Is TopCashBack a Legit Opportunity to Make Some Money?

Do you find yourself doing a lot of shopping on the Internet these days? TopCashback is one of many sites that claim to offer benefits for online shoppers. But, is TopCashback a legit program? Can you really make some money with this website?

All the stats show that most of us are increasingly turning to the Internet to meet our shopping needs. And, why not? Our favorite vendors all have online stores with better selections than local retail outlets, and the convenience of shopping from home is amazing!

So, finding a legitimate way to make buying goods and services on the Internet even sweeter makes a lot of sense, right? Earning rebates and rewards on purchase transactions, we’re going to make anyway feels like a savvy consumer decision. Moreover, TopCashback offers a couple of ways to make a little extra money beyond the basic rebates.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of TopCashback to see if it has benefits for you!

What is and How Can You Benefit?

The website is an online portal that offers cash rebates and other attractive deals and discount coupons to consumers who purchase goods and services through the site. This program has been around a while which is always comforting.

After several years of successful operations in the UK, TopCashback launched in the US and Canada in 2011. Membership has grown to 8 million worldwide, and consumer reviews are generally extremely positive.

TopCashback partners with more than 4,300 merchants which ensures a broad selection of stores and products in multiple categories. Cashback rebate offers appear to range from 1 – 30% depending on the merchant and the program claims to offer the highest rates available (in fact they guarantee the highest rates).

The program is completely free to join and use. The website is also very user-friendly, and I find it easy to navigate and browse the offerings.

The menu bar below gives you a feel for the breadth of product categories.

What is

The inclusion of Gift Cards is a pleasant surprise. And, I know I’ll be perusing the Travel offers for my upcoming vacation.

Create a Free TopCashback Account Now

How Do You Earn Money With TopCashback?

To begin making some money with TopCashback, you need to create your free account. Just click the button above, and you can be rolling in less than a minute because all you need is an email address and a password.

Once you have an account, you are only 3 simple steps away from earning some extra cash for doing nothing more than shopping online. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? As a quick aside, there’s really no reason to ever pay full price for your purchases.

How can I make that statement?

If you’re new to online shopping portals, TopCashback is an excellent place to get started. I know you’ll appreciate both the variety of offers and the cashback percentages on this site. But, if for some reason your favorite online store isn’t available or you simply want to check out the competition, there are many similar programs.

You may also want to explore Ebates or Swagbucks. Another option is Ibotta which has both online and in-store deals including some exceptional grocery store deals.

But let’s get back to TopCashback and your 3-step earning process.

Browse TopCashback Retailers and OffersStep 1 – Browse TopCashback Offers and Merchants

This site is jam-packed with deals. But, they make it easy to surf around and ferret out the best rebates to meet your personal needs.

You can browse by category using the menu bar, search participating merchants from A – Z, or just type your favorite retailer into the search bar.

TopCashback - Search Merchants A - Z

As an example, here are a few sample offers available as of the date of this post:

Sample TopCashback Offers Currently Available

Shop With TopCashback VendorsStep 2 – Select an Offer That Appeals to You and Shop With That Vendor

Notice the hot pick “Cashback” buttons in the image above. When you find an offer that interests you, all you have to do is click the associated button. These buttons are hot links that will immediately redirect you to the retailer’s online store.

From there, just shop exactly as you normally would. Clicking the pink button sets a cookie that tracks your activity and any purchases you decide to complete. Easy-peasy!

You do need to take note of any restrictions. For example, the cashback offer may not apply equally to all departments within the store. So, read the terms carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Don’t forget to maximize your earnings by paying attention to any coupons that are sometimes available in addition to cashback rebates. Remember to enter the coupon codes at checkout. Here’s an example of a vendor offering coupons:

Sample TopCashback Offer with Coupons

Earn Cashback Rewards through the TopCashback PortalStep 3 – Earn Cash Back

TopCashback is an affiliate of all the companies featured on their website. They earn commissions for sending traffic to these partner organizations when members complete transactions. The commissions are then passed through and credited to member accounts.

Unlike similar sites like Ebates that share a portion of affiliate revenue, TopCashback shares 100% of their affiliate commissions. They can do this because they make their profits through displaying advertising banners and by earning bonuses for the volume of leads they generate.

Expect to see your “pending” earnings in your account within about 7 days. But, the cash won’t be available for withdrawal for several weeks. Virtually all online vendors have a window for returns. Therefore, commissions are not processed until the return period lapses.

Once TopCashback is paid, your earnings become eligible for withdrawal.

TopCashback represents a legitimate opportunity to earn a little extra cash in the form of savings on your online purchases. The process is very straightforward and requires minimal effort or time. Hence, I feel that it is worthwhile to take advantage of these types of programs.

That said, the earnings potential is clearly limited because in most instances you must spend money to make money and your earnings are a fraction of your spending. Although, I have identified 3 ways to make some limited side income without spending any money.

3 Ways to Make Money Without a Purchase

(1) Complete Free Offers

Occasionally, you can earn small amounts for joining websites, responding to consumer questionnaires, or signing up for free trials. Free trials invariably require you to provide a credit card. So, be very cautious if you pursue this route. Make sure you mark your calendar and cancel the trial before your credit card is charged.

(2) Bonuses for Gift Card Payout Options

In a moment, we’ll talk in more depth about withdrawing your TopCashback earnings. You have several options. If you choose to take your earnings in the form of an Amazon or American Express Rewards gift card, you’ll receive a bonus of 3% extra cash.

