Home Gym Affiliate Programs: Can They Make You Money?

Are you contemplating a potentially lucrative fitness blog? If so, investigating these top home gym affiliate programs will serve you well. The current “fitness craze” ensures massive consumer interest in high-quality home gym options

As a niche affiliate marketing blogger, the opportunities to add value in the fitness arena are extensive. Moreover, helpful content that addresses reader concerns in conjunction with popular products is a winning combination for any online entrepreneur.

How to Make Money With Home Gym Affiliate Programs

Home gyms offer a plethora of advantages and health benefits. Most of us acknowledge the desirability of regular workouts. How many resolutions have you made? But, life tends to get in the way, doesn’t it?

Time is such a fleeting commodity in this busy world we live in today. I know I got pretty good at making excuses for letting my gym membership fees go to waste. Does anyone else want to “fess” up to that one?

So, many years ago, I converted a spare bedroom in my home and invested in a few core fitness devices. For me, this decision eliminated the hassle of fitting in trips to the gym and helped me make exercise a regular part of my weekly routine. Hence, I know I can relate to a broad target audience that faces similar issues.

Let’s explore how these affiliate programs might fit into your goal of making money with a website, shall we?

5 Top Home Gym Affiliate Programs That Can Make You Money

According to Statista.com, sales to U.S. consumers of home-use fitness equipment reached $3.86 billion in 2018. What’s more, this trend is projected to increase through 2024. If participating in this massive market appeals to you, here are some partnership opportunities you may want to consider.

Total Gym

Total Gym heads my list primarily due to personal experience. Like many seniors, my bone density is not where it should be. Consequently, strength and resistance training is indicated.  This fact drove me to do some research and make an investment in fitness equipment.

Total Gym Affiliate Program

Who can resist the ringing endorsements of Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley? I know I find them compelling, especially when Chuck talks about being a user for more than 40 years referring to it as his, “lean, mean exercise machine.” My total gym is almost a decade old at this point and still going strong. So. I’m comfortable saying it’s a robust piece of equipment.

Moreover, I find the versatility is amazing with multiple attachments, and the space requirements are manageable in my home. Since the gym is operable at varying resistance levels, it works for all ages and levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.

Some benefits to consumers include a 30-day risk-free trial period, the ability to use the equipment right out of the box with no assembly required, and interest-free payment plans. When you add in the fact that it weighs less than 100 pounds and folds down for easy storage, it’s a natural choice for a wide spectrum of prospective customers.

Here is the Total Gym baseline commission structure:

  • Core Trainer: 5% revenue share
  • Full Units: 7.5% revenue share
  • Attachments: 3% revenue share
  • DVDs: 3% revenue share

The cookie duration is 45 days for all leads generated through your affiliate links. Commission Junction administers their affiliate program. You can find more information or sign up for the Total Gym affiliate program here.


Bowflex, which is marketed and sold by Nautilaus, Inc., is a suite of strength and cardio fitness equipment with superior brand name recognition. This equipment has been a popular home gym choice since 1986. So, it’s by no means a fly-by-night operation.

Bowflex Affiliate Program

Innovative and compact all-in-one home gym models let you achieve a total body workout with efficiency. Products like the Max Trainer and TreadClimber give you an intense cardio workout that burns several times the calories of an ordinary treadmill. This intensity leads to faster fitness results.

Bowflex offers affiliate commissions starting at 3% with a 30-day tracking cookie for orders that originate through your site. Impact Radius manages the Bowflex Affiliate Program, and you can join here.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness supplies millions of health-conscious people around the globe with the products they need to achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner or a serious professional trainer, Life Fitness has the cutting-edge equipment and accessories you crave.

Space-saving strength training equipment is available in addition to fitness club-quality cardio machines such as treadmills, rowers, exercise cycles, and ellipticals. Life Fitness also has a plethora of popular accessories for the fitness-minded. They offer things like dumbbells, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, resistance bands, and mats.

You can sign up here for the Life Fitness affiliate program which is managed by Flexoffers. Commissions range from 9.6% to 12% of the sales you generate. The program also includes a 30-day cookie duration.

Life Fitness Affiliate Program

Jade Yoga

A home gym is nothing if not personal and flexible. Mine includes a yoga mat, yoga block, and DVDs with easy to follow yoga routines. As a golfer, I crave the flexibility of a yogi. And, the total relaxation of a tranquil session is always welcome because we all know that life is unhealthily stressful.

