How to Create a Website Logo for Free

How to Create a Website Logo for Free

Update of a previously published blog post.

Have you created a distinctive logo for your new website yet? Or, maybe like myself you’ve revamped your site. Would understanding how to create a website logo for free with available online resources be super helpful? I’m happy to show you that a logo doesn’t have to be expensive.

Even better, you can also use these same resources to spruce up your blog and add appealing imagery throughout your website. Most readers are visual and carefully selected graphic images will enhance their user experience.

Feeling brave? Be sure to read to the end of this post to both enhance your knowledge and also participate in a fun and engaging exercise with fellow bloggers.

Branding Your Website

If you’re a relatively new website owner, you may not have given much thought to the concept of branding your website. And yet, perhaps you should. I’m referring to a relatively simplistic definition of branding here. The idea of creating a visual identity for your site.

Readers tend to remember images. Over time, if they see your brand image repeatedly, an association will form. That association will be a very positive one if visitors to your website consistently find quality, helpful information that addresses their questions. Content is king, first, last and always!

Wikipedia Logo

Logos are most often comprised of some combination of basic shapes, simple graphic images or icons, unique typography, and distinctive colors. This tends to be true of both basic logo designs (think Nike’s Swoosh) and more complex representations like that of Wikipedia.

You could decide just to embellish the name of your website using eye-catching typography or colors that pop and can be woven throughout your website theme. I recommend experimenting until you find a design that you’re happy with. Have fun with it!

Creating a Free Website Logo With Online Resources

I have found numerous free resources that are outstanding. At the end of this post, I will provide a list of sites you will definitely want to check out. But my two absolute favorite resources are and Both sites are very user-friendly and contain numerous elements that are free to use. When used in combination, they become powerful.

A word of caution. Virtually all sites that offer free resources also sell resources. You need to be very careful that you do not violate any copyright laws. Some of the paid resources are also quite inexpensive and may be an option for you. Keep in mind that I’m a retiree and my goal is to supplement my retirement income not spend it 🙂

Find the Perfect Image

Google Images

Many free images are available at Let’s take a look at how you might go about finding and selecting images for a logo.

Just as an example, let’s assume you have a golf site. The screen shot below shows a search performed for golf.


Google Images - Golf


If you click on Search Tools, a secondary menu pops up. Choose Usage Rights from the menu. To find free images, choose Labeled for reuse.

Please note that while you do not have to purchase any of these images, some images require attribution. You can scroll through a gallery of choices to make your selection. Here is a possibility that might work well for a golf site logo.


golf logo


Clicking on your chosen image will take you to a screen with further details. In this instance, the image is characterized as CCO Public Domain. It states specifically that no attribution is required, so we’re good to go.

Download the image and save it as a JPG file. As I’m sure you can see, this is a fabulous source of images on a wide variety of topics. In a few minutes we could easily find graphics for multiple niches such as the following:





Puppy Training

Puppy Training








  Horse Supplies


Navigate to Canva

Once you’ve chosen an image, you can use Canva to complete and polish your logo by adding elements such as a background and text. Alternatively, you can start with Canva and select from a wide variety of shapes, font styles, icons, and images.

Go to and fill in your information to create a free account. When you log in’ you will see the screen below. Notice that there are a number of design templates available. You can also create your design using custom dimensions.

Canva Screen shot


Enter custom dimensions for your website logo based on your theme recommendations or personal preferences. The size is something you may need to experiment with a bit. Just choose a good starting point knowing that you can always change it later.

You will then see the following screen and dashboard tools.

Canva Design Screen


Think of this as a blank “canvas” similar to that a painter might start with. You can upload your saved image, size and crop the image, and annotate that image with text in a wide variety of fonts, sizes, and colors.

Canva also has a huge library of shapes, icons, and stock images you may like along with a broad color palette. Some elements are free, and many may be purchased for as little as $1. This is an awesome tool! I’m positive Canva will quickly become your favorite tool of choice.

Please view the video below to clearly see the amazing versatility of this free tool.



Creative Photography and Artistry

Keep in mind that you can easily incorporate your own photos and add any annotations you desire. If you have artistic talents, consider drawing your own logo image. You can then snap a photo of your drawing and upload your own art as easily as any other graphic.

I have not taken advantage of personal artwork. Alas, I don’t have the skill of a kindergartener just learning to hold a pencil :). But I have seen this approach used very effectively by others.

Download Your Awesome Creation

Happy with your new logo? Download it as a PNG file and then upload it to your blog to initiate the exciting process of establishing personal brand recognition. Don’t forget to add an ALT text attribute to your new logo.

