Squishy Cash Review: Make Money and Have Fun Doing It?

Welcome to my insider’s Squishy Cash review!

I can’t deny that I’m easily sucked in by websites that promise free cash for simple tasks. I think a lot of us feel the same way, don’t we? And, if it’s also going to be fun, I’m hooked.

It did occur to me that using the word “Squishy” on a site that needs to convince us we’ll be paid for the activities we complete seemed like an odd choice. On the other hand, the platform’s been around since 2007, which is a pretty good run.

So, I decided to take a chance and join. I like to “kick the tires” and try things out for myself. Moreover, the home page talks about 8 ways to make money, which appealed to me.

There are many reward websites on the Internet. But some are definitely better than others. Furthermore, some programs are best avoided altogether. So, it’s always wise to read some recent reviews before you plunge into something you may regret.

Hint: This website may be one of those regrettable choices!

Let’s dive right in as I share my experiences and impressions regarding Squishy Cash, shall we?

Squishy Cash Review At A Glance

What is SquishyCash.comProduct Name:  Squishy Cash

Product Type:  GPT (Get-Paid-To) Website

Website:  SquishyCash.com

Price:  Free

Summary:   SquishyCash.com is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that purports to reward members for performing simple tasks such as completing offers, taking surveys, clicking on advertisements, and referring friends. Unfortunately, the site has not been updated in years and is no longer a good choice.

My Rating:  1 out of 5

Recommended?:  No, not even for those only interested in earning a few extra bucks each month.

What is SquishyCash.com?

SquishyCash.com is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that purports to reward members for performing simple tasks such as completing offers, taking surveys, clicking on advertisements, and referring friends. SLB Marketing, an Internet marketing, and web design firm in Henderson Nevada, launched Squishy Cash in 2007.

Consumer rewards sites of this type are plentiful on the Internet.  In general, these platforms serve the vital function of bringing together brands that need consumer feedback with individuals who like sharing their opinions and also generating a side income.

Squishy Cash earns fees from vendors who are interested in both advertising their products and improving offerings with the help of customer insights. A portion of the fees earned is then shared with users of the platform. No one is making a living on GPT sites, but they are a popular source of a little extra side income.

The Squish Cash platform reports total members of 200 thousand and cash payouts of a little less than $350 thousand.

Squishy Cash Stats

How Does Squishy Cash Work?

Anyone 18 or older can join Squishy Cash for free. It’s open to people from all countries, but most offers are only available to US residents. I found the sign-up process to be a bit more involved than similar sites. In addition to an email address, you must also provide a physical mailing address.

The postal address requirement may be because Squishy Cash is “old school” and still offers checks as a form of payment. But I suspect it’s just another manifestation of this portal’s failure to update and adapt to the more streamlined practices of its competitors.

Even before completing the registration process, I was not impressed by the cluttered appearance and dated user interface on this website. And, the auto-generated welcoming message I received after joining served only to increase my concerns.

The one positive thing I noted was a $3 sign-up bonus. I also received 5 Chips. Chips are the proprietary currency awarded for the completion of specific tasks. Chips have a conversion value of 1 cent and can be used toward gift cards  500 Chips are convertible into a $5 gift card to Amazon, Target, Starbucks, or several other popular websites.

You can request a cash withdrawal through PayPal, Payza, Dwolla, or by check once the balance in your account reaches $15. But frankly, based on tasks available, I don’t expect to see that opportunity. Earning a gift card may be possible. Cash can be converted to Chips ($1 = 100 Chips) to reach the gift card minimum of 500 Chips.

Immediate Red Flags ObservedSquishy Cash Red Flags

The date on my welcoming message advising me of the “new and exciting” things going on at SC right now has a date of 3/26/2007 at 9:57 pm. The communication also attempted to give me peace of mind as to the legitimacy of the program by directing me to a proof of payment forum.

At first blush, there does seem to be a lot of forum activity. But I quickly noted that the latest date of posting was 2017 and the vast majority of entries were back in 2007 and 2008, Is this seriously supposed to be comforting? 🙂

Let me be brutally honest and state that things deteriorated even further from there!

On closer inspection, it seems the “8 distinct ways” of making money was always somewhat misleading given that 3 of the ways (Free Offers, Free Trials, and Offer Walls) are variations on the same theme. I was directed to New Offers and quickly discovered there weren’t any,

There are also no Contests at this time nor any ‘Paid to Click’ ads. Squishy does still partner with a number of survey sites. A few are even reputable survey providers, but many are not. In an industry where pay is notoriously low, the SC surveys are particularly low paying compared to other sites I use.

I was finally able to complete a survey that supposedly pays 50 cents. However, 24 hours later, the funds are not showing in my account. To be fair, there are crediting delays on many survey sites. But after using two highly reputable GPT sites recently, Rewarding Ways and Inbox Dollars, I’m used to seeing almost immediate crediting of earnings.

