How to Get Free Walmart Gift Cards in 5 Easy Ways

Free gift cards put a smile on everyone’s face, don’t they? So, I thought that sharing how to get free Walmart gift cards would be helpful for many of my readers.

Walmart is the largest retailer on the planet. The stores sell everything from groceries and cleaning products to top electronics. Consequently, whether you’re looking to stretch your budget for those back-to-school supplies or enjoy an indulgence, a Walmart gift card will come in handy.

So, let’s take a look at some excellent ways to score free gift cards, shall we?

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Tips for How to Get Free Walmart Gift Cards

Let me be honest and say this is not an exhaustive list. There are tons of reward websites on the Internet. Moreover, many sites award free Walmart gift cards because of the massive appeal of this retail giant. But I believe the 5 options below are some of the best.

First, let me explain how I chose the avenues on this list.

Not all reward platforms are as good as they claim to be. And, even some of the good ones have very high thresholds to receive distributions. The result is that it may take you quite a while to actually get a gift card into your hands.

The 5 sites below all share the following characteristics:

  • They are entirely legitimate and safe to use
  • Rewards are distributed as promised (based on personal experience)
  • Distribution thresholds are low ($2 to $5)
  • Processing of redemptions is prompt

I recommend that you join all of these programs to maximize your chances of scoring gift cards quickly and regularly.

1. Swagbucks

Launched in 2008, Swagbucks is perhaps the largest and most popular GPT (Get-Paid-To) site on the Web. Payouts to members total $440 million. Members get paid to take surveys, complete offers, shop with retail partners, watch videos, play games, and much more.

Membership is free for worldwide participants who are 13 years of age or older. The vast diversity of tasks makes it easy to earn points called Swag Bucks or SB. Conversion is simple because each SB is equivalent to 1 cent. You will need 500 Swag Bucks to redeem your earnings for a $5 Walmart gift card.

Swagbucks also offers gift cards to may other vendors or cash via PayPal. Expect to have your gift card electronically in a matter of hours after you submit a request.

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2. Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways is another GPT rewards site that pays members to complete surveys, accept product trial offers, and watch videos. Anyone 18 or older may join the site for free.

One of the best things about Rewarding Ways is that they partner with a large number of survey routers. There are always a lot of surveys to attempt.

Many surveys on the site are currently paying $1.20 to $1.30 and sometimes more. No one will qualify for all surveys available because each poll targets a specific demographic. But you won’t run out of surveys to try on this site.

Rewarding Ways offers several payout options, including cash via PayPal and Tango gift cards to most retailers. You will need to earn 500 points to request a $5 Walmart gift card.

Tasks completed on Rewarding Ways pay in either cash or points. Each point is worth 1 cent. You can always convert points to cash or vice versa, depending on the reward you prefer. This platform has one of the lowest thresholds for PayPal cash. You can withdraw $1 and expect to see it in your PayPal account within hours at most.

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3. BeFrugal

We’re all buying even more online these days. Not only is the convenience amazing, but it’s safer to shop from the comfort of home. In this environment, it really makes no sense at all, not to join a cash rebate platform.

BeFrugal offers cashback from more than 5,000 vendors. Rebate rates vary by vendor but can be as high as 40%. BeFrugal also guarantees the highest rebate percentages.

In addition to cash rebates for online purchases, BeFrugal has 1,000s of coupons and exclusive deals. For example, you can save money at more than 250 restaurants and fast food locations. The end result is major savings for you.

Anyone 18 or older can join BeFrugal for free. There is a $10 sign-up bonus available. Be aware that cashback earned on online purchases will be pending for 30 to 90 days, depending on the vendor. BeFrugal distributes earnings once they receive their commissions.

Distribution methods include PayPal, Skrill, direct deposit, and egift cards. You can request a $5 Walmart gift card as soon as you have available funds in your account. But it’s important to note that non-Amazon gift cards are limited to US residents only.

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4. Shopkick

Shopkick is a mobile app that’s all about creating consumer engagement with online partners, local retail stores, and major retail brands. They have a mission to make shopping fun. Members earn rewards called Kicks for a number of shopping-related activities.

The app is available for both IOS and Android devices. Membership is limited to US residents who are 14 and older. Members who are younger than 18 need parental permission to join.

You can earn kicks for just walking into certain partner stores, for discovering products within the store and scanning barcodes, and for making purchases. If you purchase featured products, you can use the app to upload your receipt and earn Kicks for everyday purchases, including groceries.

If you link your credit card, there are stores both online and off where you earn a designated number of kicks for each dollar you spend. Finally, you can make quick Kicks by watching short videos within the app like recipes.

The conversion rate is 2.5 Kicks for 1 cent or 250 Kicks per $1. Convert your kicks into a wide variety of gift cards, including Amazon, Target, and Starbucks, in addition to Walmart. Once you have 500 Kicks, convert them into a $2 Walmart gift card.

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5. Survey Junkie

Survey Jumkie is a platform that pays people to share their opinions on various issues, goods, and services by taking surveys in exchange for Points. Occasionally, you may also be able to participate in product testing or focus groups for pay. But the primary focus of this website surveys.

Survey Junkie is free to join for residents of the US, Canada, or Australia who are 16 and older. The platform is popular and has more than 10 million members. Surveys are a simple and convenient way to make a few extra bucks. Survey Junkie has a mobile app you can download for either IOS or Android devices.

So, you can take surveys from anywhere. And, there seem to be a lot of surveys available with compensation rates ranging from 5 to 100 points. One Point = 1 cent. Survey Junkie advises members that you will probably only qualify for 1 in 5 surveys.

Making money with paid surveys requires some patience because you have to fit the desired demographic profile to qualify. Still, surveys are a way to make your downtime a bit more productive.

Members who join after September 2019 can request a withdrawal once they accumulate 500 points. Anyone can redeem points for cash via PayPal. US residents also have the option of redeeming for electronic gift cards. Turn 500 points into a $5 Walmart gift card.
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Final Thoughts

I hope you found this information on how to get free Walmart gift cards to be helpful. All of the platforms discussed are free to join, and you can create an account in about a minute.  Join them all to improve your chances of earning more gift cards and provide a variety of tasks.

Gift cards are always a welcome addition to your wallet and can help to stretch the budget each month. But unfortunately, the earnings potential from survey and reward websites is pretty small.

That’s why four years ago, I decided to go in a different direction, and I got the training I needed to build my website and launch an online business. Join me and get a proven roadmap to success as an affiliate marketer.

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Are you a member of any of the five platforms discussed today? If you are, I hope you’ll share your experiences in the comment section below!

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