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What is the Shopkick AppAre you a bargain hunter who likes to save money on everyday stuff? Yeah, me too! So, in today’s post, What is the Shopkick App, I’m excited to tell you about another shopping app program that I recently joined.

This app is somewhat unique from the two rebate programs, Checkout 51 and Ibotta, I’ve reviewed in the past few months. I like them all. But based on my first excursions, I think Shopkick is destined to become my new favorite.


Shopkick is a keeper for me because it has the potential to make shopping and running errands (Uhgg!) fun again! Or at least more bearable. 

Let’s look at the ins and outs of this program and why I find it fun!

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a U.S. based company that first released it’s shopping app in August 2010 (according to Wikipedia). They have a website, but the application can only be downloaded and used on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The program is available for both Android and IOS platforms and has a Google Play rating of 4.2.

Shopkick has a mission to reinvent the shopping experience. Their feeling is that the Sunday circular just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s digitally savvy consumers want to save money with something that’s more engaging and personalized.

Here’s a quote from Shopkick CEO Bill Demas that may spark some interest in their approach.

“In the commerce world, we were ‘Pokémon Go’ before ‘Pokémon Go’ existed.”

Hmmm! The ‘Pokémon Go’ of shopping apps does sound a bit more interesting than coupon clipping, right?

It seems I’m not alone in that reaction. Millions of people already use Shopkick to

  • discover new products;
  • plan their shopping trips, and
  • rack up rewards at more than 250,000 retail locations.

You can immediately personalize the app by enabling Bluetooth when you download. You’ll then see a list of stores within a few miles of your home that currently have offers for redemption. It’s all very location specific.

Consumers earn rewards, or virtual currency, called “kicks” that they then exchange for gift cards and other intriguing prizes. The conversion rate is 250 kicks to $1. Several retailers including popular ones like Walmart and Target allow you to exchange as few as 500 kicks for a $2 gift card. So, the payout threshold is low.

Personally, I prefer to build my points over time and then use them all for a special occasion or indulgence. But that’s just me! The program is very flexible.

Click Here to Create a Free Shopkick Account

How Do I Earn Kicks?

There are a bunch of ways to earn kicks including these.

  • Simply walk into select stores (sometimes just getting close to the store is enough ).
  • Scan the barcodes on specified groceries, cleaning supplies, or beauty products as you shop.
  • Buy particular products in the store and then later upload your receipt within the app.
  • Make purchases at some retail outlets with a linked credit card.
  • Earn kicks at the register for every dollar spent at some establishments (e.g. earn 2 kicks per dollar at Best Buy) by asking the cashier to scan a code on your phone before hitting the total button.
  • Watch product videos as you’re planning your shopping trip ( they play for seconds).
  • Invite your friends to join and earn referrals.

You’ll want to have the Shopkick program open on your phone before you enter any stores to take full advantage.

My Personal Experience Using Shopkick

The image below is an example of my Shopkicks homepage following my first shopping trip using the app.

Shopkick Homepage

As shown at the top of the page, 470 kicks were credited to my account. Another 150 points are pending because I made a purchase that earned kicks, but it takes about 48 hours to process the receipt.  Not too bad given that I needed to pick up groceries and stop at the drug store with or without Shopkick in the act.

Notice the four buttons at the bottom of the screen labeled Stores, Grocery Offers, Discover and My List. Each performs a useful function within the app. The Stores button is currently selected and what’s visible are the first few entries on a lengthy list of participating retailers in my area.

Stores Button

Icons next to the name of the store indicate the number of kicks available for walking in, scanning and buying promoted items. Not all stores offer all forms of kick rebates. Different companies also seem to refresh their offers at different rates.

Let me explain that a bit further based on the three stores listed above. I’ll also fill you in on some interesting anomalies I observed that had me chuckling as I completed my errands.

Yesterday, I went to both Safeway and Walgreens. Safeway paid me 25 kicks for just walking in and I noticed that those same 25 points (per the screen above) are available again should I choose to go back today. Walgreens offers points for scanning and purchases but not for entering the store.

But, as it happens, Walgreens is located in a very large Shopping Center that has multiple participating retailers including Food City, Best Buy, Target and Carters among others. I mention this because I was able to get “walk-in” kicks from Target (25) just by pulling into the parking lot.

As I walked along the sidewalk, I was awarded points by Best Buy (50), Food City (15), and Carters (50). I never went inside. But I see that Food City is not extending the walk-in offer again today.

Once inside a store, you can quickly see a list of items eligible for scanning or rebates. There’s almost a scavenger hunt element to the scanning that I found amusing. But the actual scanning of the barcode takes seconds and kicks are immediately awarded.

I purchased one item on the rebate list, and I found that taking the photo of the receipt within the app worked flawlessly.

Grocery Offers

Use the Grocery Offers button to view everything currently available for a rebate. This is the most comprehensive list because not all stores offer all products. You can filter by store within this function to see who has what you’re most interested in purchasing.

To be most efficient, you may want to use this at home as you plan your errands. If you see items that look like a good deal you can add them to your list using My List.


With the Discover button, you can peruse adds for promotional items and in some cases watch videos. Not all of the videos result in kicks awards, but some will pay 5 to 10 kicks just for viewing.

My Final Verdict

The Shopkick app is fun and engaging with various ways to earn reward points. You’re not going to get rich with the program, but if you’re a thrifty type, you definitely can save a bit on routine groceries and cleaning supplies that you have to purchase anyway. For me, it’s definitely worth the minimal time investment.

If I had to come up with a downside, it would be the inability to receive rewards in cash. For some people, this might be frustrating. Frankly, I don’t find the gift cards a problem at all because they’re available from so many organizations that I frequent all the time.

Summing Up

I sincerely hope you found this post on What is the Shopkick App to be helpful and informative. If you’d like to create a free account and begin earning your kicks, you can click the link below.

Click Here to Create a Free Shopkick Account

 Again, the potential money to be made from this shopping app is pretty small. Would you be interested in learning how to make more? If you’d like to discover a way to make money online that has far more potential to supplement your income, you might be interested in building a website and becoming an affiliate marketer.

That’s the route I chose to take, and I accomplished it by joining an online platform called Wealthy Affiliate. If this sounds appealing, you can check it out for free by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page.

Do you have any experiences with Shopkick that you’d like to share with us? If so, or if you still have questions about how Shopkick works, please give me a shout in the comment section below.

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