3 Cash Back Rebate Apps – How to Really Boost Your Savings

Cash back Rebate Apps

As smartphone use skyrockets, we’re seeing more and more cash back rebate apps. Some of these mobile apps are a marvelous way to stretch your monthly budget by earning discounts on items you were going to purchase anyway. And, that extra cash sure can make a difference for retirees and lots of other folks.

I speak from experience because I’ve reviewed quite a few apps on my site this past year. And, I’ve joined them all with an eye toward thoroughly investigating their features. Naturally, my readers want to know how easy (or difficult) they are to use. But most importantly, they need assurance that the program is legitimate and will pay users as promised.

No one wants to waste their time and not get paid, right?

There are no worries with the three apps I’m focusing on today: ibotta, Fetch Rewards and Drop. Individually, all 3 of these programs represent legitimate little “extra money” makers.

But here’s a secret tip….

if you really want to supercharge your grocery rebate rewards, try using a combination of all three of these apps every time you hit the supermarket. Seriously, this technique is simple to implement and so worth trying!

Let me explain how this can work for you….

3 Favorite Cash Back Rebate Apps – Savings X 3

So, I use this tip of combining apps on a regular basis with varying numbers of products on my shopping list. But, for some reason, I hadn’t thought to share until this week.

Then, I got this notification:


Hmmm…. didn’t I just see a special offer on Classico spaghetti sauce from Fetch Rewards?

Yup, sure did! And, here’s a screenshot of the points I earned from Fetch on the purchase.

You’ll notice I received both brand points and bonus points on the special offer for the same item. Sweet!

And, here are my ibotta rewards for the same visit to Safeway:


For the final step in the process, I chose Safeway because it’s one of the 5 favorite brands I selected when I joined Drop. I automatically earn Drop points on every purchase at Safeway. Safeway is also one of many stores that work with ibotta making it a good match. Fetch works with any supermarket, convenience store, or club store making it the easiest to add to the mix

So. it was super easy to integrate all 3 of these platforms at this location. Now, you won’t receive a triple benefit with everything. But, with this approach, I maximize my opportunities to earn cash back on every item purchased through one, two, or even all three apps.

I know you’re going to love this tip because….

“I don’t want to save money on groceries”, was said by no one ever!

Each of these programs operates independently. Therefore, to make this plan come together, you’ll need to join all three. They’re all available for download from the App Store or Google Play depending on your mobile device of choice.

Here’s an Overview of Each of These Beneficial Apps

#1 – ibotta

Ibotta’s mission is to empower savvy shoppers to earn real cash back on everyday purchases using mobile technology. They connect consumers with leading retailers and brands with an easy to use smartphone app that lets you earn rebates on groceries, electronics, clothing, eating out at restaurants, and more.

Read my full ibotta review here.

Join ibotta and get your $10 welcome bonus by using this code: btrigxp

#2 – Fetch Rewards

What is the Fetch Rewards App

Fetch Rewards is a shopping app that’s fairly new on the scene and is receiving high ratings for its flexibility. You can upload grocery receipts within the app from any store. If your receipt indicates a purchase from any of 240 different well-known brands they’ve partnered with (literally thousands of products), you earn points. Then, redeem your points by choosing your gift card.

Read my complete review of Fetch Rewards here.

Join Fetch Rewards now and receive your $2 sign-up bonus by entering this invite code: YQ7NH

#3 – Drop

What is Drop

Drop is an innovative web application that rewards users for selecting five favorite spending locations (from a huge list), linking their debit and/or credit cards, and then just shopping at these spots as they normally would. Points get automatically added to your account when you use a linked card at the checkout counter. The magic of technology!

You can read my comprehensive Drop review here.

Join Drop today and earn your 1,000 points joining bonus by inputting this invite code: vxyrh.

Oh, and by the way, using product coupons won’t limit your cash back rewards with any of these mobile platforms. In fact, throwing coupons into the shopping toolkit too could easily result in “savings” more than the cost of the product. Meaning, you’ll score free stuff and put a little excess in your pocket.

Summing Up

I sincerely hope you found value in today’s post on how to boost your savings through the concurrent use of 3 popular cash back rebate apps. Groceries sure take a big chunk out of the monthly budget, don’t they? This is one way to fight back against those hefty bills.

In my opinion, these applications are well worth the small amount of effort they require. I can always find fun places for a little extra spending money, and I’m pretty confident you’re all with me on that one!

Furthermore, I know that some of my readers may be searching for online earning opportunities with a lot more income potential than rewards programs. So. I’m also going to share a post that introduces my favorite means of making money online.

Give some serious thought to downloading these mobile wonders today and stop the madness of paying full price for those groceries. Pop back and let me know how it works out, will you?

Now, It’s Your Turn

Do you participate in any or all of these rewards programs? Do you have other favorites you prefer to use? Drop me a line in the comment section because I’m always thrilled to get your feedback!

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for this information.
    The Drop app looks amazing! It’s a great way for me to earn points when I go shopping.

    However, I tried signing up for it but it is only available in the USA.
    Is there a similar app that I can use in the UK?


    • Hi Jacqueline,

      I wish I had better news to share with you because Drop really is an amazing mobile application. Unfortunately, the Drop app is quite unique and I really don’t have a similar app to recommend in the UK. Drop started in Canada and recently launched in the US. I’ve not read anything about further plans to expand. 

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful but I appreciate your stopping by!


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