Jade Yoga Affiliate Program

For these and other reasons, I feel Jade Yoga is an appropriate addition to this list and a valuable alternative for fitness-dedicated websites. Finally, I love that their products are environmentally-friendly and contain no PVC or other toxic materials.

Your target market can select from a variety of gear that includes mats, blocks, towels, mat wash, and gift packages. Yoga equipment represents an inexpensive home workout option with myriad potential benefits.

Sign up for Jade Yoga’s affiliate program here, which is powered by Refersion. As an affiliate, you earn a 20% commission on all retail orders placed through your links that exceed $50. The cookie duration is 30 days.


Niche bloggers in a multitude of diverse fields can profitably partner with Amazon. Fitness bloggers are certainly no exception. A plethora of home gym and fitness equipment is available with something to fit most budgets. There’s also an excellent selection of ancillary items like fitness apparel and footwear.

Amazon Associates - An Excellent Source of Home Gym and Fitness Equipment for Affiliates

Amazon Associates earn a 4% commission on fitness-related products. Furthermore, while the cookie duration is only 24 hours, affiliates are eligible for commissions on any purchases made by their referrals during that period (store-wide).

Learn how to become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer by clicking here.

Promoting Home Gym Equipment Through Affiliate Marketing

Pour focus and passion into a niche affiliate website that helps visitors achieve a healthier lifestyle. It’s difficult to deny the evergreen appeal of getting fit. And, there’s a torrent of ideas for adding value in this arena.

The infographic below shows an overview of how the affiliate marketing business model works for those who are new to this method of making money from a website.

How to Make Money With Home Gym Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Marketing

The first step is attracting a target audience through your content marketing efforts. These efforts can include informational posts,  sought after product reviews, and equipment comparisons. Visibility is created through high-quality content that provides solutions and meets the search criteria of interested viewers.

Ranking Your Fitness Site With Keywords

When customers have questions about fitness solutions, they increasingly turn to Google to get answers. The billions of queries that are regularly entered into search engine text boxes are called keywords. And, they’re the lifeblood of any successful blog.

Your mission will be to research and ferret out low-competition keywords. From there, you can draft content around these traffic-producing gems. I used Jaaxy to find the keywords listed below.

Keyword Examples - Home Gym Equipment

These long-tail keywords are just the tip of the iceberg. But notice the high SEO scores. Keywords are a powerful strategy for drawing organic search engine traffic and getting the right eyes viewing your website posts. You can learn to optimize all of your content for maximum search engine visibility.

Learn to make money online with a niche website

Wrapping Up

You can take your passion for fitness and turn it into a profitable online business. After exploring the home gym affiliate programs above, you may also want to check out these tips for making money with a website.

The journey to a leaner and fitter you is one that most of us are on together with varying levels of success. Home gyms offer a convenient solution fitting into a room down the hall. Furthermore, it seems that droves of consumers really appreciate an approach to achieving their fitness goals that doesn’t involve fighting traffic, recurring gym membership fees, or judgments.

Does the prospect of first performing research and then sharing fitness tips with a hungry audience hold mass appeal for you? If so, my top recommended platform can provide all the training, support, and resources you need to make it happen.

To your success!

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Is fitness your thing? Please jump into the comments section and share your thoughts or questions about making money with home gym affiliate programs. I always respond to my readers!

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  1. Hello, fitness has always being my addiction right from time and seeing the potential that i can make money from my area of interest is already getting me excited. Getting myself on how to get started has not been my forte before but knowing that I can run a blog and also have tools to promote is great. I’m definitely going to give this a trial. Meanwhile, I also make use of jaxxy for my niche research. Thanks

    • Hi Tracy,

      I’m glad to hear you’re using Jaaxy for your keyword research because I know it to be a fantastic tool. It’s wonderful to latch onto a niche idea that captures your imagination.

      Good luck and thanks for your comments!