(3) Referrals

TopCashback has a referral program. If you like the TopCashback program, you can share your referral link with friends, family members, or social media followers. You can earn $10 for each individual that signs up through your referral link and goes on to earn at least $10 in cashback rewards.

We’re still not talking about earning enough money to pay the bills. But, TopCashback is a legit opportunity to earn some pocket money for little extras like dinners out or trips to the movie theater.

Number One Recommendation for Making Money Online

How Do You Get Paid?

I really like the flexibility of TopCashback’s payment options, and it’s hard to beat their minimum payout threshold of $.01. As discussed above, your earnings are not payable until TopCashback gets paid by merchants (which seems to take an average of 14 weeks).

After earning a rebate, you can track the progress through the “My Dashboard” component of your account. Watch your earnings move from pending to confirmed and ultimately payable. Once you achieve payable status, click Payout in the menu bar and choose one of these options:

  • PayPal
  • ACH Deposit
  • Gift Card
  • American Express Rewards Card
  • Gift Cards from 13 other retailers including Walmart, Target, Petco, and Barnes & Nobles

Is TopCashback a Legit Rebate Program?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, in a sea of similar programs it appears to be one of the best for the following reasons:

  • A vast select of merchants (4.300 +)
  • High cashback rates relative to other rebate sites
  • Flexible payout options
  • A minimum payout threshold of $.01
  • A generous referral program that offers $10 per referral (once the individual referred earns $10 in cash back)

I highly recommend trying this program for anyone who shops online. Why pay full price for merchandise if you don’t have to, right? We can all find ways to use the extra money that we save!

Create a Free TopCashback Account Now

Once again, the earnings potential is attractive but limited. Some of you may prefer to follow the path I took and learn how to start a profitable blog. Two years ago, I got my start by creating a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate, and I’ve never looked back! I invite you to join me in an exciting online venture!

Over to You

Have you used TopCashback? If so, what have your experiences been? Are there other cashback websites that you prefer? Please drop me a line in the comment section below and don’t forget to include any questions you may still have about TopCashback. I’ll get back to you promptly!

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10 thoughts on “Is TopCashBack a Legit Opportunity to Make Some Money?”

  1. I just finished reading your review of Top Cashback.

    As a retired individual I am always looking for ways to save money and your article was very helpful in this regard.

    I have read many reviews on this subject, but I had never heard of Top Cashback before. You explained it perfectly.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Howard,

      Glad to hear you found my TopCashback review helpful. As a retiree myself, I’ve found that rewards and rebate programs can really help put some cash back in your wallet. I belong to several similar sites but can honestly say that TopCashback is one of the better websites of this type.

      Enjoy and thanks for commenting!

  2. I was totally ignorant about TopCashBack. Actually, I am fond of shopping online and always prefer Amazon. It’s really nice that TopCashBack allows us to shop with our regular vendor. After reading your article, I learnt that my shopping can help me now to earn money.
    I appreciate your thorough explanation of TopCashBack. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Apoorva,

      I have to agree with you wholeheartedly on all counts 🙂 I love the convenience of shopping online and having my purchases delivered right to the door. And, I’m a huge fan of Amazon. They have everything, don’t they?

      I always use cash back sites these days to save money. In fact, I have Amazon rebates pending right now that I anticipate TopCashback will be releasing for payment any day now. I recommend the program highly and I hope you enjoy using it.

      Thanks for dropping in and taking the time to comment!

  3. This seems like a good thing. I mean there is nothing to lose as this program is free to join and on top of getting money back on your purchases you can make money as well.
    These kinds of programs are getting more and more common and not only for Internet shops. I know a supermarket chain in Germany having a cashback program like this and also a Ferry company trafficking Denmark and Sweden and Denmark and Germany. I often shop online so I do think this could be of use for me.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Jojo,

      Thanks for chiming in and sharing your impressions. I have to agree that there is no downside to using a legitimate cashback program such as TopCashback. As you point out it’s free to join. It also requires very little time investment to use the platform. I’m glad to hear this program may be of use to you.

      Happy savings!

  4. Hi, Thanks so much for posting this useful information. I have used a competing cashback site before but I felt it was not too great. It just seemed to take ages and you had to buy a lot to make small amounts of money.

    However top cashback looks a whole lot different. I certainly like the idea of being able to do trials and free offers to get cashback. I also like the idea of getting paid via Paypal.

    Does top cashback pay on time?

    Thanks again for this information, I will certainly go take a look and probably join too!! Every little bit I helps these days!

    • Hi Darrin,

      TopCashback definitely pays its members but there is a lag between your purchase and when funds are available for withdrawal. Typically rebates are confirmed in 7 days but it can take as long as 14 weeks before rebates become payable, It depends on the vendor and how quickly TopCashback receives their commission. Once your rebate reaches payable status you can withdraw it immediately and should see the funds in your PayPal account the next day. I do find that payment is quicker than with other similar sites because the minimum payout threshold is so low.

      I’m glad to hear you plan to join TopCashback. I think you’ll find it worthwhile. Good luck and thanks for commenting!

  5. Hi, Linda although I have some ways to go before I retire I think this creates great awareness for people wanting to supplement their income. I too have been looking for different ways to make money so I am ready to try Top cashback. It sounds very interesting, Thank you for this :).
    I like how you explain everything in detail and give your honest review of it for others to see.

    • Hi Viviana,

      I hope TopCashback works out well for you. You won’t be getting rich but it definitely can make a positive difference and improve your lifestyle. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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