What is the Google Opinion Rewards App? Worth Your Time?

You probably spied something intriguing on social media, So, now you’re wondering, just what is the Google Opinion Rewards App? Well, I’m glad you asked. Moreover, you’re in the best place to get all your questions answered about this app,

Like billions of other Internet users, I’m no longer sure what I would do without Google search. These days when we’re unsure about anything, we “Google it,” right? So. it never occurred to me to doubt the legitimacy of a mobile app that Google owns.

But, after reviewing dozens of survey and rewards programs, I know that just because a platform is legitimate and safe to use doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile. So, I eagerly joined Good Opinion Rewards to see how this app would measure up.

Let’s dive in and see what I learned, shall we?

Google Opinion Rewards Review At A Glance

Google Opinion Awards ReviewProduct Name:  Google Opinion Rewards

Product Type: Micro-Survey App

Website:  Surveys.Google.com

Price: Free

Summary: Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile application that lets consumers offer insights on products and services and get paid for their opinions. As with all paid surveys, earnings opportunities are meager.

My Rating: 2 out of 5

Recommended?: Yes, for those interested in earning a few extra bucks each month.

What is the Google Opinion Rewards App?

Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile app that allows market researchers to seek feedback and insights from consumers. The purpose is to improve products and services, making them more desirable to purchasers. Your opinion as a user has value, and you receive payment for participation in micro-surveys.

The Google survey team aggregates and analyzes data received from everyone who responds to a set of queries. Your personal data is never shared. But you may have the opportunity to influence future product development.

The initial version of this mobile survey application launched in 2016 and continues to expand. Membership in Google Opinion Rewards is now open to individuals 18 or older, located in 28 countries around the world. Check this list of eligible countries to see if this survey app is open to you. The app is available for both Android and IOS devices.

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Work?

Google Opinion Rewards Logo

In some ways, Google Opinion Rewards is very similar to other paid survey sites. But there are also some unique aspects that I find appealing. To join, your first step is to download the software from either Google Play or the App Store, depending upon your smartphone.

You should be aware that you will need a Google account. If you don’t have one yet, it’s not a big deal because Gmail accounts are free to create. You will use your Gmail address and password to log into Google Opinion Rewards. From there, you must answer some demographic questions to complete your profile.

Why does Google need to know your demographic characteristics?

Every survey site will ask you for basic data such as gender, age, race, your highest level of education, annual income, and so on. This information is necessary because the market researchers seeking consumer opinions always have a specific target market in mind.

Your personal traits are used to match you up with surveys for which you represent a good fit. Brands actively pursue (and pay for) relevant ideas from individuals who are likely to purchase their goods and services. For example, if a particular product is designed for young males, why would a company be interested in the thoughts of a senior female like me?

Survey Notifications

Once your profile is established, just sit back and wait for a text indicating a survey is available. The only other thing I recommend is turning on location tracking. Allowing Google to track your movements may result in getting local survey opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

I haven’t seen a local survey yet. But many members report entering a business location and quickly getting a request for a review or more information about the visit. Location tracking isn’t absolutely required. But it could be advantageous,

When you receive notice that there’s a survey you’re eligible to answer, you have 24 hours to log in and respond. I like getting text notifications versus having to go to the site to find surveys regularly. I use two other mobile survey apps, 1Q and OnePulse, that use a similar approach.

While I enjoy all three apps, I like that Google Opinion is a bit more flexible and gives you a longer window of time. With both 1Q and OnePulse, if you can’t jump on it immediately, the questions will likely expire. There are times when I’m tied up. When the message first appears on my phone. Having 24 hours means my completion rate is better with Google Opinion Rewards.


Like me, do you sometimes find completing surveys a tedious exercise? On some paid survey sites, the questions seem to go on and on. Thankfully, that’s not the case with these Google surveys. They’re short and sweet! My surveys to date on this platform have only contained between one and three quick queries.

So far, my longest response time is less than three minutes. I admit that’s my kind of task! You may not qualify for every survey sent to you, but another nice feature of the program is that you’ll get paid something anyway. So, that’s pretty cool!

Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t mess around with points. For every poll you answer, you get cash. And, the rates are decent for the minimal time spent. Surveys seem to pay between $.10 and $1. So far, I haven’t seen many surveys which is disappointing.

You may see more or less than I do based on your profile and location.

How Do You Get Paid By the App?

Payment is another feature that makes Google Opinion Rewards stand out from the pack. The way you get paid varies based on the type of smartphone you carry. As an iPhone user, I get paid via PayPal. And there’s very little waiting to see your reward.

As soon as you accumulate $2 in your account, Google instantly sends your entire balance to your PayPal account. You do not have to request a distribution. In fact, you don’t have the option to let your balance grow.

Here’s my proof of payment:

Google Opinion Rewards Proof of Payment

If you are an Android phone user, you get paid with Google Play credits. Your credits are instantly available to use through the store for paid apps and other desirable items.

Final Thoughts – Is Google Opinion Rewards Worth Your Time?

If you were wondering what is the Google Opinion Rewards App, I hope I satisfied your curiosity with this review. This is one of the simplest money-making apps you will come across. Do keep in mind that complete honesty in both completing your profile and responding to polling questions is imperative.

Google uses sophisticated algorithms to check for consistency in the data you provide. There are no wrong answers when you offer opinions as long as you’re honest. But, inconsistencies will get your account banned quickly;y!

So, is Google Opinion Rewards worth your time? I’m inclined to say, Yes! I intend to keep this app on my phone and continue to participate. You may not agree, and that’s fine. My rationale comes down to the time commitment relative to the rewards.

To be sure, Google Opinion Rewards doesn’t pay much. But it also doesn’t take much time. It’s about the closest thing to free money that I’ve found.

Of course, if you’re looking for something to make a meaningful contribution to your finances, surveys are not it. But, I can help you with that quest as well. I found the perfect Internet platform to launch an online business.  Are you eager to make more money?  Then don’t pass up the chance to join me today for free!

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Have you tried Google Opinions Rewards yet? If so, do you agree with my assessment? Is there an app you think that’s better for making a little money on the side? Why not jump into the comments and share your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “What is the Google Opinion Rewards App? Worth Your Time?”

  1. Hi and thanks for sharing this. If this is really paying just $0.10 a survey and it takes what 3 minutes to complete one. And you only get them occasionally, this doesn’t sound like a particularly attractive source of income. Especially because those surveys have to be one of the most annoying aspects of online life today. I suppose I shouldn’t denigrate it but seriously this does not sound like a particularly viable way of even earning the price of a cup of coffee more than once a week. I would have thought there are better ways of getting people to respond to surveys. Thanks again for sharing this. Best regards, Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      It’s true that you can’t earn a substantial income with any survey site. I don’t disagree that surveys, in general, tend to be annoying. Some of them are long and tedious. And then there are the disqualifications. What I like about Google Opinion Rewards is that the surveys are very short 91 to 3 questions). Some pay as much as $1 which isn’t too bad for a couple of minutes of effort. 

      The biggest limiting factor is that you don’t get a lot of surveys. It’s true that Google is probably only going to fund about 2 Starbucks a month for me. 

      I can’t disagree that there are better ways of making money online. That’s why I started a website 4 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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