5 Dog Clothing Affiliate Programs: How to Make Money With Style

Once you understand the power of affiliate marketing, it’s tough to resist exploring new and unique niches. Dog clothing affiliate programs grabbed my attention because I’ve always lived in a household where one or more dogs ruled the roost.

So, I know firsthand the hold these lovable creatures have over our hearts (and our wallets)!

I suspect you’re here today because you’re thoroughly intrigued by the idea of an online business. But you’re still searching for the ideal direction and focus for your business. It’s essential to find something that we’re genuinely passionate about. And for many of us, pets are a perfect solution.

In 2018, Pet owners in the U.S. spent $72.56 billion, making the pet industry a phenomenally lucrative field for affiliate marketers. Naturally, pets are a very competitive field. But in any industry, there are smaller niche markets that are under-served.

Dog clothing is one such niche market that has real potential. After performing some research, I spotted some excellent low-competition keywords that see a lot of query activity every month.

Successful affiliate marketing is all about attracting and growing an audience by helping consumers find the information and products they’re already seeking. Without a doubt, there’s an interested audience for dog clothing that you can definitely tap into.

Get the Necessary Training to Make Money With Dog Clothing Affiliate Programs

So, let’s explore some top affiliate programs that you might be able to partner with, shall we?

5 Top Dog Clothing Affiliate Programs

All of the vendors below offer a variety of dog supplies and accessories for our canine companions. But where they seem to excel is with their clothing lines. All of these programs are free to join and present opportunities to promote quality products that your audience will thank you for.

Bitch New York

Look no further than Bitch New York for an amazing array of more than 4,000 dog apparel offerings that will satisfy any and all pet parent whims. Consumers looking to keep their best pals warm and comfy will find a plethora of sweaters, raincoats, and hoodies.

But this website also has elegant attire like tuxedos or dresses suitable for wedding participation. You weren’t going to get married without your best pal, were you? 🙂 There are also whimsical costumes for all occasions or game day outfits that sport favorite team logos.

Earn commissions of 8% on purchases made through your affiliate links. Bitch New York uses Affiliately tracking software to manage their affiliate program, and you can sign up here.


Muttropolis is committed to high-quality dog products for discerning pet owners. They have an expansive line of dog wear, including shirts, dresses, pajamas, costumes, sweaters, and jackets to deck your fur baby out in style.

Dog lovers will drool over the holiday shop apparel. The Halloween shop is also packed with fun outfits. From glamorous to practical, Muttropolis has it all!

Affiliates earn commissions of up to 12% on every sale with a cookie duration of 120 days. AvanLink manages the affiliate program, and you can apply here.


Dog.com is a subsidiary of TABcom LLC and offers a broad selection of dog products at extremely competitive prices. Pet parents will appreciate the ability to walk their dogs comfortably in cold or rainy weather.

Dogs will look as fashionable as their owners while staying cozy and warm. Protect sensitive paws on those outdoor adventures with boots or sneakers. And, don’t forget the cuddly dog jammies for those long winter nights or for lounging on the weekends.

The Pepperjam network administers the Dog.com affiliate program, and affiliates can start the sign-up process here. Affiliates earn commissions of 5% with a 30-day cookie.


Chewy has a mission to be “the most trusted online destination for pet parents.” The depth and breadth of their product line are incredible and include all the cold- and rainy-day fashions needed to pamper your pet thoroughly. Keep your pup comfortable in extreme weather conditions on all outdoor adventures.

Chewy Dot Com Logo

For all those rabid sports fans, Chewy also has premium sports jerseys and team accessories. When pet parents pull out their own team jerseys on game day, they can deck out their pooches in matching gear. How fun!

And, don’t forget the adorable and snuggly dog PJs. Choose from a variety of designs and patterns from fleecey to sassy,

Chewy has a unique affiliate compensation structure. They pay their affiliates a flat $15 fee for each new customer referred with a 15-day cookie window. There is no commission for existing customers. Partnerize administers its affiliate program. Click here to apply for Chewy’s affiliate program,


We can’t possibly exclude Amazon in any discussion of dog clothing affiliate programs. As with many other niches, Amazon’s amazing array of dog clothing products has this niche well covered. No pun intended, lol!

