What is the 1Q App? Are People Really Making Money?

Welcome to my 1Q App review, where I’ll do my best to answer all your questions starting with exactly what is the 1Q App? From there, we’ll discuss how it works and, perhaps most importantly, whether you can really make money with this intriguingly different little app.

In this day and age, when most of us are tethered to our cell phones, the idea of making money with that phone is enormously appealing, isn’t it? And, there are indeed several money-making mobile apps available. But is 1Q something that’s worth your time?

Let’s dive right into this 1Q App review, shall we?

What is the 1Q App?

1Q is an Atlanta-based marketing research firm that launched in 2014. The premise of the 1Q mobile App is that data is phenomenally important in the digital era. Furthermore, brands need to connect rapidly with highly-targeted consumer groups to get immediate insights and feedback to guide business decision-making.

The founder and CEO is Keith Rinzler, who expressed his goals in a Businesswire article.  This CEO seems intent on completely changing the way brands connect with their markets while also empowering consumers.

Like all survey providers, 1Q relies on demographic profile information to target appropriate audiences. But they also use patented geo-targeting technology to hone in on customers who are currently in particular locations like stadiums, doctors’ offices, or retail establishments.

The concept behind the application is to make relevant data gathering accessible to all businesses and to pay consumers instantly for the valuable opinions they provide.

How Does 1Q Work?

1Q collects highly-targeted market research data from consumers by sending questions (1Q calls them “Askverts”) and requesting responses in real-time. Depending on your mobile device, you will either receive notification of the inquiry through the 1Q mobile app or via a text message.

You receive one question at a time. The format of the question is multiple choice. It takes seconds to answer the question. But, you must respond right away because requests expire very quickly. You get paid instantly for your answer, and we’ll discuss how that works below.

To use 1Q, you must first sign-up and create an account. The process is quick and straightforward. You need to provide your name, mobile phone number, email address, and a password. Finally, you must verify your phone number.

1Q Sign-up

You can choose to join through their website at 1Q.com. Alternatively, you may choose to download their mobile application from either the App Store or Google Play and sign-up through the App.

As soon as you verify your cell phone number, you’ll receive a welcoming email. At this point, you’re strongly encouraged to complete your profile and keep your personal information up-to-date.

Moreover, if you have a smartphone and decide to download the App, the advice is to enable location-tracking to improve your chances of getting more polling questions. 1Q’s homepage indicates you may also receive promotional offers or coupons.

1Q is adamant that they take your privacy seriously and will never share your personal data with their clients. The organization has steadily grown its clientele and boasts of working with many Fortune 1,000 companies such as P&G and Coca-Cola.

Enjoy this video for a further explanation of 1Q  features.

1Q Explainer Video from 1Q on Vimeo.

How Do You Get Paid?

When it comes to payment for your participation, 1Q is unique in that they pay you instantly for each question you answer. The compensation is $.25 per response. As far as I can tell, there’s been a recent change in payment practice. Several reviews I read before joining talked about the option of receiving $.50 or $.25 per response.

When I joined 3 days ago, the only payment option available was $.25. The advice was always to opt for the lower payment because you would receive more questions. So, the change may not be very consequential. But I did note the difference.

1Q earns money by working with corporate clients who like the idea of obtaining relevant consumer feedback in a matter of hours rather than weeks. Companies decide precisely who they want to target and how many people to include. They pay $1 for each response, and a portion is then shared with the responder.

Members can choose to be paid almost immediately through PayPal. The only other alternative is to donate your earnings to charity. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, 1Q will send you information on how to create one.

In my 3 days of membership, I have received only one query. My earnings were indeed promptly deposited to my PayPal account.

1Q Proof of Payment

One additional way of making money with 1Q is by inviting your family and friends to join. The referral fee for each new member is, you guessed it, $.25. As with polling responses, your referral earnings instantly show up in your PayPal account. The platform already has more than 1 million users, and they’re eager to attract more.

So, Are People Really Making Money With 1Q?

My gut reaction to this question is Yes, but it’s a pitifully small amount. To be sure, the number of queries you receive is entirely dependent on your demographic characteristics and your location. Therefore, it’s possible that you will be surveyed more frequently than me.

In fairness, the App did request my patience because it may take several days to get your first information request. Nevertheless, the most common complaint about 1Q in all the reviews I read was the small number of available questions to answer.

I admit to being rather curious about the platform because it is so unusual. Consequently, I don’t plan on deleting the App from my phone any time soon. I think I’ll just let things play out. To be honest, I guess I question the business model.

The PayPal fees associated with $.25 transfers have to be enormous. But, the instant payments also make 1Q stand out from any other survey provider. And I love the “one question” approach rather than getting bogged down in a survey that goes on endlessly.

By the way, if answering just one question at a time appeals to you as well, you might want to consider joining Crowdtap. With Crowdtap, you earn 3 points for each item you answer. Payment isn’t immediate, but you can earn $5 gift cards reasonably quickly. They also offer far more opportunities to chime in with your opinion.

