Crafts Affiliate Programs: How to Be Creative and Profitable

Are you fascinated with the idea of putting your craftiness and creativity to good use? If so, learning more about crafts affiliate programs is a smart step in the right direction.

The Association for Creative Industries estimates the size of the US crafting supplies industry at $36 billion. Furthermore, their research indicates that 62% of all US households participated in at least one creative activity in the course of a year.

Those stats provide a clear indication to me that there’s a large target market that shares your passion for crafts. And, there are a ton of subsets (niches) within this vast market populated by individuals who need help and guidance with their latest project.

Whether your area of specialization is quilting, crocheting, scrapbooking, simple craft projects for kids, or a myriad of other crafty specialties, there are potential readers who crave your knowledge. They’re seeking informative and detailed tutorials for their projects.

Moreover, people need to know what products or tools work best and where they can obtain the necessary supplies. Affiliate marketing is fundamentally about helping people to meet their needs.

So, let’s talk about some excellent crafts affiliate programs, shall we? From there, we can discuss the next steps.

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

6 Crafts Affiliate Programs You Can Proudly Promote

1.  Knit Picks


Affiliate Sign-up Link

Commission Rate:  10% (30% for first-time customers)

Cookie Duration:  15 Days

For those who love to knit or crochet, Knit Picks is a one-stop-shop.  They carry all of the trappings for handmade creations. These include beautiful yarns, needles, crochet hooks, tools, and pattern books. In addition, an extensive collection of patterns provide inspiration for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Knit Picks Logo

Partnering with Knit Picks is a good choice for several reasons. Firstly, newcomers to these crafts (or visual learners) will love the video tutorials. Secondly, readers who desire more unique projects will find exclusive patterns. Finally, Knit Picks also works directly with manufacturers to keep their prices lower and offer more value.

ShareASale manages the Knit Pick’s affiliate program.

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2.  Connecting Threads


Affiliate Sign-up Link

Commission Rate:  10%

Cookie Duration:  14 Days

Connecting Threads is on a mission to make the craft of quilting accessible to the world. The company works directly with mills and manufacturers to obtain the quality fabrics and threads that customers desire.

Connecting Threads and Quilting Crafts

Find all necessary quilting supplies from precut samplers to quilt kits, thread sets, cotton batting, and tons of gorgeous patterns. Supplies also include a wide range of sewing machines, sewing tables, and also cabinets to create an efficient workspace.

Additionally, Connecting Threads features thoughtful gifts for quilters, books, and “how-to” videos on topics like how to bind a quilt. Partnering with Connecting Threads offers access to all things quilting.

Connecting Threads works with ShareASale to manage its affiliate program.

3. Sulky


Affiliate Sign-up Link

Commission Rate:  20%

Cookie Duration:  30 DaysSulky Sample Craft Kit

Sulky is committed to providing only the highest quality threads for embroidery, sewing, and quilting projects. Crafters will also find stabilizers or backing for machine embroidery projects. There are also applique kits, embroidery design CDs, and necessary sewing tools and supplies.

Sulky Logo

Where Sulky may really stand out is in their educational offerings including online courses and seminars. They even offer online teacher certification. Thus, the site is ideal for those who are eager to improve their sewing skills and advance their career.

Sulky uses the ShareASale network to coordinate its affiliate program.



Affiliate Sign-up Link

Commission Rate: 10% (up to 20% on some products)

Cookie Duration:  30 Days is a website devoted to paper crafting that draws in millions of visitors each month. Papercrafters will find cardmaking supplies and tools, stamps, stencils, embossing machines, and embellishments of all kinds. Exclusive products found only on this site encourage handmade creations. Logo

Dozens of free courses teach traditional and more artistic layout designs. Classes also encourage exploration of art journaling, acrylic painting ideas, calligraphy, watercolor techniques, and much more. Readers can also learn practical organizational tips and efficient storage solutions to keep crafting supplies under control.

ShareASale manages the affiliate program.

5. A Cherry on Top


Affiliate Sign-up Link

Commission Rate:  10%

Cookie Duration:  30 Day

A Cherry on Top offers an incredibly diverse selection of products. Offerings include art supplies, paper crafts, candle making, macrame, leather crafts, origami, and so much more. Find project kits, tools, and embellishments of all kinds to inspire both adults and children.

A Cherry On Top Logo

Here’s the beauty of partnering with A Cherry on Top.  With thousands of craft-related products, this website can support virtually any craft project regardless of your specific niche. One exceptional source of artistic inspiration is the Project Gallery where more than 10,000 customer project submissions are viewable.

A Cherry on Top works with ShareASale to manage its affiliate program.

6. Amazon


Affiliate Sign-up Link

Commission Rate:  4%

Cookie Duration:  24 hours

Amazon carries a plethora of arts and crafts supplies and should not be overlooked by craft bloggers. The commission rate is lower than the other programs discussed. However, Amazon is a trusted vendor with instant name recognition which is an important factor.

Amazon Logo

The Amazon Associates program is an easy one to join. And, while the cookie window is short, it’s important to recognize that if a customer goes to the Amazon website using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission on any product purchased within 24 hours.

Amazon runs its own affiliate program.

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How to Make Money With a Craft Blog

I’m often asked, what is the best niche for affiliate marketing? Let me answer that question in a very straightforward fashion that certainly applies here. Any niche that inspires you, sustains your interest, and drives you to endlessly learn more is perfect!

Making money as a blogger is all about connecting with an engaged target audience. Take a passionate interest like crafts and narrow it down.  Once you have a specialty that appeals to an identifiable group of people, it’s time to do your research.

