How to Learn About Blogging – Knowledge Is Power!

How to Learn About Blogging

Before launching my blog, I desperately craved comprehensive guidance on how to learn about blogging. My lack of knowledge and direction was frustrating, and I felt stymied.

Can you relate?

Of course, you can! That’s why you’ve landed here, and I promise not to disappoint!

To be clear, I found plenty of information on starting a blog. So much so that my head was spinning due to conflicting advice and recommendations on things like the best site builders and where to host your blog. You’ve noticed that too, right?

But it wasn’t the differing opinions that flustered me the most. My concerns went well beyond that because every article I read failed to answer my most fundamental and overwhelming question.

Once I launch a new blog, what do I do next?

Does that sound familiar? I mean, I had so much to learn about blogging best practices and even the jargon that my litany of questions seemed endless. My quest to find a comprehensive, budget-friendly platform, offering step-by-step tutorials, was a long one but I ultimately achieved success.

For all my readers who are still wondering how to learn about blogging, I’m eager to share some game-changing knowledge.

Let’s explore how you can enter the exciting world of Internet entrepreneurship, shall we?

How I Learned the Ins and Outs of Blogging

As with most endeavors, successful blogging requires a support system that includes proper tools, resources, training in basic principles, and a bit of mentorship. My biggest fear was becoming one of those Internet “statistics” who blogged in oblivion, never gained traction, and quickly gave up.

That seemed like such a depressing waste of time, money, and energy! I bet we can all agree on that one! 🙂

Then, in early 2016, I stumbled upon a unique and sophisticated training platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Wow, this looked really promising. And, I quickly jumped into full-blown Google search mode seeking all the reviews I could find on this program.

People all over the Net were raving about the benefits and advantages of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) membership. I’m a natural skeptic, sometimes to a fault, but this was a phenomenally enticing program because they offer a free Starter Membership.

Whaaat? No credit card required? How could I possibly walk away from this? So, I eagerly began an exciting exploration of the blogging world. More than a year and a half later, I’ll be renewing my annual membership for another year in a few days.

WA offers a scorchingly hot Black Friday deal at $299 for an annual premium membership. There’s no better deal available anywhere in the industry.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. I don’t recommend joining WA as a premium member until you’ve fully absorbed all of the knowledge available with a free membership. The Starter Membership is not a trial (it’s a lifetime membership), and there’s no hurry or pressure to upgrade.

And, as you’ll see in a moment, you can learn an amazing amount about blogging and working online without spending a dime.

What Can You Learn About Blogging for Free?

A free WA Starter Membership includes 2 WordPress websites hosted on the SiteRubix platform, 10 Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons, 10 Affiliate Bootcamp Lessons, 7 days of full access to 1,000’s of training modules created by WA premium members, and 7 days to participate in 24/7 Live Chat sessions with successful affiliate marketers.

Learning opportunities abound! Here’s a sneak preview of some of the things I learned about blogging as a Starter Member.

  • The concept of a niche and the extreme importance of understanding and catering to the needs of my niche target market.
  • The distinction between a domain and a website.
  • How to build a website foundation in moments.
  • How to personalize my site through theme selection.
  • The difference between evergreen pages and blog posts.
  • How to create pages and blog posts with engaging, informative, and relevant content.
  • The importance of keywords in crafting quality content and how to use a keyword research tool.
  • The basic process of earning revenue with affiliate marketing.
  • How to format pages and posts in WordPress.
  • How to add various features and elements to a WordPress site including custom menus, footers, images, categories, widgets, embedded videos, and hyperlinks.
  • Essential elements of Search Engine Optimization and how to make a site SEO ready.
  • How to create effective product reviews.

In short, my free membership provided invaluable (and thrilling) insights into the work-from-home online environment. Lessons are structured in a step-by-step (dare I say blueprint) fashion. For those of us who learn best by “doing” rather than simply reading or watching video tutorials, the task-based nature of the lessons is priceless!



A Comprehensive Picture of Wealthy Affiliate Resources and Benefits

Outstanding and Extensive Training

From day one, you’ll begin exploring every nook and cranny of the affiliate marketing landscape.with wildly successful affiliates at the training helm. To express things very succinctly, the training works because it’s built upon time-tested techniques.

Formal training consists of 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification lessons (suitable for any niche) and 70 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons (laser-focused for those interested in the “make money online” niche). All sessions are presented by Kyle Loudoun, CEO, and co-founder of WA, who has more than 15 years of experience and remarkable online success.

But there’s so much more than that!

Weekly Live and Interactive Training Sessions

Industry expert Jay McNeill of Magistudios shares his vast knowledge each week in a live webinar format that always concludes with an interactive Q&A session. Soak up cutting-edge strategies that you can immediately implement on your own site.

Magistudios - Live Webinar

Binge-Watch Video-Taped Training Sessions

Jay’s been conducting weekly webinars for years and more than 300 hours of his massively beneficial training sessions are available and viewable on demand. While we clearly can’t discuss them all, I can provide some flavor by listing a few recent “gems”.

  • WooCommerce Niche Site Build LIVE!
  • 7 Days an Affiliate: Daily Task Breakdown
  • Hello: Canva
  • Using Google Adwords Express
  • Creating Goals in Analytics

Tap Into Community Success

Ad-hoc training sessions are added daily by premium members in this pay-it-forward community. There are 1,000s of tips at your fingertips on every imaginable topic.