See my recent post for the importance of this attribute from a Search Engine Optimization perspective.

More Information on Branding and Visual Elements

There are so many aspects and techniques to consider as you strive to enhance your website and develop traffic. I have the personal good fortune of participating in an incredible online community where sound advice based on personal experience is available daily (24/7 in fact) from successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

This superb community is called Wealthy Affiliate. Consider enhancing your knowledge by joining as a free Starter Member today. You can check out the advantages of membership on my Getting Started Online page or just click the banner below. We would love to have you join us!

Additional Inspiring Resources

More great resources you need to explore:

Wrapping Things Up

Was this post on how to create a website logo for free helpful? I’ve enjoyed sharing information on resources I’ve personally used, and I look forward to reading your comments below!

Will you share your website logos with us? What resources did you use (or do you plan to use) to develop your logo? Feel free to paste your logo images below and let us know if you’d like feedback.

If you found this helpful, please share this blog on your favorite social media sites.

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To your success!


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  1. Hi Linda

    I’m so glad that I found this site, I want to design and create a logo for my website so this is exactly what I was looking for. How easy did you find it when you first started using canva? I’ve just had a quick look at it and I’m not too sure where to start.

    • Hi Jessie,

      I’m pleased to hear you were looking for just this type of information. I’ve been using Canva a lot and find it great to work with. Like most things, I think it took me a time or two to get comfortable. They do offer a nice tutorial that I would definitely recommend you take advantage of. Good luck!

  2. Hello Linda,
    Great article. I’m really glad that I stumbled across this. As I was reading this, I realized that I had not been paying any attention to branding. I think I’m going to start right away using your advice. I really appreciate this post, it was incredibly helpful.

    Take Care,

  3. Hi Linda,
    I’ve personally been a wealthy affiliate member for the past 6 months and the one thing I can say is that the service is phenomenal.Where Wealthy Affiliate excels is that the community never sleeps and is always helping people every single day. I can vouch for you and say that Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be!

    • Hi Eddie,

      I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I have found the community and the support to be outstanding. Thanks for visiting my site!

  4. Canva is personally one of my favorite image generation sites as well – I use it all the time for my websites. It’s like a toned-down version of PhotoShop and the learning curve is much less steep. Very easy to add images, text, and various designs at whatever size you need. Best of all – it’s free.

    • Hi Matthew,

      You’re so right! Canva really is amazing. I am constantly astonished at what can be accomplished for free. Thanks for your comments and for visiting my site.

  5. Nice tutorial on how to create a website logo. There’s another free tool that you can consider and it’s called LogoGarden.

    The stock images are not that extensive but they make really nice and solid logos out of the box that you can use immediately for your online business. They do have some paid packages, but I find that the free ones are just as good for beginners.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Thanks so much for the great suggestion! I will check out LogoGarden today. It’s fabulous that there are so many free resources available for those starting out. Why use paid or premium services if the free alternatives are just as effective?

  6. Hey Linda, great article!

    I love Canva. I made so many logos with it and your advice is spot on. Even Canvas paid images are only $1 for a temporary use so it is so worth it. It’s also easy to learn so anybody with no knowledge of photoshop or whatever can pick it up within the hour.

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes, I have to agree that $1 for paid images is an amazingly good deal. I’m glad to hear that you’ve really enjoyed Canva also. It’s an extremely user-friendly package. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  7. Awesome sharing. I’ve been a great fan of Canva. I .have been using it since last year. Lately, it has added more features including we can get free layout and some of them are beautifully designed. Only thing I wish it had an app version. I remember it has for iOS devices but the interface differs from the web version. I’m not sure if any app version exist for Android devices.

    • Hi Kenny,

      It sounds like we’re both big fans of Canva. I agree it has some great features. I’m not an Android device user so I’m afraid I can’t speak to that question. Thanks for visiting my site.

  8. Hi Linda

    This is a great idea to help out other retiree’s who want to get started in the on-line world.

    You set out each step in a really user friendly way. Excellent job! I hope you don’t mind but I don’t fall into the retired category but I will be taking tips from your site!

    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks very much for the positive feedback. I don’t mind at all that you’re not a retiree 🙂 I believe the information is useful to anyone hoping to get started online. That’s certainly my intent. I’m glad you found the information useful and I hope you’ll stop back again.

  9. Just created an account with Canva – I like that you don’t have to download any software with it.

    I really appreciate the tons of info you give here – I’m interested in Canva because as well as logos I always want to try and create nice images for Pinterest to promote my website. Is Canva the best for this?

