6 Apps like Qmee to Easily Earn Extra Cash

Are you a fan of Qmee who appreciates the opportunity to earn a little extra spending money? If so, I know you’ll enjoy these 6 Apps like Qmee.  I use them all with good results, and you can also.

Qmee lets us earn by completing a few different tasks that include searching the web, clicking ads, and completing offers. But the best way to increase your earnings with Qmee is by completing surveys and participating in market research. Your opinion does indeed matter to a massive number of organizations and brands.

Can you earn a life-changing income with survey sites?

Unfortunately, no! However, there are ways to make far more money online than surveys will ever pay. You may want to check out my favorite way of making money online.

But even though surveys don’t pay a lot, they can supplement your existing income and stretch your budget. Furthermore, by joining multiple sites, you increase your chances of being able to make your downtime more productive.

One of the best things about surveys is flexibility. You can take them on your timeframe. Moreover, with Qmee and the additional sites, we’ll talk about today, you can earn extra cash from anywhere. These platforms are all mobile-friendly, allowing you to make money on the go.

So, let’s explore some money-making options, shall we?

6 Apps Like Qmee For Earning Extra Money

1.  Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a site that pays consumers to share their opinions on various products and services by answering survey questions in exchange for Points. Residents of the US, Canada, or Australia who are 16 or older may join. Launched back in 2013, Survey Junkie now has 10 million-plus members.

Survey Junkie - One of the apps like Qmee

Each point earned is equal to 1 cent. Anyone joining after 9/16 19 can request a redemption once they accumulate 500 points ($5). If you joined earlier, the redemption threshold is 1,000 points or $10. All members are eligible for distributions of cash via PayPal. US members may also choose gift cards.

Survey Junkie has a mobile app for either IOS or Android platforms. Alternatively, you can complete surveys on your desktop through their website. In my experience, surveys tend to pay between 5 and 100 points. I also received a 25 point signup bonus and additional awards for completing profile questions.

Since there are usually lots of surveys available, expect to earn your first payout quickly.

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Join Survey Junkie Here

2.  Ipsos I-Say

I-Say is a paid survey site owned by a multinational research firm called the Ipsos Group. Membership is open to individuals 18 or older who are residents of the US, Canada, or the UK. Participants have opportunities to influence new product development and offer viewpoints on current issues.

Ipsos I-Say Logo

All surveys offered by I-Say are unique to this platform. Surveys pay either 45 or 90 points depending on length. Unlike many other websites, there are no tasks other than opinion polls. However, there are contests with attractive prizes and also loyalty points based on the number of surveys completed.

Each point earned is the equivalent of 1 cent.  Once you accumulate 500 points ($5), you may redeem your points for electronic gift cards to retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Withdrawing cash via PayPal requires 1,530 points for a $15 payout.

The higher redemption threshold for PayPal cash is a bit disappointing. On the other hand, you can meet many needs at Amazon or Walmart, making these cards very close to cash equivalents.

Download the mobile app for either Android or IOS devices. Alternatively, complete surveys on your desktop.

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Create I-Say App Account

3.  Rewarding Ways

Rewarding Ways is a GPT website where members get-paid-to engage in a variety of tasks like completing trial offers, downloading apps, and watching videos. Although there’s a nice range of activities, you will typically make the most money taking surveys.

Rewarding Ways Logo

Members from across the globe who are 18 or older may join Rewarding Ways. This platform partners with many popular survey providers, and there are always a bunch of questionnaires that you can attempt.

While Rewarding Ways does not offer a dedicated app, this is not a problem. The website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. You can take surveys on the go using your phone’s browser.

One of the excellent features of Rewarding Ways is the unusually low payout threshold of $1. Moreover, redemptions of Tango gift cards or cash through PayPal get processed almost instantly. This often means you can complete tasks and get paid the same day.

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Create Your Rewarding Ways Account

4.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the largest and best-known rewards websites on the Internet. Earn their virtual currency called Swag Bucks (SB) for completing multiple tasks from surveys to playing video games. Each SB is equal to 1 cent.

Swagbucks Logo

Anyone who is 13 or older, regardless of your location, may join Swagbucks. Furthermore, members can earn from anywhere using either the Swagbucks mobile app or a desktop device.

Reasons for joining Swagbucks include both the considerable range of money-making activities for things we do online every day anyway, and also low redemption thresholds. Get cash through PayPal with 500 SBs or electronic gift cards with as few as 140 Swag Bucks.

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Join SwagBucks by Clicking Here

5.  Dabbl

Dabbl is somewhat different from the options above because it’s only available as a mobile app. Membership is also more restricted because it’s only open to US residents 13 or over. That said, US consumers will find Dabbl to be a unique and interesting option.

The Dabbl App Logo

Like Qmee and the alternative apps discussed above, Dabbl offers surveys from several different providers. But there are also other ways to engage with brands and advertisers.

In addition to more traditional surveys, Dabbl offers video ad campaigns. View advertising and then complete polling and research questions on the ads to earn points. You may also ear points by completing trial or discounted offers from Dabbl merchants. The conversion rate is 1,000 Dabbl points for $1.

