The Best Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Earnings

As I inhale the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee every morning, I’m often inspired by thoughts of making money with gourmet coffee affiliate programs. I know I’m not alone in my coffee cravings or my fascination with trying new gourmet blends.

In fact, everything I read suggests that I’m just one member of a broad and growing niche audience. The National Coffee Association (NCA) Data Trends Report for 2019 tells me that 63% of American adults drink coffee daily (consuming 3.2 cups per day). The report also notes that 61% of coffee drinkers choose gourmet coffee.

That’s a staggering market!

If you’re a coffee aficionado, I invite you to explore these excellent gourmet coffee affiliate programs for inspiration on how to make money in the lucrative gourmet coffee niche.

Make Money With a Niche Website and Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs

5 of the Best Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer, you can participate in the multi-billion dollar gourmet coffee industry without ever having to pick, roast, grind, or brew the coffee beans. Simply learn to promote the stellar products of one or more of the following organizations and collect your commissions.

KOA Coffee

KOA coffee is known for being of the finest quality and worthy of a connoisseur.  The KOA coffee plantation in Hawaii produces 100% Kona coffee that is always hand-picked and expertly roasted. Forbes magazine dubbed this the “best coffee in America.”

Customers may select ground or whole bean premium Hawaiian coffees in several roast profiles including Medium, Vienna, or Dark Roast.

Affiliates earn a 20% commission on all purchases of KOA coffee through their link. Additionally, KOA offers a 90-day cookie. This policy means that if someone clicks your link and then returns to purchase at any time in the following 90 days, you will earn a commission on the sale.

ShareASale administers the KOA Coffee affiliate program, and you can sign up here.


VitaCup represents a unique and exciting partnership opportunity. Delicious gourmet coffee is infused with vitamins and anti-oxidants to add a desirable wellness aspect to your blog. At VitaCup, customers can choose from a variety of ground coffees, coffee pods, coffee energy shots, and espressos to supercharge their morning pick-me-up.

My favorite is the innovative Genius blend. This unique blend contains essential vitamins (Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, & Antioxidants), nutrients to power your body and your brain (MCT Oil and Turmeric), a subtle hint of cinnamon, and Vitamin D. Combining these powerhouse ingredients with delicious 100% Arabica coffee is an amazing way to start your day.

Expand your content writing options by partnering with this organization while also receiving a 10% commission on every sale with a 30-day referral period. Sign up through CJ Affiliate here.


Gourmesso offers high-quality coffee made from Arabica and Robusta coffee beans in more than 25 different varieties. Try unique espresso blends ranging from dark to light roasts. Offerings also include a variety of flavored coffee blends like coconut, almond, chocolate, and vanilla.

Your customers will find coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso machines and also 100% compostable Keurig coffee pods that are environmentally friendly. Affiliates receive an attractive 20% commission on each sale with a referral cookie of 30 days.

CJ Affiliate administers the Gourmesso affiliate program. Find out more about partnering with Gourmesso here.

Coffee Wholesale USA

Coffee Wholesale USA, founded in 1997, continues a more than 20-year tradition of bringing great roasted coffees to the public at wholesale prices. They specialize in four delicious brands, including All Day Gourmet, Miss Ellie’s, The Coffee Club, and Native American Coffee.

Additionally, other popular coffee brands are available such as Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. Coffee Wholesale also offers a mouth-watering line of coffee cakes in addition to coffee and related supplies

By partnering with Coffee Wholesale USA, you can earn up to 9% commission. Your visitors can fulfill their needs for gourmet coffee, coffee supplies, and attractive gift baskets. Find information on the Coffee Wholesale Affiliate program here.


Partnering with Amazon is an excellent choice in most niches, and the coffee niche is undoubtedly no exception. Consider that the food and beverage segment is Amazon’s fasting growing segment, and coffee is the most popular product within this segment. In 2018, Amazon sold more than $140 million in coffee products.

With a 4% commission rate, earnings on individual sales may be lower than with other affiliate programs. But the rate is only one factor in the determination of earnings with the volume of sales being at least as significant. In addition to gourmet coffee, Amazon has an enormous line-up of related products such as coffee makers and grinders.

Amazon Associates also earn commissions on any product that a referral decides to purchase on the Amazon site for a period of 24 hours. You can read more about how to become an Amazon affiliate here.

Making Money With Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs

Identifying organizations with whom you can affiliate is a preliminary step on your journey to a lucrative online business as an affiliate marketer. Hopefully, the ideas and possibilities are churning, and you’ll decide to pursue this business endeavor further.

Without question, accessibility is one of the most appealing aspects of affiliate marketing. Unlike most brick and mortar businesses that require significant capital investments, the barriers to entry into the online world are minimal. Certainly, you will need guidance, training, and access to crucial resources.

But, I can assure you that everything you need is within your grasp.

