7 Pet Supply Affiliate Programs to Partner With That Will Make You Money

Few things are more rewarding than working from home and following your passions as a blogger and affiliate marketer. So, investigating pet supply affiliate programs is a wise first step for the fur-baby lovers amongst us.

I think looking at affiliate programs gives prospective marketers a broader sense of available options and possibilities. Moreover, for individuals exploring the idea of a pet-related blog, reviewing the offerings of these vendors can be highly beneficial in myriad ways.

The American Pet Products Association tells us that Americans spent a whopping $72.56 billion on our precious animals in 2018. A big chunk of this money was spent on purchasing various products online. So, I think it’s fair to say that partnering with online pet supply vendors could be extremely lucrative!

Be aware that the size of the pet industry creates tons of interest and drives the proliferation of affiliate websites devoted to household pet matters. Am I pointing out the competitive landscape to in any way discourage you from starting a pet blog?

Heck, no!

Daily, millions of pet parents head to the Internet in search of information, answers to worrisome questions, and innovative products.  Why? Because the health, general well-being, and comfort of the furry members of our family are paramount.

Your task is to identify a specific group of pet lovers who are struggling to find the targeted answers they crave. Armed with that knowledge, you can proceed to build a blog with the interests of this audience in mind.

So, let’s first take a further look at some affiliate programs you might use to monetize a pet blog, shall we? Secondly,  we’ll address some all-important next steps in the process of making money with such information.

How to Make Real Money Online

7 Pet Supply Affiliate Programs to Consider

Here’s a list of 7 top affiliate programs including links to obtain further information and other relevant factors about each program. Note that I didn’t compile the list in any particular order.

(1) Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs CourseBrain Training for Dogs is an online, science-based dog training course developed by certified dog trainer Adrienne Farricelli. The entire course consists of seven modules ranging from “preschool” to “Einstein” level. Additionally, you get a massive archive of information on dog behavioral issues, a forum for posing questions, and personal support.

Moreover, the program is innovative and based on 21 games that develop and release your dog’s natural intelligence, thereby improving both obedience and behavior. The price of the course is $47, and it comes with a full 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

This training course is a ClickBank product and boasts excellent reviews. Affiliates receive a commission of 75% for referrals that result in course sales. Affiliates receive a resource toolkit that includes promotional videos, free giveaways, banners, and even a list of relevant long-tail keywords. You can sign up for the affiliate program here.

Website: BrainTraining4Dogs.com

(2) ChewyChewy,com

Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and a plethora of other pet-related supplies including healthcare products that was founded in 2011. PetSmart acquired Chewy in May 2017 for $3.65 billion. The company’s mission is to establish long-term customer relationships.

Chewy has a unique affiliate commission structure. They pay affiliates a flat $15 fee for each new customer referred with a 15-day cookie window. There is no commission for existing customers. Partnerize administers the affiliate program. Click here to apply for the affiliate program,

Website: Chewy.com

(3) Petco

Petco is a retailer that sells more than 10K different pet supplies many of which are unique and hard to find items. It was founded in 1965 as a mail-order business that sold veterinary supplies. So it’s been around for a while.

Petco has supplies for all types of household animals including small pets like bunnies, hamsters, and gerbils. For instance, you can find safe habitats and accessories to stimulate your favorite little creatures.

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission depending on the products sold. CJ Affiliate by Conversant administers the program. Sign up for the affiliate program here.

Petco Affiliate Program

Website: Petco.com

(4) Fitbark, Inc.

Fitbark Activity Tracker

Fitbark launched in 2015 and sells a collar sensor and app that lets you monitor your dog’s activity, sleep, and eating habits. Fitbit inspired this gadget, and the mission is to help dogs and owners get fit together. Obesity is a significant health issue for domestic dogs. So, an activity tracker has merit.

Affiliates earn 12% per sale for these wearable devices, and there’s a 60-day cookie. ShareASale administers Fitbark’s affiliate program. Here’s the link to become an affiliate.

Website: Fitbark.com

(5) Pet Plate

Pet Plate Subscription BoxPet Plate started in early 2016 and provides a daily meal subscription service for your pampered pooch. Food is of human quality with no additives as designed by a vet nutritionist and arrives frozen. The needs and size of your doggo determine the meals prepared with daily prices ranging from a low of $2.50 (small dog) to a high of $19 (XL dog).

Affiliates earn a $50 commission on each sale, and your referrals get a 50% discount on their first order. ShareASale administers the program, and you can sign up as an affiliate here.

Website: PetPlat.com

(6) Ruffwear

Ruffwear offers rugged performance gear for canine athletes who engage in outdoor adventures with their human companions. They sell harnesses, leashes, apparel, life jackets, boots, and a lot more. The standard order exceeds $85.

Affiliates earn an 8% commission on every referral sale with a 30-day cookie duration. AvantLink handles the affiliate program, and you can join Ruffwear as an affiliate here.

Ruffwear Affiliate Program

Website: Ruffwear.com

(7) Amazon

It doesn’t make sense to exclude Amazon from a discussion of affiliate programs because they offer a fantastic array of pet products. Offerings include essential items like food for all furry, feathered, and finned domestic companions. But they also sell a vast variety of cages, bedding, and apparel for the comfort and convenience of our cuddly friends.

Per the Amazon Associates standard fee schedule, pet products earn commissions of 8%. With all Amazon referrals, the cookie duration is 24 hours. Although Amazon’s cookie life tends to be shorter than that of most vendors, you do receive a commission on any purchase made by your referral during the cookie period.

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Affiliate Marketing: It Works!

