Give Me Swagbucks for Things I Do Anyway!

Give Me Swagbucks

What I love best about this rewards program is when they give me Swagbucks for things I already do on a regular basis. No kidding! I do nothing outside of my normal routine, and I earn rewards.

Individually, the rewards are small, and I confess I wasn’t giving them a lot of thought. But recently, I added up all of the earnings I’ve received from the Swagbucks program and I was very pleasantly surprised.

There are two activities I engage in routinely from which I’ve derived most of my earnings over my membership period. I perform searches using the Swagbucks search engine, and I make purchases online. That’s it!

I joined Swagbucks almost a year ago now, and it’s been churning for me in the background all this time. My aggregate payouts are what compelled me to update the complete Swagbucks review I wrote last year.


Well, that post talks about the program’s limited potential. But it’s now hit me that even $5 per week adds up after 50 weeks!  Am I getting rich or paying the bills with Swagbucks? Obviously not! 

 And yet, $250 is a welcome gift precisely because you don’t have to do anything special to receive it.

Swagbucks is always free to join so let’s chat about how you might earn a little extra money on the side with these same activities, shall we?

Earn By Searching The Internet

Who doesn’t search the Internet today? If we have a question, whether it’s a serious issue or something trivial, we hop on the Net and look it up, right? It might be questions about foreign policy, or investment options, or directions to a local pizza parlor. Anything! We expect to find answers to all our queries, and we generally do!

So, an outstanding way to earn rewards without doing any incremental work is to make the Swagbucks search engine your default search tool. Periodically, you’ll receive notifications like the one below.

Using the Swagbucks Search Engine

Individual notifications don’t amount to much. That’s about sixteen cents. But it’s not unusual for me to receive multiple search awards a day. I’ve discovered they can accumulate over the course of months or a year.

Now, I’ll grant you I’m an avid searcher. As an affiliate and content marketer, I engage in a fair amount of research. I’m always investigating fresh blog post ideas, focus keywords, or related LSI keywords in a continuous quest to provide value to my readers and attract new visitors to my website.

There are hundreds of fabulous blogs out there that I read voraciously which leads to more querying. Naturally, I’m also compelled to check my website keyword ranking status on a frequent basis, lol!

What about you? If you also eagerly seek out information online, searching with Swagbucks might make you a few extra dollars also.

tweet-Give me Swagbucks just for searching online!Give me Swagbucks just for searching online!


Earn By Making Purchases Online Via The Swagbucks Site

Like me, do you also love the convenience of shopping online and having purchases delivered to your door? I’ll tick off just a few of the advantages I’ve discovered to shopping on the Internet.

  • No crowds to contend with
  • A far greater selection of styles, brands, size and color selection than I’ve found at any retail outlet
  • No need to waste precious time traveling to and fro
  • Queuing up in long customer service lines is over

Are you with me on this? If so, Swagbucks can be a sweet deal because you can earn bonus discounts solely from purchasing items you fully intended to buy anyway. As I build up cash rebates, I simply convert them to gift cards for my favorite online vendors like Amazon and my next purchase is cheaper.

What could be easier than that?

Amazon, JCPenney, and Walmart are just a few familiar names amongst the more than 1,500 vendors offering cash-back online shopping deals. No question, you’ll find some of your favorites listed!

Oh, and what about you travelers out there? You won’t want to miss out on deals through Priceline, Expedia, and

Give Me Swagbucks for Shopping Online

Here’s One More Effortless Way to Earn With Swagbucks


Swag Code Alert


Swag Code alerts might chew up about 35 seconds of your time, but I’m okay with that. 

 To receive alerts, you have to download a free browser extension called a Swag Button. Can I be honest here? This one is more about fun than making much money.

The alerts are random and only good for brief periods. You spot the alert, click on a link, and quickly copy and paste the code to earn anywhere from 2 to 6 SBs. I have to chuckle as I do this but I bite every time anyway.

There Are a Few More Ways to Make Some Cash With Swagbucks

My earlier review details 9 ways to earn with Swagbucks and because we’re all different, you may want to investigate them all, Some of them, like taking surveys, are just not my cup of tea. Then again, if you like making a few bucks for your opinions, Swagbucks is one of the better survey sites. I’ll leave that one up to you!


Join Swagbucks for FREE Now


Final Thoughts

Here’s my take on the Swagbucks reward program having experienced membership for a while now. If they want to give me Swagbucks for stuff I already do, I’m happy to accept and enjoy the benefits. You can’t make a lot of money with the program, but your rewards definitely accumulate over time.

And hey, who doesn’t enjoy a free gift now and again!

If you can earn effortlessly, why not bank your cash rebates for the holidays or a special treat? A free account is something of a no-brainer!

Now, if you’re interested in making real money online, you may want to follow my lead and investigate the online marketing platform called Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers far more upside potential because you can build an online business as I have. I joined WA a year ago through a FREE Starter Membership and have never looked back.

Give me a shout in the comment section below if I can answer any questions for you. We’d all love to hear about your Swagbucks experiences if you’ve already joined.

Will you also do me a favor and share these helpful tips with friends and family members who may also be interested in a little bonus cash?

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8 thoughts on “Give Me Swagbucks for Things I Do Anyway!”

  1. Linda,
    Thanks for a really interesting and informative article about using Swagbucks to get rewarded for things you are doing anyway. It is a neat idea and I had not heard of the program prior to reading this review. I like that you point out that although the rewards may seem small they can quickly add up and you will be surprised at the amount you make. I will definitely be signing up for a free account.

    • Hi Fran,

      Glad to hear this was of interest and you’re going to try it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Now, once you’ve squirreled a bit of cash away, be sure to treat yourself to something fun, OK? 🙂

      I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Hi Linda,

    I came across Swagbucks sometime ago as recommended by a friend. I believe one could earn some extra income through Swagbucks. But I was unable to balance between my time on this and my daily blogging business, so I quit after some months. Maybe, I would like to try it again in the future when I have more time and am less occupied with other things. I believe we can earn enough for our holiday trip once a year, at least. Not bad.



    • Hi Kipps,

      I completely understand not wanting to get involved with specific Swagbucks activities that require a time investment. When I first joined, I tried everything to get a sense of how the program worked. I quickly decided to pass on things like watching videos, taking surveys or playing games. Unless you enjoy such activities, and I don’t, trading time for minimal compensation does not appeal to me. I prefer to spend my time on my online business which is a far more lucrative endeavor. That said, I’ve pointed out the ways you can accumulate earnings without investing incremental time. You might want to consider that possibility.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. Thank you for the post on Swagbucks. I had some familiarity with Swagbucks having used them while searching in the past, but I didn’t stick with it, primarily because the individual amounts were so small. I appreciate your post for helping me to see the big picture and how all those searches can add up over time. I don’t know how I hadn’t thought of that myself.

    • Hi Christopher,

      You’re right. The individual amounts are small. I was surprised myself at the accumulation for searching and online purchase rebates. The realization prompted me to update my Swagbucks review and get others thinking about this opportunity.

      I appreciate your comments.

  4. Thank you for this very informative article! I was a member a year or two ago, but dropped it because it was not doing anything for me. I guess I wasn’t doing things right. Now that I search more, the tip on making SB your default search engine seems like a no-brainer! Thank you.

    • Hi Irma,
      I can understand how you might be ready to write Swagbucks off if you’re looking to earn quickly because it takes a while. The secret is to just let them build in the background as you go about your normal business. I do a lot of searching and I’m also an avid online shopper so over time it’s worked well for me. Thanks for stopping by!


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