Affiliate Marketing Training That Works

Affiliate Marketing: It Works!

We’re at the point in this discussion where folks are demanding, show me the money. So, I want to do just that and describe the process in more detail. Fundamentally, affiliate marketing entails connecting with an audience that has particular needs for information and products.

Success demands that you provide relevant and helpful data in a format that your target audience can find and absorb. Connecting with prospective customers and forging meaningful relationships by answering questions is essential, and in this Internet era, you will accomplish that feat by using a website.

Just as your desire to get the scoop on gourmet coffee affiliate programs led you to my site today, so too you will build an informative website and learn to draw readers. Initially, your total focus should be centered on researching the needs of your target market and developing content that addresses their queries.


Because a website that draws interested visitors will inevitably make money. So, first and foremost, you must establish your site as a credible source of information. The infographic below expands upon this brilliant business model.

Affiliate Marketing: It Works

Periodically, I read promotions filled with nonsense that suggest all you need to do to make money online is post a bunch of links. Have you seen some of those promos also?


You need to ask yourself how people will find your affiliate links and what would motivate folks to click those links and engage in purchase transactions. In a nutshell, the motivator is quality, trustworthy content that answers questions that real people are regularly asking.

Fact: Billions of people conduct Internet searches every day!

Queries conducted by your target audience will lead to your website if you understand the proper use of keywords and search engine optimization.

A quick search in Jaaxy reveals distinct customer interest and some attractive keywords in the gourmet coffee niche.

Gourmet Coffee Keywords

These related questions also provide some excellent fodder for appealing blog posts.

Keywords for a Coffee Website

Am I spurring your curiosity? It seems the domain name is also available.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely turn your interest in gourmet coffee affiliate programs into a lucrative business venture. But you do need to take massive action to make that happen. I applaud the eagerness to learn more, which led you to my site.

Since you’ve come this far, I hope I can convince you to take that next vital step in your online journey. I found all the support and tools I needed to launch my profitable website when I found this sophisticated website training platform. I got started for free, and I hope you’ll give yourself that same advantage.

To your success!

Over To You

Did this post on gourmet coffee affiliate programs meet your needs and expectations? Do you have any experience with the affiliate programs listed above that you can share? I’ll hope to hear from you in the comments below!

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32 thoughts on “The Best Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Earnings”

  1. Thanks for sharing these Coffee affiliate programs. I am a coffee aficionado, I drink a maximum of 4 cups a day, starting with my morning cup to boost my day:). I am into trying different coffee variations discovering other aromas and flavors. I have heard of KOA before but did not really try it. I guess I’ll check that out. I do believe also that affiliate marketing works just like what you have mentioned as I am into affiliate marketing but in a different niche.

    • Hi Gillian,

      You are part of a massive group of people who are not only coffee lovers but are fascinated with the varying options available. I believe that’s what makes this an excellent niche choice because folks will invariably turn to the Internet to broaden their coffee knowledge and experiences. Enterprising affiliate marketers can tap into this market by helping people find the information they seek.

      I’m thrilled to learn you’ve already taken the plunge and discovered the myriad possibilities of Internet marketing. I wish you well in your chosen niche and appreciate your comments!

  2. Yes! Affiliate marketing works very well and even though I take coffee constantly, I have never given it a thought to create a website on the niche of coffee. This has actually given me an excellent idea and also given me the list of the best coffee products to promote online in order to get more income. Their commission rates are high and I will definitely look forward to promoting all these gourmet coffee products when I set up my blog. Even Amazon’s commission rates are still okay with other benefits attached to them. Great post!

    • Hi Ro,

      What I’ve discovered is that we are surrounded by viable and lucrative niches. Do your research, dig deep, and content ideas start to explode. I’m pleased I could provide inspiration, and I wish you every success.

      Thanks for jumping in!

  3. This is a really fabulous post. Well written and spot on. I have been looking for the perfect affiliate niche to jump on since I joined an affiliate platform and I’ve had problems picking a lucrative business. After reading this post on best gourmet coffee I think I should sign up for these affiliate programs and get my commissions flowing. I really like the advice you have given too in this post. I’ll put everything into consideration. Thanks for bringing the best coffee affiliate programs to my table, because I am an avid coffee lover.

    • Hi Henderson,

      My experiences with affiliate marketing over the past few years have convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can turn any interest into a lucrative business. I’m fond of saying that success hinges on the 3 Ps: passion, persistence, and patience. That said, my research and the existence of these superior affiliate programs indicates that gourmet coffee is a highly viable niche.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I wish you great success as you embark on an exciting venture!

  4. Writing about coffee is something that I certainly have a major interest in.

    Up to about 10 years ago, I hardly ever touched coffee.

    This changed as drinking coffee became a big part of my daily regime before and during work.

    i really like the look oh the Vitacup coffee blend, I will definitely look into this a bit further, thanks.