What does your niche need help with? What projects are they working on where step-by-step tutorials would come in very handy? People are constantly searching for information and you can use a keyword research tool (I use Jaaxy) to identify frequently asked questions by individuals in your niche of choice.

Here’s a great feature of craft blogging. Internet users tend to be very visual. Craft projects are well-suited to lots of photos at each step in the process. The pictures greatly enhance your tutorial presentations and will tend to capture your readers’ attention.

One Potential Niche Idea

One possibility that really appeals to me is a blog devoted to simple craft projects for kids. I find this appealing because crafts are known to help with motor skills and manual dexterity. Artistic projects are also forms of self-expression that develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Simple Craft Project for Kids That Foster Creativity

Your target market will be the Moms and Dads intent on finding fun ways to build skills, foster creativity, and bond with their children. I think right now is a particularly great time because so many children are being homeschooled and really need creative outlets.

Any of the crafts affiliate programs above are exceptional sources of project ideas that are very much in demand. Therefore, filling your blog with fun tutorials would not only be thoroughly enjoyable for you but also inspirational for your readers. Moreover, monetizing your blog will be a breeze.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing these crafts affiliate programs, I’m sure the ideas are churning. Affiliate marketing is a brilliant business model that has the potential to be very lucrative. Furthermore, with the right training and resources, you could develop your love for crafts into a successful online business.

Everything you need to launch your craft blog is available through the platform where I built my website. What’s more, you can fully explore this exceptional opportunity on a completely risk-free basis.

Why not take the plunge today and see if affiliate marketing is a good fit for you and your interests?  After all, you have nothing to lose and a brighter future to gain!

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Are you ready to start a craft blog? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And, please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that I failed to answer. I’ll get back to you promptly! 

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6 thoughts on “Crafts Affiliate Programs: How to Be Creative and Profitable”

  1. Oh wow, that is awesome 🙂 I’ve been trying to figure out where to find affiliate programs like this. I don’t crochet anymore, or sew very often, but it is nice to know that I could pick it back up in the future and there will be opportunities there. I would imagine this would be a profitable niche because so many people are going online these days. I know I’d have to drive an hour just to buy affordable yarn, or probably even wool (that is so hard to find locally).

    • Hi Courtney,

      I think you’re absolutely right. More and more people are turning to online sources. It’s just so convenient and it’s infinitely easier to comparison shop and find the best deals/I’ve also read that in these unsettled and stressful times the traditional crafts are seeing a big resurgence in popularity. Needlecrafts in particular are known for reducing stress and improving mental health.

      All of these factors combine to make craft blogging very attractive. Perhaps it will work out well for you down the road.  Good luck and thanks for commenting!

  2. Thanks for providing information about craft affiliate companies. I love making crafts, but I’m not very good at it. I can tell based in your web design that you’re great at art! I’m curious, what theme did you use to make your website look this good? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. I liked browsing the craft supplies in the amazon section. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Lex,

      If you love making crafts this may be the perfect arena from which to select a niche. I wouldn’t worry at all about not being very good at it yet. As you build your website, do your research, and add valuable content your knowledge and skills will improve. You can share your journey with your readers.

      I really like all 6 of the crafts affiliate programs in the post for different reasons. But I have to agree that I also love browsing the crafts on Amazon because of the diversity and the value. My favorite craft activity is crocheting. I learned to crochet from my grandmother as a little girl and almost 60 years later I still love it. I find crocheting to be a perfect way to relax and destress in the evening. Yarn can be expensive but Amazon has some super value packs.

      Thanks for the kind words about my website. I use the Hit Mag theme and I just love it. It’s one of the cleanest WordPress themes which is essential when it comes to page loading speeds. But it’s also extremely flexible and provides tons of design options which I enjoy. Many themes are far too restrictive for my taste.

      I also make extensive use of Canva which is a fabulous graphics program. I used it to create my logo, banners, and all of my featured images. Canva offers a lot of images but I can also upload my own photos or images from other sources.

      I appreciate your taking the time to comment and I wish you great success online!

  3. Hi Linda

    Thanks so much for sharing this great article to know more about Crafts Affiliate Programs and how they work!

    I own my blog about sewing and making quilts, where I share all kinds of tutorials and DIY but I think it’s about time I work on monetizing it and I didn’t know how to do it.

    After reading your blog I could see affiliate marketing might be the first step to work on to start making money with my blog, but as I was looking for more alternatives than Amazon, your article was like a WOW, this is what I was looking for!!

    I will check on each one of the programs you share here so I can see if they work with the materials and supplies I work with!

    • Hi Alejandra,

      I know you’ll find affiliate marketing to be the perfect way to monetize your blog. Several of the crafts affiliate programs on my list have excellent sewing and quilting resources. If your blog contains detailed project tutorials, your readers will appreciate a list of supplies and your recommendations of where to find quality resources. Converting your readers to buyers should be a breeze because if they’re reading “how-to” tutorials they’re very far along in the purchase decision lifecycle. 

      What I love most about affiliate marketing is that everyone benefits. Customers find appropriate and helpful product advice without incurring any additional cost, vendors sell more products, and affiliates earn a commission for bringing buyers and sellers together. It’s easy to understand why affiliate marketing is now a multi-billion dollar industry because the business model is brilliant. 

      If you’re just starting to explore the advantages of affiliate marketing you may enjoy this post entitles Why Become an Affiliate Marketer?

      Thanks for jumping in and sharing your comments. I wish you great success with one or more of these affiliate programs!


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