Stunningly Powerful Websites

Wa starter members receive 2 free websites. As a premium member, I can host up to 50 websites which allows for participation in multiple niches and scaling my online business to amazing heights.

We also have the ability to purchase domains through WA’s SiteDomain feature which is incredibly convenient and very cost effective at $13.99 per year with guaranteed next year pricing and unlimited emails.

WordPress Logo

Build fast and beautiful sites using the WordPress platform. There are many reasons why WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet, and as a WA member, you can tap into the power and strength this platform provides.

Choose from more than 3,000 free themes as you customize and personalize your website to reflect your tastes, preferences, and personality. All themes are responsive and mobile-ready to accommodate the droves of web browsers using tablets or smartphones.

You’ll also have access to more than 50,000 free WordPress plugins to make your site shine with additional features and functionality.

Achieving “expert WordPress” status is a highly enviable and marketable skill in its own right and definitely within your grasp because there are 100s of tutorials to assist you in this effort. Numerous WA members offer website development services to small local businesses using the expertise they acquire within the WA community.

Secure, Managed Web Hosting

The SiteRubix hosting platform at WA offers 24/7/365 managed WordPress hosting with a highly responsive SiteSupport team that will typically respond to any query in less than 5 minutes. How refreshing not to be shunted off to some automated response system!

You can rest easy with the knowledge that your websites are protected from spam and malware, and the SSL certificate enhances security for both you and your readers. And, you’ll have access to some of the most sophisticated servers and technology in the industry making your websites load with lightning speed.

Engaging Content Creation

Online success is all about creating “stand-out” content in a sea of competing websites. Learn to create keyword-rich content that focuses on the needs of viewers. One of the recent additions at WA is a fabulous content writing tool called SiteContent that facilitates the efficient creation of pages and posts.

SiteContent includes more than 1,000,000 public domain images that you can quickly choose from to add visual appeal. All images are optimized for rapid loading times which is a huge convenience and time saver. With a built-in grammar and spelling checker, this is a sweet tool!

WA’s keyword research tool is an incredible asset that’s fundamental to crafting traffic-producing content. You have all of the relevant stats at your disposal including average monthly traffic and the number of sites that are already competing for the selected keyword. Improve your search engine rankings by selecting low-competition keyword phrases.

An Amazing CommunityWA Global Community


The global Wealthy Affiliate community consists of tens of thousands of successful and aspiring online business owners. Pose questions 24/7 on a warm and caring platform that never sleeps and receive expert guidance from colleagues who’ve successfully dealt with the same challenges.

You’re never alone!

Follow the WA blogs of top affiliates, ask questions in one of 12 classrooms, or hang out in the live chat forum. There are many options for getting prompt assistance in this pay-it-forward community. My first stop is always the WA search bar because if I have a burning question the chances are excellent it’s already been asked and thoroughly answered.

As your website evolves, you’ll find the community is a brilliant source of insightful, constructive feedback and engaging comments. It’s also a magical forum where successes are shared on a daily basis.

A Path to Success

Build your blogging skillset through comprehensive training while networking within the largest community of Internet marketers that exists today. Trust me; blogging is not easy. It’s work!

But if you have a thirst for knowledge and the willingness to take action based on expert coaching, WA may very well represent your path to online success. Realistically, you need the willingness to learn, grow, and stay the course for at least a year.

Fortunately, that year will be an exciting one of developing expertise as you work toward a goal of securing your financial future. As another year draws to a rapid close, just imagine where you could be next year at this time.

====> Click Here to Explore the Wealthy Affiliate Community as a Free Member


WA Membership Grid


In Conclusion

Rest assured, there isn’t another program or service in the online space that comes even close to WA in terms of either comprehensiveness or cost efficiency. So, if you’re still struggling with how to learn about blogging, there’s no need to look further.

If you’re still on the fence, I invite you to take one more glance at the phenomenal list of blogging topics you can learn for free with no risk, no further obligation, and no pressure. You’ve been nurturing a dream, and it’s time to make that dream a reality!

Did I Forget Anything?

If I’ve failed to answer any questions you may have, please drop me a line in the comment section below. It will be my pleasure to answer promptly! Have you tried WA or other blogging sites? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences!


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2 Comments on “How to Learn About Blogging – Knowledge Is Power!”

  1. The start is always the hardest. There’s so much information out there about creating a successful blog, sometimes it feels like your brain is overheating! The best thing to do is to take action right away on what you’ve learned. This way the information stays in your head much much easier.

    1. Hi Rich,

      I have to agree that taking action on what you learn is critical to online success. But I do recommend a very measured and focused approach to starting a blog. The Wealthy Affiliate blueprint removes a lot of the “guess work” and “trial and error” aspect of blogging. In that sense, WA is worth its weight in gold because it eliminates a lot of inefficiencies by teaching best practices.

      It’s vital to have a thorough understanding of keyword research, search engine optimization techniques, and how to create quality, readable blog posts.

      I recommend learning about blogging from top affiliates who have achieved demonstrable success.

      Good luck to you in your efforts and thanks for commenting!

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