    • Hi Shane,

      I’m a huge fan of the Vitacup Genius blend and have started drinking it daily. The flavor is amazing and I believe the additional nutrients have a powerful impact. From an affiliate marketing perspective, this innovative product also supplies some excellent content possibilities. So, I think it’s worthy of your consideration.

      Good luck and thanks for reading!

  5. That’s a nice income opportunity.  By taking your time to explain in detail this has caught my attention and I really want to be part of this wonderful opportunity. I’m still young and this affiliate program niche that you are offering can help earn me a great income so that I can retire early.

    What kind of support will you be providing me so that I can be sure of succeeding in this niche?. 

    I can see you have much information on this affiliate niche and I want to be part of this community. 

    Take Care. 

    • Hi Sumani,

      I appreciate your interest in affiliate marketing. Getting started early in life can indeed allow you to prepare for early retirement. Building a website and establishing authority in a niche can take time. One ideal scenario is to launch your online business as a side hustle while you’re still employed and earning an income. Many people are eventually able to completely replace their full-time employment income with the earnings from their affiliate marketing business.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a world-class training facility with all the resources you will need including an amazingly supportive community of thousands who are eager to pay-it-forward and help aspiring marketers. I will certainly be available to answer your questions as you engage in training. But more importantly, you can ask questions of the community at large and receive instant answers in live chat on a 24/7 basis. The owners pop into live chat regularly as do many other industry experts and super affiliates. 

      You are truly never alone at WA. Once again, the starter membership is totally risk-free so there is no reason not to check it out first hand.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope to see you inside the platform!

  6. Wow, Linda. Can I just say I appreciate the thoroughness of your post and for including possible keywords and even a domain name. I must admit, I got really tempted to start a new website (but I already have 2 and regularly contribute to another so maybe I should stop myself ha ha).

    That said, I’ll take advantage of the affiliate links as I’m big on coffee myself and prefer gourmet too. One day soon, I’m sure that will come in handy. 🙂

    Thanks again for the lovely post.

    • Hi Kevin and Jade,

      It’s true, isn’t it? Once you become involved in affiliate marketing and you realize that you can turn any passion into a viable business, it’s easy to get carried away. I agree it’s best to focus on one or two websites at a time.

      Good luck with your online business and thanks for your comments and kind words!

  7. This is like a holy grail for coffee lovers like myself – Learning more about gourmet coffee and being able to earn from it too! Just look at that competition search, you can basically not write about it and keep the market all for yourself but you’re angel to share it with us, thank you! Time to really be a coffee professional 😀

    • Hi Riaz,

      My passion is sharing my acquired knowledge about affiliate marketing including niche ideas with my readers. The fact is that there’s room for all of us in the gourmet coffee market or any other field. We all bring our own enthusiasm and perspectives. In any field, there are specific questions or problems that are not yet being addressed. If you do your research, you can locate excellent long-tail keywords with limited competition. 

      Good luck as you pursue your dream, and I appreciate your comment!

  8. I am Italian and i love coffee, I would also love to retire somewhere and work from home, at least get a little income to help me on a monthly basis. What a good idea coffee! Besides the fact that I truly love drinking coffee, i never thought you could actually make money from the coffee industry, not as an affiliate.

    Thank you for the post and thank you for all the suggestions. I will definitely look into it.

    • Hi Barbara,

      I can certainly attest to the fact that affiliate marketing is a great fit for retirees and an excellent way to supplement retirement income. It’s very possible to turn anything you love into a thriving niche business. It sounds like gourmet coffee may work well for you. I hope you will also pursue training through Wealthy Affiliate to ensure you have the necessary background, resources, and support to lay a proper foundation for your business.

      You have my best wishes for success. Thanks for commenting!

  9. I think this is a great Affiliate program for me. I am trying to start a beauty and wellness niche website and I can include coffee in so many ways. I didn’t know there was an affiliate program for coffee, this is awesome. Do they sell the coffee beans? Or is it in powder form already?

    I will keep your post bookmarked for later.


    • Hi Adyns,

      Yes, all of these organizations distribute coffee beans. I hope this works out as a viable addition to your existing website. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  10. Your site is informative and easy to understand Thanks for sharing these Coffee affiliate programs. I have heard of KOA before but did not really try it. I guess I’ll check that out. I do believe also that affiliate marketing works.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I wish you great success. I hope I learn something from your future posts.

    • Hi Jan,

      KOA’s endorsement by Forbes is a powerful recommendation. So, I don’t think you can go wrong in choosing to partner with them. Taking action is the key to success in affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck in your future endeavors!

  11. Good Morning Linda,

    When I started to read your post on Best Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs for a split second I thought I could also smell the aroma your described so well. My nose was having a wishful thinking moment and then I realized I would have to go down to the kitchen and make some coffee if I wanted to have a cup.