I enjoy the variety that Dabbl videos add to the mix. Activities on this app are also conveniently designed for earning on the go while standing in lines or sitting in waiting rooms because individual tasks are short. Furthermore, I appreciate the low threshold of 5,000 points or $5 because you see rewards relatively quickly.

Dabbl lets users exchange points for electronic gift cards from any of 20 different retail vendors. The fact that you can’t get real cash through PayPal is somewhat disappointing. But, I find mass merchandisers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart to be reasonable alternatives.

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Signup for the Dabbl App Here

6.  Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys is a strictly mobile application that brings together consumers and organizations in need of feedback on their products. The platform appears to be restricted to US residents who are 18 or older.

Zap Surveys - One More of the Apps Like Qmee

As the name of the app suggests, the primary way of earning with Zap is by taking surveys. Surveys are available through three different partners and seem to be readily available daily.

Compensation rates most often seem to be right around 40 cents, which is somewhat low. But for me, the low rate is more than made up for by the short duration of surveys.

Additional ways to earn with Zap include login and locational bonuses and also cash rebates from retail partners. I enjoy the application’s interface, which is clean and user-friendly.

Zap Surveys doesn’t worry about points and simply rewards members in US currency. The distribution minimum of $25 will take some time to reach, but the generous signup bonus of $6.25 gets you off to a good start. I find that Zap works well as one of several apps because progress is a little slower but steady.

Users can choose cash through PayPal or one of several attractive egift cards.

Join the Zap Survey App Today

Final Thoughts

I find that each of these apps like Qmee represents an easy way to earn a bit of extra cash regularly. By joining all of them, I enjoy variety in the tasks available.

Moreover, you also avoid the scenario where there are no surveys available at the time of your choosing. At least one of these applications will always be seeking feedback at a time that’s convenient for us.

As mentioned above, surveys will never be a primary source of income. But they can come in handy for some pleasant little extras each month.

I also rely on this training platform to create and nurture a more lucrative online business.

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Have you used any of these apps like Qmee to generate a side income? Jump into the comments below and let us know if any apps have worked out well for you. And, please ask any questions that I failed to answer for you!

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10 thoughts on “6 Apps like Qmee to Easily Earn Extra Cash”

  1. Well to be very honest, all these are really worthy to see and if it can be done, I would like to try out all of these apps. Thanks so much for all you have shared here. Really worthy to see and maybe it can be quite massive in the long run. Thanks again for the info.

    • Hi Nath,

      The apps are all free to join and there’s no problem with trying them all. Survey and rewards sites aren’t big moneymakers. But over the course of a year, they can definitely add hundreds or even thousands to your budget. You won’t be quitting your day job, but the extra cash can certainly make the holidays or vacations a lot more fun.

      Good luck and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Hello Linda, thanks for sharing this really nice article. We all want to make some extra cash and making it easy online is really well appreciated and you have done a really good job for giving such nice information. Seeing that these are apps makes it more fun and I would love to try. 

  3. Hey Linda

    Thank you for the insightful article, I enjoyed the read and my eyes were opened to a few opportunities waiting to be grabbed by most of us seeking to make money online. Your recommendations look doable and legit, will surely bookmark this article. Like you said it is time we monetize our downtime. 

    I get that joining all of these programs might give the best results. But what if I wanted to start out more slowly. If you had to pick one to start with, which would you recommend?

    Thanks again

    • Hi Bogadi,

      I feel each of these apps has something a little bit unique to offer. I like them all for different reasons. But if I were going to pick just one to start with it would be Rewarding Ways. There are always plenty of surveys and lots of task variety on this website. It’s a little smaller and perhaps less intimidating than Swagbucks. 

      The redemption threshold is low enough that you can withdraw at least small amounts almost every day. Additionally, it offers a nice referral program. So, I think that’s where I would start.

      Good luck and I hope one or more of these apps works out for you. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. I am not really a big fan of trying out survey sites but whenever the chance comes, I give it a go and maybe I am able to earn something little out of it. I have been used Qmee before but these other sites you shared are new to me. I feel like if I am able to combine using all of these, I just might be able to make something tangible.

    • Hi Suz,
      I think you have the right approach. Signing up for multiple survey sites gives us the best opportunity to make some extra cash. By having several sources, you avoid the problem of no surveys available when it’s most convenient for you to take them. Many sites also offer additional tasks and those can spice things up with some variety.

      Good luck with these sites and thanks for chiming in!

  5. Swagbucks is not so easy to earn points that convert to money for anyone outside the USA now. You cannot watch videos anymore.
    To be successful on swagbucks, you would have to use the browser, shop through their site and download games to play. I have spoken to people who have given up on swagbucks because it takes so much effort to get enough points to get a voucher giftcard or paypal money. They take ages to send you the voucher. They also expect you to use the same email address for your paypal that you use on their site. However, you are advised to make up a new email address for surveys so you don’t get spam in your main email address.

    Qmee is a good one for a tiny bit of quick cash. It’s instant money that you can cash out as soon as you’ve made 1p or 1 cent.

    • Hi Mica,
      My experiences with Swagbucks have been far more positive than this. But I’m in the USA and that may be the difference. For me, Swagbucks has been a good source of a little extra cash and my gift cards appear quickly once I redeem. I’m glad that Qmee has worked well for you.

      Good luck and thanks for sharing!


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