What is the ClixSense Program and Is It Legit?

Are you one of the droves of retirees hoping to earn extra income online? I was motivated to write today’s post, what is the ClixSense program, because we have to understand the pros and cons of different choices out there. We must exercise caution when selecting an online path. Readers have asked whether ClixSense is a …

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What is the Definition of a Keyword and What Makes it Important?

What is the Definition of a Keyword

As a new blogger, one of the first topics you must understand is the importance of keywords. Let’s first agree on what is the definition of a keyword including examples. From there, we can clarify the significance of keywords from both a content generation and search engine optimization (SEO) perspective. For any blog, content is king and …

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How to Turn My Hobby Into a Business NOW

How to turn my Hobby into a Business Featured Image

It’s been an amazing experience learning how to turn my hobby into a business. I can highly recommend the experience to my fellow retirees looking to supplement retirement income. Frankly, it’s a great option for anyone interested in living a flexible lifestyle and making money from home. Stay at home Moms or Dads, disabled individuals, …

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7 Powerful Tips for How to Get More Traffic With Your Blog

How to Get More Traffic With Your Blog

Few things are more important for a niche website owner or blogger than traffic. Knowing how to get more traffic with your blog is an essential ingredient of online marketing success and sales generation. We know it’s about quickly grabbing the attention of your readers, sparking curiosity, and keeping them engaged. But how? Use these …

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How to Find More EFFECTIVE Keywords for a Website

How to Find Keywords for a Website

If you hope to be successful online, one of the most important skills to master is how to find keywords for a website. For those just starting to get their feet wet in the online marketing pool, you’ve heard the term “keywords” bandied about repeatedly. Initially, the term can be confusing, or at least it …

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Evernote – How to do Content Writing the EASY Way

How to do content writing the easy way Featured Image

I have frequently puzzled over how to do content writing in an efficient manner. Introducing Evernote to my workflow procedures has ended my puzzlement and provided a robust solution. Evernote is a phenomenal resource that has organized my blogging life and enabled enormous efficiencies. I can now work on several posts simultaneously with measurable time …

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