Is Checkout 51 A Scam? Get the Scoop With My Helpful Review!

Is Checkout 51 a Scam

As I was wandering through the produce aisle at the supermarket last week, I overheard a group of Moms chatting. One of them asked, “Is Checkout 51 a scam”? I vaguely remember the question flitting briefly through my mind, “What is Checkout 51″? I’d never heard of it.

At the time it went in one ear and out the other because I had a lengthy list to power through. But later that evening with the groceries tucked away and the routine grumbling about the price of groceries behind us, the question popped back into my head.

My curiosity was piqued, so I decided to hop on the Net and do some exploring. The pleasant surprise I experienced convinced me to share my discoveries with my readers because this is a smart little tool with universal appeal.

What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a sweet little rebate and cash back app that puts a bit of the folding stuff back in your wallet just for buying groceries that you had every intention of buying anyway. Tough to beat that deal! I mean, I’m assuming you like to save money as much as I do.

Rest assured, there is no hint of a scam operation. Checkout 51 is a completely free and legitimate program (with 4 million members and counting) that has already saved me a nice chunk of change. After personally verifying their ease of usage claims, I’m anticipating receipt of my first $20 rebate check shortly.

Here’s the best part….

This app has value for both savvy shoppers and the rest of us. Let me explain why. You’ll quickly grasp why this is an awesome tool for anyone to have in their shopping toolkit.

How Does Checkout 51 Work?

In just a moment, we’ll walk through the quick and easy Checkout 51 process. You’ll love it! But first, let’s chat about all the things you don’t necessarily have to do to save money on each grocery excursion.

As a quick sidenote, if you do all of the smart activities below, bless you! Your savings will be even more significant than mine. This list is a quick shout out to those rather undisciplined shoppers (I’m guilty as charged!


You don’t have to

  • scour all the weekly flyers searching out the best deals by store
  • clip or print coupons
  • remember to bring the coupons with you (this is not just a senior citizen thing!)
  • use or cull out coupons before the expiration date
  • hold up the checkout line as you redeem coupons on the spot

The tasks above are not required because Checkout 51 is a digital list of product offers that lets you shop anywhere and save money on both staples (bread, milk, produce) and a variety of brand name products. You can claim your rebate savings from the comfort of home using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Steps in the Checkout 51 Process 

(1) Sign up for a free account on the Checkout 51 website by providing your email or by using your Facebook Account.

(2) Browse the current list of product offers to see exactly what rebate offers are available. A fresh list of offers is posted every Thursday at 12:00 am, and this list remains in effect until the following Wednesday at 11:59 pm.

(3) Head to the store of your choice and make your purchases. You can shop anywhere. To avoid disappointment, be sureCheckout 51 Groceries to check all offer specifications including size. Don’t forget your receipt.

(4) Back at home, check the box next to each item on the list that you are claiming rebate credit for. Then go ahead and snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to the Checkout 51 site. I recommend uploading your receipt immediately to avoid any procrastination because you do face that weekly deadline of 11:59 pm on Wednesday.

(5) Your purchase will be verified, and your account will be credited within 24 hours. In my experience, verification has occurred within minutes.

(6) Once your balance reaches $20, you can request a payout.

How simple is that? Claiming my credit took less than 5 minutes!

Checkout 51 – Sign up for a free account.

The Checkout 51 App

The Checkout 51 app is available for free download from either the Apple Store or Google Play. The app isn’t necessarily required because you can do everything through your computer but there are additional offers included with the app. It may also be convenient to have the digital list with you while shopping.

How Can You Stack Up the Savings?

Checkout 51 does not limit your ability or reduce your credit for the use of coupons for the same products. If you can find a sale, use a coupon, and get cash back, you may be able to get certain items for free or possibly even make a bit of money.

You should also consider using other rebate programs such as Ibotta, Snap, or Shrink. If one or more of these competing programs have the same product on offer, this is yet another opportunity to compound your savings. Wow!!

Do You Like to Shop Online? No Problem!

If you buy items online from sites like Amazon or Thrive Market, you can upload your packing slip to receive your credit. Of course, you’ll need to purchase early in the offer period to ensure timely delivery, but this is an option.

Final Thoughts

Checkout 51 is a great little app to have in your arsenal of tools to maximize savings on grocery purchases. Who doesn’t like to save money, right? So, if you should be asked by a friend, is Checkout 51 a scam, you’ll now be able to confidently reassure them that this app is the real deal!

This is an easy way to make your monthly income go a little bit further. Obviously, it’s not a major source of income. If you’re interested in supplementing your income in a more substantial way, you may want to investigate my favorite choice for making money online, Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you had any experiences using Checkout 51? If so, please share your experience or post any questions below. Finally, if you found this post helpful please share it on your favorite social media platform!

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2 thoughts on “Is Checkout 51 A Scam? Get the Scoop With My Helpful Review!”

  1. Hi Linda<

    Believe it or not it is one of 3 online shopping apps I have installed on my phone. It’s great to find cheap prices and get awesome rebates. I combine that with a rebates credit card that I pay with and the savings can really accumulate.

    Isn’t it nice to not have to carry newspaper flyers into the store with you? To me this is the best part of being able to access Checkout 51 and others.

    Great review and continued success.

    • Hi Peter,

      Yes, it is excellent that you don’t have to worry about flyers and coupons mostly because I’m so bad about remembering them 🙂 Although, I’m really trying to get better about it because stacking different saving methods together can really add up. It’s always fun to see if you can score some free stuff. I’m glad to hear you’re taking advantage of the app. Thanks for commenting!


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