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to thoroughly answer your question, what is the 1Q App? If I missed something, please jump into the comment section and let me know. Whether or not you feel trying 1Q is worth your time is entirely a matter of personal preference.

All indications are that the platform is perfectly legitimate and safe to use. It’s also possible that they’re poised to expand their operations over time. If your goal is to earn a bit of extra cash doing something simple, 1Q may ultimately work out for you.

I suppose the bigger question is whether a bit of extra cash is truly your goal. Or, are you seeking a way to make money online to supplement your income in a more substantial way? Perhaps you even have dreams of eventually working entirely online.

You may be settling for surveys or money-making apps because you’re not sure what else is available. If that describes you, why not consider using whatever free time you have to explore other options?

There’s a no-risk platform (free to join) where you can get some excellent training for navigating today’s online world and develop marketable skills.  Affiliate marketing is the primary emphasis of this industry-leading platform. You’ll be taught a four-step blueprint that may lead to massive online success.

Learning how to create a WordPress website, along with all the ways in which you can make money with a website, is fascinating, and something that no one should miss out on trying.

Whether you decide to stick with money-making apps or expand your horizons, I wish you well!

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10 thoughts on “What is the 1Q App? Are People Really Making Money?”

  1. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. The IQ app seems to be okay although the return on investment is minimal. I want to know if this Crowdtap is better than the IQ app.  What is your best take for someone who really wants to earn genuine money from the internet? 

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • First, there are no apps or survey sites that will allow you to earn anything close to a full-time income. If your objective is to earn a little extra spending money, there are some legitimate sites that will help with that goal. Crowdtap definitely offers a better income opportunity than 1Q. It’s still limited but I think $30 per month is realistic.

      There are also GPT sites that offer multiple ways, including surveys, to earn extra income. Sites like Rewarding Ways or GrabPointshave the potential to generate $10 per day if you really work at it. The tasks are simple and you can begin earning right away.

      If you want to earn a more significant income, you need to think in terms of creating your own website. The potential of a website is almost unlimited. The downside is that it takes time to generate essential traffic. With a website you are launching an online business. Your business will probably take at least a year to see noticeable results. You need to ask yourself how hard you’re willing to work. and if you have the patience to slowly grow a business.

  2. Hello Linda, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful post on what the 1q app is. You have really answered a lot of questions in my mind about the 1q app, of which all my questions have been answered in this article. It’s really a nice platform, It’s pretty interesting to know that there are still legit apps out there. Thanks for sharing this information. 

  3. Thank you for explaining about IQ App.  I didn’t realize there were so many ways to make money online giving opinions.  This is such a small amount though to get paid through PayPal-  Is there an option to pay at $5.00?  The novelty would wear off pretty quick I think.  If there is only one chance to earn in 3 days seems this business is also suffering from the COVID 19 issues as well.  Often survival takes over and growth has to take a back seat.  

    However, there are probably more people searching for work from home opportunities now as well.  So there may be lots of competition at a slow demand time, and this could be a good option at some point.  I appreciate you taking the time to advise us of what you have found for making money at home. As the changing workplace is making us change how we look for work, or extra income some not so good opportunities will also come to our attention.  This is a growing field, and I like to know something about what is happening online.  Sami

    • Hi Sami,
      You raise some interesting points here. It’s possible that 1Q business clients are not currently actively polling people because their business operations are curtailed. 1Q has more than 1 million consumers who have signed up to respond to questions. We all have very different demographic characteristics which means we won’t always be part of the market a company is targeting. So, there may be certain groups who’ve seen a lot of questions recently. I find the app unique enough that I’m going to give it a bit more time before I give up on it.

      As far as payment is concerned, there is only one option. You cannot opt to build up a larger cash balance before you withdraw your earnings. I agree that it would make more sense. But with this app, payment is immediate and it’s $.25.

      I have to agree with you that it’s nice to understand the various possibilities in terms of making money online. I hope this 1Q App review was helpful, and I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

  4. Wow this is really amazing,  thank you for sharing,  I heard about this app from a friend some days back and I decided to make some research about it,  to know it’s really legit and if one can make money from it,  and from this review,  a lot of questions in my mind regarding the app has really been answered and I’ll give it due consideration.

    • Hi Homata,

      Yes, 1Q is legit as are many other platforms on the Internet. Unfortunately, it isn’t a big money-making opportunity. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try if the unique aspects of the app appeal to you. It’s possible that your demographics will match up far better than my own, and you’ll receive a lot more questions.

      Thanks for connecting and I hope 1Q works out well for you!

  5. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say I really did enjoy going through your article. You have really answered a lot of questions about the 1Q app, and all my questions have been answered in this well-detailed article. It’s really encouraging to know that there are still legit apps out there. Thanks for sharing this

    • Hey Philebur,

      I hope that you find what you’re looking for as you explore ways to make a little extra money each month. I’m happy to share information, and I hope 1Q works out for you.

      Thanks for engaging!


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