From knitted pullovers to fashionable hoodies, and even Hawaiian polo shirts, all of your reader’s designer dog’s needs are met.

Amazon Associates earn an 8% commission on dog products. The Amazon cookie duration is 24 hours with the advantage that affiliates earn commissions on any purchases made sitewide by their referrals during those 24 hours.

Click here for instructions on how to become an Amazon affiliate.

How to Make Money With Dog Clothing Affiliate Programs

I have to admit that when I first started blogging, nearly four years ago, my grasp of affiliate marketing was a little sketchy. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of my readers are in a similar boat today. All the radically conflicting messages you read sure don’t help, do they?

First, you have the self-proclaimed gurus telling you how you can make a killing overnight in this lucrative industry. But then, interspersed amongst the gurus are the naysayers who warn you that everyone who tries affiliate marketing is doomed to fail.

So, who’s right? And, can you really make money with affiliate marketing?

Here’s what I’ve learned during my years in the trenches. Affiliate marketing is a brilliant business model and the best online business to start from home. It’s absolutely true that there is a ton of opportunity and a LOT of money to be made! That said, you need a work ethic and the proper mindset to succeed

Sadly, not everyone has these traits, and that can and does lead to failure.  But fortunately, the flip side of that is also true.

Of course, the money won’t start rolling in immediately. Businesses need patrons to make money, and you don’t have any yet. But you absolutely can start something today that your future self will thank you for. And, a year or so down the road, you’ll be thrilled that you made this investment in your future.

Here’s how I think about making money by partnering with dog clothing affiliate programs (or any other program that captures your interest):

  • Help people find what they’re looking for
  • Answer as many of your reader’s questions as you can
  • Guide people to quality products that meet their needs

The Essence of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting the goods and services of other entities in exchange for a commission. There are numerous advantages to this business model.  What I appreciate most is that everyone benefits, including consumers, vendors, and affiliates.

How can readers best use the info in this post?

Excellent affiliate programs can supply wonderful inspiration for aspiring online entrepreneurs. Successful affiliate marketers start by building a website around a topic that appeals to a particular group of people. A website is a perfect forum for communicating online with an interested audience.

Choosing your direction is the first critical decision you make. Dog clothing is one possibility amongst millions of possible choices available to you. I recommend picking something that genuinely excites you and captures your interest. It will be far easier to engage with your target market and attract readers if you have an enduring interest in your topic.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Final Thoughts

With the new year still in its infancy, what better time to get inspired and resolve to pursue your dreams of working online from home?

Dog clothing is one of many intriguing possibilities for those who are considering an online business as an affiliate marketer. Be sure to check out these programs and the various product offerings of these vendors to get the ideas churning.

And, when you’re ready to get serious about creating a business check out the superior training, resources, and mentoring at this top online training platform.

Over to You

I’m very interested in your thoughts on these dog clothing affiliate programs or any questions you have regarding affiliate marketing in general. Please jump into the comments below and I will get back to you shortly!

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  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. I am so amazed by the different pictures of dog clothing. To be honest I never really got any clothing for my dog and I never imagined how good it would be. I should get some of this on Amazon. Thank you for this post 

  2. I never thought about looking into dog clothing as a niche but I think it’s a great idea. Like you, dogs have always been a big part of my home. I’ve always had dogs that were on the bigger side so finding clothes that fit them can be challenging. Most stores seem to think only small dog owners want to dress up their pets but that’s not the case.

    I have a website I’m currently working on but you’ve given me some new inspiration to think about 🙂 Thank you.

    • Hey Sam,

      I’m happy to provide inspiration and get you thinking in a new direction.  As a pet owner, you have some good insights into the motivations of your target market which is a big plus. And you’ve already identified a problem (difficulty in finding apparel for larger dogs) that you might be able to address for your readers. 

      Helping people find solutions is what affiliate marketing is all about. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!


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