great idea!

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Gift baskets really are an excellent solution for so many occasions, aren’t they? I’m thrilled that you’re excited by the idea, and that you’ve taken action. I hope it works out well for you.

      Thanks for sharing!


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