Rewarding Ways Review: Can You Really Earn Extra Cash?

Welcome to my comprehensive Rewarding Ways review. Can you really use this website to earn extra cash from home? I had to check the claims out, and I’m happy to share my findings.

During these bizarre and unsettling times, I know many people would appreciate the ability to make some extra money from the safety of home. It’s a shame that we have to tread cautiously, isn’t it? But sadly, that is the reality.

First, here’s the short story…

Rewarding Ways is a completely legit site. After joining, using the various features, earning some cash, and getting paid promptly (twice), I’m confident that this is not a scam.

But is Rewarding Ways your best choice?

Let’s further examine the various facets of Rewarding Ways to help you make that decision, shall we?

What is Rewarding Ways?

Rewarding Ways is a classic example of a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site. As a member, you can get paid to perform a variety of tasks, including offering your opinions on surveys, completing trial offers, downloading apps, and watching videos.

99 Ventures LTD. a UK online advertising firm, owns this rewards platform that was founded in 2011. The same organization also owns Offernation and SuperPayMe, which are very similar programs.

Anyone 18 or older can join Rewarding Ways for free, and membership is open to individuals from around the globe. If you check out current site statistics, you will see that Rewarding Ways has more than 405 thousand members and has paid out $1.5 million. Based on customer reviews. TrustPilot has given Rewarding Ways an excellent (4.7/5) rating.

So, how is it that Rewarding Ways can afford to pay cash to members?

The cash ultimately comes from Big Brands, who are eager to interact with consumers. The bottom line is that companies need to know how potential customers feel about their image, products, and services. Sellers need feedback on both existing products and proposed new offerings.

Platforms like Rewarding Ways function as intermediaries between organizations that need consumer input and individuals who have valuable opinions to share, Reward sites encourage customer participation and earn fees, advertising revenue, or perhaps affiliate commissions from the companies with which they partner. The fees are then shared with members.

How to Make Money With Rewarding Ways

The beautiful thing about GPT sites is there are often multiple ways to make a little money, and that’s definitely the case with Rewarding Ways. I created my free account in less than a minute. New members receive a $.20 sign-up bonus to get started.

For a quick overview of Rewarding Ways, watch the short video below:

Complete Surveys

There are plenty of opportunities through Rewarding Ways to be compensated for your opinions. They work with a large number of different survey routers, and there are always surveys available. Surveys typically are where you will earn the most on GPT sites.

Here’s a short list of sample surveys available today:

Rewarding Ways - Sample Survey Router

You will also find offerings from Your Surveys, Samplicity Survey Router, MyThoughtCounts, and many more. There do not appear to be any limits to the number of surveys you can attempt to qualify for and complete in a given day. According to Rewarding Ways, some members regularly earn $200 per month.

Anyone who’s been following me for a while knows that I am not a big survey fan. But I will admit that I had a fairly decent experience on this site with Your Surveys. Amazingly enough, I qualified for four surveys over the course of two days. For the most part, the polls I attempted were also well-designed.Make money with Rewarding Way Surveys

Under the best of circumstances, your earnings per hour will be meager as a survey taker. Most surveys take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete if you qualify. I earned 80 cents for each of the surveys I was able to complete this week. Some surveys will pay as much as $1, but many pay less.

So, don’t expect to earn a significant income. That said, if you some time on your hands, especially during these crazy days of social distancing and isolation, an extra $200 a month may come in handy. A key factor for success with paid surveys is patience. That’s probably why I don’t do well with them, lol!

Getting disqualified after wasting several minutes answering questions can be frustrating. Obviously, companies need to find people that fit the right demographic profiles for their products. They need relevant opinions from people who are likely to use the items being assessed. I get it! But it’s still annoying!

Survey Taking Tips to Consider

Many people run into issues as survey takers because they don’t devote sufficient focus and attention to the process. They rush through surveys in an attempt to complete more and thereby increase their earnings. Unfortunately, that rarely works. In fact, it’s a great way to get your account shut down.

To be successful as a survey tracker, be aware of your “quality score.” You’re providing opinions, and there are no right or wrong honest opinions. But when you try to speed through without properly reading the question and all available responses, your answers will be inconsistent. You may also answer inappropriately on the check questions.

Rewarding Ways - Survey Taking Tips

Completing Offers

Many businesses are searching for customers to engage with their products or services. Offers can take several different forms. Some are paid offers where you make a purchase but receive a significant discount or rebate for trying the product.

Rewarding Ways - Paid Trial Offer

In other instances, you may sign up for a trial offer. You know the ones, right? Sign up for a free 14-day trial and if you decide to continue pay $9.99 per month. Invariably, you need a credit card with these offers (so they can charge your account when you fail to cancel).

There are also tons of offers to download apps or video games. I tried an offer that involved downloading a free Solitaire app from the App Store. I had to download to my phone, install the app and open it at least once to earn 23 points. After that, I was free to uninstall the app.