Affiliate marketing is a brilliant business model that you can apply to pet supplies or any field of interest. As online commerce activities explode in popularity, so too does affiliate marketing.  In fact, a study shows that 81% of online sales involve an affiliate,

Check out this How Affiliate Marketing Works Infographic to get a sense of the simplicity of the model:

How Affiliate Marketing Works Infographic

Investigating affiliate partnership opportunities is just a preliminary task on your road to building an affiliate marketing niche website. As mentioned above, you will want to drill down and identify a narrow pet focus based on keyword research. For example, honing in on specific breeds and even concerns for that breed can be beneficial.

Here’s some food for thought. The domain name TrainingYourLabrador.com is available for purchase. And, this list of long-tail keywords might inspire some useful content creating.

Training Your Labrador Keyword List


I bet you’re here today to learn more about pet supply affiliate programs because you’ve been on the fence about this affiliate marketing thing for some time now. Am I right?

Plunging into something new can be a little scary. I get that!

But I hope you don’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back from pursuing your dreams. And the fact is, you can squelch some of that fear today by finding answers to your most pressing “unknowns.”

A starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is a zero-risk approach to getting enough information about affiliate marketing to make an informed decision. Above all. learn how it could impact your future. Hence, I encourage you to hop off the affiliate marketing fence and learn what you can about this exciting activity.

Over to You

If you have additional pet supply affiliate programs to recommend, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. I always enjoy hearing from my readers!

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10 thoughts on “7 Pet Supply Affiliate Programs to Partner With That Will Make You Money”

  1. This is a very useful post, even though my website is about cats, not dogs. I know some of those companies also sell cat products, and I am always looking for new sources. Your post is very informative, and gives me a bunch of ideas. Thanks!

    • Hi Fran,
      Yes, some of these suppliers including Petco, Chewy, and Amazon offer a great line of products tailored for cats. I also noted with Interest that Pet Plate is currently developing a line of cat food that they hope to offers soon. Good luck with your cat site. Take all those ideas and run with them 🙂

  2. These are some great affiliate programs for pets you’ve shared! I have started with Wealthy Affiliate recently with a different niche, and I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate for the way they break down their training so that any dumbo such as myself can build their own website and monetise it with ease. My next website will be pets and I love some of these programs you’ve shared, thank you!

    • Hi Josie,

      I’m thrilled you’re having a great experience with WA. The affiliate marketing business model is a brilliant one that’s pretty easy to understand and implement with some proper training. WA’s approach is highly supportive, and I agree that it can work for anyone who has the determination to succeed.

      With more than 50 million pet parents out there, a pet-related niche is attractive. Just be sure to adhere to WA’s training and hone in on a particular target audience. Your keyword research will be essential in identifying pet owners whose needs are not necessarily being well-met today. Fortunately, as a member of WA, you have free access to Jaaxy which is one of the best SEO tools on the planet.

      Good luck with your online business and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I don’t run a pet based website myself but a good friend of mine started one up about six months ago – I know that this resource is going to be a big help to her (as she’s only using Amazon for pet related affiliate products at the moment!). 

    Can most of these companies be used by affiliates in the UK as well as the US?

    • Hi Chris,

      Some of these programs are limited to the US. But both Petco and Ruffwear have UK operations. And since Brain Training 4 Dogs is an online course, it should be available to anyone in the world with a stable Internet connection. Amazon offers a wide variety of quality, pet-related products. In my opinion, their Associate’s program is invariably a good choice for new affiliate marketers.  But it’s also good to branch out and explore other options.

      I hope you will share this information with your pet loving friend. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. Linda, I was unaware that there were so many affiliate programs available for dogs. My niche is also about a fur baby. Much larger than dogs though. Horses! The first affiliate program I linked to was of course Amazon. I have made a small amount of money with it though. 

    Overall your article is very good. For recruiting, helps to show people the potential of affiliate marketing. If I wasn’t already involved, it is compelling enough that I would definitely have a closer look into it. 


    • Hi Sonny,

      I have a 32-year old quarter horse myself who’s been part of the family for more than 25 years. So, I regularly toy with creating a horse-related blog. I’ve learned a lot about caring for an aging horse, and I believe there’s an audience for a lot of that information I wanted to make sure you’re aware that Chewy offers an extensive line of high-quality equine products.

      Thanks for chiming in and good luck with your horse blog! 

  5. This is one of my favorite online niches and having a couple of dogs to boot, I know the power of affiliate marketing that is available for anyone to tap into. I think the seven options that you have listed are all ones that I would also work with, they are strong operations with quality products and you can make money promoting them.

    Of the ones you have listed, there are two that are new to me. Pet PLate and Ruff Wear are ones that are new to me. I will be adding these both to my affiliate program as these are viable and I think there is a lot of commissions to be made. I also try to stick with items that research has shown to be very popular over promoting all the products they may sell (this seems to work).

    I approach this a little differently than some affiliate marketers too. I also have a drop-shipping store and in the blog posts we promote our own listed products and we send readers off to various locations to buy products we are getting a commission on. This way we get valuable content and products in front of the readers and shoppers and they tend to come back and shop with us again and again.

    From one fur lover to another I thank you for this useful post that is going to help me add some more good products that we write about and get our faithful customers to check out and hopefully buy!

    • Hi Dave,

      You make an excellent point here about partnering with organizations that have quality products. The last thing we want to do as affiliate marketers is to promote questionable products or companies. There’s no quicker way to lose credibility or the trust of our viewers.

      I enjoyed my research on Pet Plate and Ruffwear because they were new to me also. I included them in the list because they represent highly targeted and unique affiliation opportunities.

      Your business model sounds like a fascinating one. I appreciate your insights and wish you continued success!


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