    • Hi Simon,

      I’m so glad to hear you’ve created your own Canva account. They do make it incredibly easy, don’t they? You will love it for sharing posts on Pinterest. I have a Pinterest board for sharing my blogs and I use Canva all the time. In fact, they have a Pinterest Graphic template that you can very easily customize with the image and text of your choice. Good luck with it!

  10. Thank you this is EXACTLY what I needed. I have a transparent logo and wanted to place it on various backgrounds…CANVA hit the spot!!!

    The video by CANVA makes this a very valuable post. It is exactly what I needed. I like your visuals, it kept me interested as they were simply to the point.

    • Hi Valneta,

      Thanks for the kind words and enthusiasm. I’m thrilled to hear that this was exactly the information you needed. Best of luck to you!

  11. Very interesting and useful for me. I am still not at the point where I want to brand my site, but I think I may use the provided sites to make the photos on my pages more interactive and engaging with the audience.
    Thank you for sharing with us not only those useful sites, but also explaining how to work with them. For me, as a newbie, it is very helpful.
    All the best.

    • Hi Ellie,

      You’re very welcome! So glad the info was helpful. It’s very true that making your site more visually appealing will help engage visitors. All of the sites listed in my post can assist with that effort. I wish you the best as you develop your website!

  12. I find a logo to be an important part of a website, giving it a public image. People will recognize the logo, as I do when I see the logo of Adidas, Chrome, YouTube or any other Website I might visit or have visited.
    Having a logo that looks nice to the visitor can make your website and content stick with that person, and maybe be recommended to another.

    • Hi Aless,

      I have to agree with you on the importance and benefits of having a website logo. We’re all so visual. The existence of free resources to create a logo can be very helpful when website owners are looking to brand their site. Thank you for your comments and for visiting my site!

  13. I’ve been wanting to create logo for my website, but hadn’t found the resources to do it. What you have outlined here is great.

    Gives me an idea of how to get started as well as which way my logo should go. Branding is very important, as without a brand not much can happen.

    • Hi Jagi,

      I’m so glad you found the information useful. I agree with you that branding is important and a logo can really help. I think you’ll like working with Canva. I’ve found it to be a very intuitive and user friendly site.Good luck creating your logo and thank you for your comments.

  14. I am glad to read this article because i got the very important information from your web page.I have been searching for on how to create a logo.Because i want to create a logo for my website and now i got your information that you can create a logo for free. This is awesome and get blessed



    • Hi Jose,

      I’m very glad to hear that you found this post helpful. Canva is really a super intuitive program. I think you will find it to be very easy to create a free logo with this tool. Good luck and thank for commenting!

  15. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your article on creating a logo for your website and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to offer my thoughts on the subject.

    You have touched on something that is really important here. The fact that you can create graphics and logos for free online is fantastic for anyone working to a budget.

    I’m sure what you have shown us here will come in handy for many people. The skills learned here can be used not only for logo design but also general website graphics. After all a picture is worth a thousand words as they say!

    I created a logo and started branding my social media accounts some time ago and its made a huge difference. I would highly recommend it to any website owner.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I appreciate your thoughts on this subject and I think you’ve raised an excellent point about the usefulness of Canva for general website graphics. Canva is a blogging tool that I cannot live without. I use this free resource for every image on every blog post. Interesting and attractive visuals are essential for blogging. No one wants to read a post that’s nothing but a wall of text even if the text is incredibly helpful.

      I love the flexibility Canva gives me to design my graphics to suit my topic and quickly convey information to my readers. I want the ability to use one or multiple images, resize images, and add text and backgrounds easily to personalize my website.

      Thanks for your comments and I wish you every success with your website!

  16. Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on logo creation.
    I really would like to create a logo for my site, but I just have trouble coming up with a good idea for one. But I will definitely try this out and hopefully it will help me with coming up with a good idea.

    • Hi Los,

      If you’re really struggling with a design you might consider using Fiverr. It’s the world’s largest freelance service organization and they can often help with design ideas for a very nominal fee. 

      Good luck with your endeavors and thanks for stopping by!

  17. Linda, Thank you for an informative article on as I have used the Free Version for a few years now and it delivers every way you have discussed. I like to see great products get the attention they deserve and is appropriate for several uses. I can only say, look the site over for yourself and see what they have to offer! If you are not aware you will be pleasantly surprised! God Bless and Good Luck! Janice ??

    • Hi Janice,

      Canva is indeed a great product that I’ve used extensively in developing my website over the past 3 years. Not only did I create my website logo with this tool, but I also use it for banners and my featured images. In my experience, Canva is a very versatile tool and a resource I could not function without.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding Canva!


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