For the most part, I tend to avoid offers on reward sites. They can be intriguing, and there may be instances where it makes a lot of sense for you. Is a service you were thinking about trying before you spotted a good deal that also involves earning points?

I don’t want to scare you off from Offers altogether. But I do recommend caution and careful wording of the terms. Remember, brands are looking for consumer engagement and new customers. You’re here to make some cash, not spend it. One vital thing is taking an organized approach.

Keep a log, so you don’t forget to cancel those trial memberships in time to avoid charges!

Earning With Videos

The earnings are tiny, a few cents, but you can indeed add a bit of cash to your account by watching videos that include a lot of ads. Again, brands are looking to attract buyers, so they’re willing to pay you to get more eyeballs viewing their advertisements.

If you usually watch a lot of TV anyway, it’s not all bad to take this route. Some of the ads can be very entertaining.  🙂 And, the videos cover a broad spectrum of topics that you may enjoy. Compensation is tiny, but more than you typically earn for TV viewing.

Refer Friends and Family

Rewarding Ways has a generous referral program. For each person who joins the program using your unique code, you earn 25% of everything they make on the platform for life. So, if you like using Rewarding Ways, it makes sense to share that information with others.

Promo Codes

Rewarding Ways has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, where they sometimes post promo codes that you can capture and paste to pad your earnings by a few cents. If you’re already a Swagbucks member, I’m sure you’re familiar with Swag Code alerts.

These promo codes are the same idea!

How Will You Get Paid?

Now we’re getting to the best part. We’re doing this to put some extra cash in our pockets, aren’t we? So understanding payment details is essential. And, I have to say that compared to many other Survey or GPT sites, Rewarding Ways shines when it comes time to pay users.

To be perfectly honest, my first reaction to their claim that I could make money online and get paid today was, “Yeah, sure!”.After joining and reviewing dozens of similar programs, immediate cash withdrawals are a rare event!

But I was wrong!

Here are the significant differences that make daily cash withdrawals very achievable::

  • The minimum threshold for cash withdrawals through PayPal is $1, and you can submit a request daily for up to $50. On other sites, $10 thresholds are not unusual, and I’ve seen $25 payout requirements. Many users on sites with high minimums never see payouts because they give up before they get paid
  • Rewarding Ways processes payments daily. It’s not uncommon for similar sites to perform bulk processing of distributions once a week or even monthly.
  • There are enough surveys and tasks available on Rewarding Ways to keep you busy all day long if you choose. Earning the minimum is not a problem. With some sites, you’re limited to one or two surveys a day, and even those may fill before you can qualify.
  • They offer my favorite form of distribution, which is PayPal. A lot of sites don’t pay in cold hard cash. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with an Amazon Gift Card that I know I will put to good use quickly. But you still can’t beat cash!

Payment options include your choice of PayPal, Bitcoin, or Skrill. Additionally, you can select a Tango Gift Card for a wide variety of popular retailers. For some activities, your account gets credited with cash, and for others, you receive points. But you can convert points to cash or vice versa depending on your preference,

One point is equal to $.01. Convert everything to cash for PayPal or to points if you prefer a gift card. The conversion takes seconds. So, your options are all very flexible. You do need at least $5 in your account to request a gift card.

In my first two days on Rewarding Ways, I spent a couple of hours and earned approximately $2.50 per day. I requested distributions at the end of each day, and the funds were in PayPal within hours.

Check out my proofs of payment:Rewarding Ways - Proof of Payment

Rewarding Ways - Payment 2

Rewarding Ways Account Showing Payments

I do not doubt that with the proper patience and perseverance, I could earn more and repeat the process every day. Will I? Probably not, but that’s because I’ve found another approach to making money online that, over the long-term, earns me a lot more money.

If you’re interested in developing an online business that could eventually prove highly lucrative, here’s where I uncovered the secrets to online success.

But even though I chose a different path, I can see benefits to Rewarding Ways for a lot of people. Even at $2,50/day, that’s a contribution of $75/month, and it’s not a stretch at all to double that. In fact, when I look at the results of the last Cash Contest on Rewarding Ways, I can see that some folks are doing significantly better.

Cash Contests

Rewarding Ways runs $1,000 bonus cash contents every three months. All users are automatically entered. The top 20 earners on the platform for the current three month period earn bonuses. The individual who has the highest earnings for the contest period wins $350, and the balance of the pot is allocated,

For the 3-month cash contest period ending February 29, 2020, the number one earner made $2,690. But by the time you get to the 20th person, earnings for the same period are $831, or not quite $10 per day. Still, these figures show the possibilities

Earn on the Go

Rewarding Ways doesn’t have a mobile app, but it’s not necessary. The website is fully responsive, and you can complete surveys or other tasks on your mobile device if you choose.

