Can You Really Make Money With Survey Savvy? Is it Legit?

Is Survey Savvy Legit

Time is precious for all of us, right? So, it makes a lot of sense to investigate Internet sites before joining. Is Survey Savvy legit? Is there any evidence that Survey Savvy might be a scam? Finally, Is Survey Savvy a good way to make some extra cash online?

These are all perfectly reasonable questions to ask before you invest any time and effort in an activity. And, I’m happy to answer all of these questions in today’s post.

You want answers! So, let’s get right to it.

What is Survey Savvy?

Luth Research BBB RatingSurvey Savvy is a well-established market research survey site that was launched in 1999 and has millions of members. This website is owned and operated by Luth Research LLC which Is a market research organization headquartered in California. Luth Research has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

There is no question that Survey Savvy is a legitimate survey site. You can join Survey Savvy for free, and you can rest assured that this program is not a scam. As is true of virtually all survey sites, you will find complaints from disgruntled survey takers, but that doesn’t mean it’s a scam operation.

Many companies are eager for consumer opinions from people just like yourself. The whole purpose of organizations like Survey Savvy is to connect companies with individuals who meet certain demographic criteria. Therefore, be sure to update your profile and complete any additional portrait surveys that provide further insights into your personal interests and characteristics.

How Survey Savvy Works

Survey Savvy regularly receives new survey requests from their clients. These clients stipulate a targeted demographic group based on the nature of their product or service. That makes sense, right? For example, why would a company marketing a product for new mothers be interested in feedback from a baby boomer like me?

If your profile data meets client specifications, you will receive a survey invite via email. You’ll want to respond to your invite fairly quickly because surveys tend to fill up. But, an invite doesn’t necessarily guarantee your ability to complete a survey.

Now we get to the aspect of survey taking that drives me crazy and why I can’t honestly recommend Survey Savvy as a great way to make money online. You will now spend several minutes answering in-depth questions to assess further whether you are a good fit for the survey at hand.

If your responses are acceptable, you can now complete the actual survey questions and receive a small amount of compensation (generally $.50 to $2). The challenging (read discouraging) element of survey taking comes into play when you get disqualified and receive no compensation for your efforts.

It makes me nuts!

Survey Savvy does attempt to minimize the sting of disqualification somewhat by entering you into a drawing with a $10 prize, but the reality is that you’re competing with a lot of other “disqualified” members and you’re chance of winning are slight.

That said, I know many people really enjoy completing surveys. They’ll work on them as they watch their favorite TV shows or maybe as they wait in the Doctor’s office. If you’re a survey fan, there are a couple of reasons why you might want to select Survey Savvy as one of your survey site options.

I recommend signing up with more than one site because there will be times when there simply aren’t any surveys available. It’s a supply and demand thing, and there will be times when particular sites don’t have anything available for you.

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Survey Savvy Pros

1) This site has the lowest minimum payout I’ve seen. You can request payment with a balance of $1 in your account. With many survey sites, you have to earn $25 to $30 before you can get paid. That can be a tough threshold to meet. I know I have small balance littered all over the Internet that I will probably never collect.

2) Survey Savvy doesn’t deal with points or gift cards as many similar programs do but rather real cash. I personally have no objection at all to gift cards from major online vendors like Amazon. But I know that many folks prefer hard cash.

3) Many sites restrict membership to certain countries or geographic areas, but Survey Savvy accepts members from all over the globe.

4) Their two-tiered referral program is potentially a lucrative one if you’re able to refer friends, family, or social media followers.You’ll earn from both direct and indirect referrals which could be beneficial.

5) SavvyConnect – Savvy Survey is offering a relatively new promotion for US members called SavvyConnect. You can download the software and install it on your Windows desktop or IOS/Android mobile devices.

SavvyConnect collects data about your web browsing activities for use in market research. You can earn $5 per month for up to 3 installed devices. I confess I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable having my web browsing activities monitored. So, I understand someone opting out of this tool.

Know that SavvyConnect is optional and you can still participate in surveys.

Here’s what Savvy Survey’s site has to say about this tool:

“The SavvyConnect application tracks web behaviors and browsing activities. This information is kept in strict confidentiality. Our respondents’ privacy and data security is our first priority, and we enforce best in class security technology and practices to ensure rigorous data protection. We use the information we collect through the software to identify online trends, and we share this information with our customers and partners.”


Survey Savvy Cons (and Complaints)

1) You’ll read a lot of complaints about failing to qualify and continuously getting booted out of surveys after wasting a bunch of time with the preliminary questions. Survey Savvy doesn’t appear to do a good job of pre-qualification. Would you like to find a site where you’re able to complete every survey you start?

Sounds good, right? I recommend trying Paid ViewPoint.

2) Where are the survey offers? Yes, there’s variability on every survey platform, and surveys are based on your profile. However, this site doesn’t seem to offer more than a handful of opportunities per week. Looking for more surveys? Two sites I encourage you to try are Swagbucks and Qmee.

3) Yes, Survey Savvy pays in cash and the minimum payout of $1 is super. But they only pay by snail mail. Really? A check in the mail takes forever (4 to 12 weeks). A site that doesn’t offer PayPal or Direct Deposit is very unusual, and I can’t say I like it or understand this choice. They do pay. Just very slowly!

4) Survey taking is the only activity you can complete with Survey Savvy which limits your earnings potential through this program. As mentioned above, you can download SurveyConnect and earn a bit if you’re comfortable with the monitoring of your browsing habits.

But I admit, I prefer a more robust site like Swagbucks where I can complete other tasks for points like surfing the Internet with their search engine, watching videos, or earning cash back for shopping online at some of my favorite sites.

Final Thoughts

Survey taking is a prevalent way to earn a bit of extra spending money on the Web to supplement your income. I know a lot of seniors and many younger folks as well who enjoy expressing their opinions for compensation. Unfortunately, there aren’t any survey sites where you can earn enough to support any kind of lifestyle

I was looking for a lot more. And, I’m thrilled to report I found it 2 years ago when I stumbled upon a fantastic online community with all the training and resources I needed to build my website. If you’re dreaming of more than a few extra dollars each month, I invite you to read this post on everything my global community has to offer.

But, is Survey Savvy Legit and a potential source of a few extra bucks a month? Yes, it’s not going to be a big money maker for you, but it’s a reputable website.

We’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts

Are you someone who enjoys completing surveys and sharing your opinions? Have you tried Survey Savvy? Are there other survey sites you would recommend? Please, drop a line in the comment section below! I respond to every comment!

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2 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money With Survey Savvy? Is it Legit?”

  1. Thanks Linda, for your thoughts on Survey Savvy, and others. I am just getting fed up with surveys and their scamming people by not paying, and blocking you out when you are about to finish the surveys. Toluna is particularly bad on this. I was looking for a Survey Savvy Review before joining. Your blog is very helpful.

    • Hi Lanu,
      It sounds like you and I have a similar mindset regarding surveys, Frankly, they’re just not my cup of tea. The repetitive nature of the questions is tedious. I join every site I review and spend time on the platform to form my opinion. When I joined Survey Savvy I decided to keep a running tally of how many times I was asked for basic data like age, gender, race, and household income. In the first two days, I answered those questions 15 times. In several cases, I was asked 2 or 3 times within the same survey. I’m sorry but I just don’t have the patience for that 🙂

      Blogging is so much more rewarding financially and on many other levels. I prefer to spend my time growing my blog and participating in Wealthy Affiliate where I can learn new skills,

      Thanks for sharing your impressions!


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