Beware of Squishy Cash Offers

I’m always cautious of Offers on any GPT site. Vendors are after all trying to sell you stuff, and if you’re not careful, there may be unintended consequences. But, I think SC takes those concerns to a whole new level. There are very few opportunities to try out interesting products or services or to purchase at a nice discount.

The vast majority of SC offers are 50 cents to subscribe to a promotion or contest.  Even though I’m very leary of these, I did decide to check out an offer that purported to be from Dick’s Sporting Goods. As a golfer, I frequent Dick’s semi-regularly. So, how bad could this be, right?

Squishy Cash Sample Offers

Boy, was I wrong! The contents of the Offer had nothing to do with Dick’s. Rather, there was page after page of promotions for Insurance, debt repair, banking products, and the like. My email is now deluged with spammy advertisements! And, just to rub salt in the wound, I didn’t receive my 50 cents.

Referral Program

There’s a lot of evidence that the referral program was always a key area of focus. It’s the first thing mentioned in my welcoming email before any other way to make money is addressed. The program has elements of a multi-level marketing scheme where you’re encouraged to refer your friends and create your “downline,”

You earn 25% of everything your direct referrals make on the platform and a small percentage of what their referrals earn until you get 5 levels deep. I literally read a statement that I could begin making “tons of money” by promoting the site. But, if you read the stats above, I think you’ll agree it’s not working well for them.

As just one example, Inbox Dollars has 101 million members as compared to Squish Cash’s 200 thousand members.

Is Squishy Cash a Legitimate Platform?

IThumbs Down

‘m going to quibble here a bit and say that I think it was at one time. But today, there are far too many issues and concerns for me to label this website as reputable or to recommend it to anyone. If earning a few extra bucks a month is critical for you, I strongly recommend that you check out either Rewarding Ways or Inbox Dollars to accomplish that goal.

Final Thoughts

I hope this Squishy Cash review gave you all the information you need to make an informed decision about joining this website. As already stated, I can’t in good conscience recommend this GPT platform to anyone. If you would be content making a few extra bucks a month, please explore the recommendations I gave you above.

But I do wonder whether earning small amounts of spending money is genuinely your goal. Or, are you seeking a way to make a lot more money online to supplement your income? Maybe you even have dreams of ultimately replacing your job and focusing entirely on the online space.

Some folks are settling for the limited earning options on GPT sites because they’re not sure what else is available. If that’s true, you may want to consider putting your free time to better use. It’s impossible to earn a life-changing income with surveys and offers because the tasks simply don’t pay enough.

But, there is a no-risk platform (free to join) where you can get some fabulous training for success in today’s exciting online world. The primary thrust of this industry-leading platform is affiliate marketing. You’ll be exposed to a four-step blueprint for building an online business that can lead to massive online success for those willing to invest the effort.

Learning how to create a WordPress website, along with all the things you can do with a website, is fascinating. Have you ever thought that you’d like to know more about the secrets to living a laptop lifestyle? The opportunity to try it out for free is not something you should miss out on.

Join the Conversation

Can I answer any further questions you have about Squishy Cash? Do you disagree with my conclusions? Finally, do you have any reputable GPT sites to share with us? Please jump into the comment section below?


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6 thoughts on “Squishy Cash Review: Make Money and Have Fun Doing It?”

  1. Whoa- Talk about getting caught filled with red flags all around! If I ever as much as see a link that resembles Squishy Cash- I’m definitetly running the other way! thanks to you there’s those of us who can now remain grateful for knowing and learning why such a program is not worth your time and effort in joining or doing the most menial of tasks!

    Thanks to your personal experience with that program you help us get geared for better online opportunities!

    • Hi Jose,

      I had never heard of Squishy Cash and then recently came across several references to the program. I had to check it and then felt some cautionary advice was called for after seeing some concerning issues.

      Thanks for connecting, and I hope you find the right online opportunity for you!

  2. Your review on  squishy cash app was great, looking at the information provided by you about the website design mode of operation and also the mode of payment I will say the process is too outdated. Tho they are some good offers free and bound for logging in but trust a cent has no value considering the time spent on the web. Thanks for sharing this article 

    • Hi Peter,

      The Squishy Cash platform is indeed outdated and shows signs of neglect. Fortunately, there are much better choices for earning a little side income. It’s best to stick with reputable platforms.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. There are so many scam platforms or systems out there… Anyways making research online does help one not to fall victim to any of those scam sites. Anyways a big thanks for this unbiased review you have got here on squishy cash. Judging from this review I really do not fancy squishy cash. It will definitely not yield any good results.

    I can’t recommend this platform to anyone..

    • Hey there,

      I think you’re making a wise choice by avoiding this platform. And, I do strongly recommend searching for recent reviews before deciding on any money-making platform. There are definitely vast disparities between platforms. Why waste your time on something that’s unlikely to pay off, right?

      Thanks for your comments, and good luck finding an opportunity that works better for you!


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