Things I Really Like About Rewarding Ways

  • The platform is free to join, and you receive a $.20 sign-on bonus.
  • It’s open to anyone regardless of where you are in the world.
  • There are enough tasks to keep you as busy as you want to be.
  • You can find surveys from many different survey routers and experiment until you find the ones you prefer.
  • Low minimum payout threshold of $1 if you choose PayPal.
  • A wide selection of gift cards if you prefer cards over cash.

Things I Dislike About Rewarding Ways

  • To be fair, this criticism isn’t specific to the Rewarding Ways platform. But, earnings are minimal on any GPT or survey site.

Final Thoughts

During these unsettling days of pandemic mania, the idea of making money from the security of home is even more appealing than ever before. So, I sincerely hope this Rewarding Ways review was helpful.

Rewarding Ways is a legit site that will pay you promptly for the tasks you complete. The earnings possibilities are limited. But, you can get started quickly and begin to earn immediately, which is not all bad.

With time on your hands at home, here’s something to think about to secure your future. Why not use this time productively to gain invaluable skills and knowledge about working successfully in the online space? You can join me and thousands of offers on an industry-leading platform. And, it won’t cost you a dime.

Stay safe and healthy!

Over to You

Do you have any experiences with Rewarding Ways that you can share with other readers? If so, please jump into the comments below. And, just let me know if I failed to answer any of your questions about this GPT site. I promise to get right back to you.

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8 thoughts on “Rewarding Ways Review: Can You Really Earn Extra Cash?”

  1. Hi Linda, first off I just wanna say I love your website and the idea behind it. It’s great to see you still keeping the fire and coming up with such an awesome site. Kudos on that.

    About Rewarding Ways, I came across them earlier this year while searching for ways to earn but I had already signed up to over 10 GPT sites and adding another was just not gonna happen.

    Reading your review has made me realize I’m not really missing out on much. It’s the same as the other 10 I’m signed up to. Surveys, watching videos, etc.

    Personally I recommend GPT sites to people who don’t mind earning a few cents in a day. I see nothing wrong with this though. It’s still money and I’ve benefited a couple of times.

    Thanks for an awesome review. Stay blessed.

    • Hi Codjoe,

      Most GPT sites indeed have many similarities in common. But after reviewing more than a dozen, I can tell you that some work better than others. I look at things like payment options, payout thresholds, and any technical issues with how the site functions.

      There’s nothing wrong with gift cards, but I prefer to see PayPal as a payout option. Nothing really beats cash when it comes to flexibility. Low minimums are really helpful because you can see a return on your efforts sooner. And technical issues with the site can chew up a lot of time with no benefit, which means your average hourly earnings are even less.

      There are platforms like Rewarding Ways and Prize Rebel that score higher in my mind than ZoomBucks. I like being able to help people by sharing my experiences.

      I agree that there’s nothing wrong with the ability to earn a little extra cash from home. Particularly right now when many people are out of work and don’t have a lot of options,

      Thanks for the kind thoughts and for taking the time to comment!

  2. My opinion of this site is A+. What a nice place to go to where a person who is retired, disabled, raising children or unable to work for any reason can develop multiple sources of income. As a retired person, this is of great interest to me and also to refer this site to my retired friends. 

    A friend told me about ZoomBucks and I wanted to get more information, It sounds like ZoomBucks might not be my best choice.  I saw you suggested Rewarding Ways. I think I’ll check them out instead. 

    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Dwayne,

      Yes, there are a lot of ways that we can earn a bit of extra money from home. You can’t make a living on reward websites. But the extra cash often comes in handy.

      I do think that Rewarding Ways is a better option. You might also look into Prize Rebel or Offernation

      I’m glad you found the post helpful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. I am so fortunate to see to be among those seeing this article. I have been searching for ways one can earn money online, the stay at home system as a result of Covid-19. It has really deprived me from so many things, so earning online is one of the best options for me now. I love this rewarding ways, the activities to engage in to earn are really cool and they seem very simple to me. I think am going to give it a try. Am glad it’s free to join the platform.

    • Hi Sheddy,

      Making money online appealed to me long before social distancing was a thing. But, I have to agree with you that in these days of sheltering in place, earning on the Internet is even more attractive. Rewarding Ways is a cool way to make a little extra cash which is always helpful.

      But I would encourage you to also make use of this time to learn more about the process of creating a website like my own and building an online business. The current situation provides a unique opportunity for many people to expand their knowledge and acquire new skills.

      My number one recommendation is free to all Starter Members. I found this to be an eye-opening experience and I think you will also.

  4. Hello i must say that i am amazed at this website. there is so much attention to detail and this article that you have created on rewarding ways. now that i am home doing nothing, i will engage this platform and try to see what i can make out of it. thank you very much for this awesome review


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