  2. This is awesome and thanks for sharing. Yes, I own a blog where I focus on fitness and I’m trying to turn into an authority on the niche but then, getting the right sets of products to promote has been an issue. Thanks for suggesting all these affiliate programs and for giving your thoughts on them, I will surely look them up. Thumbs up for this

  3. This post Is indeed filled with alot of ideas, Many of the companies that sell home gym equipment have affiliate programs, too, so it can be a nice industry for niche marketers to tap into it with ease, I’m so ready to give this a try, and to think of the fact that you brought suggestions of gym equipment to promote made it much more easier. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Home Gym Affiliate programs can really give you a great opportunity for making this as one of your niches. It’s on trend to have a build- your -own gym for many people mainly for the reason of accessibility and time management. As we all know, people are getting busier day by day. Many, still wouldn’t want to neglect their own physical health and fitness but have no more time to fit this in their schedule. They opt to have it built in the comfort of their home so they can use it anytime they want. Others who are shy to perform workouts with strangers are more likely to spend it in their humble abode. 

    There has been a rise in demand for gym products and equipment. That’s why Gym Affiliate programs are becoming helpful for reviews and recommendations. Being knowledgeable to the products of affiliates is also a good trait so you can market it easily. Besides, there are vast choices of products and even services to promote. Thank you for giving a list of reliable gym affiliate programs that have been trusted by many.  

    • Hi Missus,

      Yes, accessibility and time management were big drivers for me when I opted for a home gym. The facts do support huge demand and interest in the topic. 

      Thanks for your insightful comments!

  5. Great, informative article about home gym affiliate programs I would say. I have been creating content on different niches but everything relating to maintaining health or gaining power or condition sounds like topics for my next website cause I have been in powerlifting and bodybuilding industries half of my life thus far. Last couple of years as competitive, being able to reach national level top. However, I got lots of good ideas and new information about home gym affiliate programs and I will take a further look at your website to explore other articles as well. 

    • Hi Jesse,

      It sounds like your experiences and interests align nicely with a fitness blog. I’m glad I could inspire you with this post. Thanks for adding to the conversation and I wish you well with your affiliate marketing endeavors!

  6. We all realize that keeping fit is very important, to function at our work,sport,or even at home, we need to be in good condition, to have the stamina to complete our daily tasks.

    Several years ago I got invited to join a group doing exercises in a school gym,I was all agog and joined up,fortunately I didn’t have to pay up front,at the first session, I found that the whole group did the whole program every week,so they were toughened up to the level,and did it with ease,they said I must just do as much as I was able,but of course I wanted to show I could do it,to their level. when I got home I was so exhausted, that I never went back.

    The home gym idea is good ,but again you have to decide to keep going,each day and each week.A few years ago my wife and daughter decided to buy a home gym,quite a good one,they started to use it but now it sits, unused in the spare room,a waste of money.

    I would not be interested, in setting up a niche business and marketing gym equipment to home owners,as although I can see the benefits health wise,from my own experience,I don’t know whether, many will benefit from spending that money.

    I realize that having a home gym,saves you time spent in travelling, you save on gym fees,and you can do your fitness training at a time convenient to yourself,and in your own home,but you also have to have the discipline,to keep at it,even when you don’t feel up to it.

    • Hi Robert,

      It’s absolutely true that a home gym will only benefit people who are committed and dedicated to using it. I can honestly say that the decision to set up exercise facilities in my home was a very sound one for me. I admit to slacking off at times. But I exercise far more often at home than I did when I had to go to a gym. So, very for that’s a big plus.

      Success with any niche website requires that you pour passion into developing your site with a focus on the needs of the folks with a true interest in the topic. There is a massive target audience you can help with a fitness blog because they’re seeking exactly these types of solutions. That said, if your heart isn’t in it, you need to choose a different direction.

      I appreciate all perspectives. So, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish you well in finding that perfect niche that corresponds with your passions!

  7. This is a wonderful idea, especially if you are wanting to start your own online business and you love the keep fit and wellness industry. I had no idea that there were so many affiliate programs available, and some that also pay great commissions on your sales.

    With so many people shopping online nowadays, it just makes so much sense to offer a website packed with great equipment and helpful advice. This type of business is not only enjoyable to work at, but could be very lucrative at the same time.

    • Hi Michel,
      Yes, it’s hard to deny the overwhelming appeal of helping people achieve their fitness goals and improve their health. Fitness is a competitive field but I would have no concerns with that. There will always be subgroups within this massive market who are seeking answers to specific questions and solutions that are tailored to their needs. The content marketing ideas are endless, and I view this as a rewarding online business opportunity both personally and financially.
      I hope you will pursue this, and I wish you great success. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!


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