    I am aware that more people are getting interested in the coffee drinking culture. I would not want to miss my midday morning break without enjoying a cup. When I do my weekly shopping on Wednesday in the village I have to have my little espresso in one of the bars.

    Having read your 5 recommendations I think I will investigate a bit more on KOA Coffee and their program. The 90-day cookie and that Forbes magazine said it was the best coffee in America really got me interested. Thank you for this information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hi Taetske,

      I love your reference to a “coffee-drinking culture.” As I dipped into keyword research around gourmet coffee, it became clear that this is a massive target audience with extensive interests around different gourmet blends, coffee flavors, and home-preparation techniques. I think many folks would like to repeat the espresso coffee bar experience in their own kitchen. I truly see gourmet coffee as a content marketing dream.

      I agree you can’t go wrong with the KOA Coffee Affiliate program that supplies quality products from a reputable organization. Happy blogging and thanks for your comments!


  12. Thanks, Linda for this helpful piece.

    I am.looking into this Gourmet coffee affiliate program seriously, and I find your recommended list really very helpful.

    I am already affiliated with CJ and ShareASale, so I am happy that  KOA and VitaCup are hosted by them which makes it easier to join their program.

    From your article, it is very clear that the coffee niche is really growing and it is definitely worth exploring..

    Thanks for sharing


    • Hi Queen,

      I’m happy to be of service because I love helping fledgling Internet marketers find their way. Thanks for sharing, and I hope your gourmet coffee niche website experiences massive success!

  13. Thank you! This is a great article. Gourmet coffee is a good product to sell as an affiliate marketer because its something that people can find a wider selection of online than in their local stores. Also, if you like coffee, it gives you a chance to test it yourself before you do a write-up. Coffee is probably high competition but if you choose good keywords and get good traffic like WA teaches you then you could do really well with it! Thanks for sharing this idea.

    • Hi Charles,

      You make some excellent points here and I appreciate your insights. Droves of people are now regularly shopping online for many of their purchases, In part, convenience is a big driver behind this shift. But broader options is also a huge factor.

      Low competition keywords are the ticket to success in most niches and gourmet coffee is no exception. A bit of research will always uncover long-tail keywords that prospective customers are seeking answers to that few other websites are addressing. Individually, traffic may not be huge but in the aggregate, you can draw in significant numbers of interested visitors.

      Thanks for the interest and taking the time to comment!

  14. You have inspired me.  You are so correct that the world is full of coffee drinkers, and tapping into that market has to be worthwhile for the business owner.  An affiliate coffee program!  Who would have guessed it? Perhaps I should incorporate the idea into my “home business” site.  After all, if you work from home, you definitely need good coffee!

    Of course, my offering would probably pale next to yours — you have presented your information flawlessly.  I am impressed.

    Yes, I agree, that affiliate marketing is the way to go.  I think it is the business plan for today and for the future.  The industry will keep growing.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you can tap into this worldwide market.  And, why not start your marketing day with a cup of gourmet coffee? At the very least, I will try a cup of your VitaCup.  Getting vitamins with your coffee seems like the way to go.  

    Thanks for an excellent and inspiring post, Linda.  I’m excited by your information and awed by your presentation.  Your coffee in the morning must be agreeing with you.

    • Hi Fran,

      Yes, my morning Vitacup is definitely agreeing with me 🙂 Working from home is awesome, but you do need to be self-motivated and sometimes your morning needs a little jumpstart!

      Affiliate marketing is now a $6.9 billion industry, so I have to agree that it makes a lot of sense to get involved. I wish you great success with your own home business.

      Many thanks for the kind words and for sharing your thoughts! 

  15. Thanks for listing some potential coffee affiliate programs. I recently created a new website for the coffee niche, but haven’t found a specific coffee affiliate program. I am not an Amazon partner, so I think it will be better to use other programs. Gourmesso seems suitable for my readers. I will check it right away. Thanks again.

    • Hi Alblue,

      You’re very welcome, and I’m pleased you found this information helpful. The coffee niche is rich in content marketing possibilities, and I wish you great success! Finding a reputable organization to partner with is a vital step. Gourmesso certainly fits that bill.

      I hope you’ll pop back at some point and let me know how it’s working out. I appreciate your comments!

  16. Hi Linda,
    You’re right. There’s nothing as enticing to a coffee lover as the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting from somewhere. This tells you that promoting a program to sell this product will be profitable. You got my interest peaked in this.

    When I came to the part about “5 of the Best Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs”, I was hoping to see the one I knew about (Valentus) but that wasn’t the thing. That’s what makes this piece great. I learnt about other programs to promote as an affiliate.

    Thanks for that information about “Making Money With Gourmet Coffee Affiliate Programs” and assuring us that “Affiliate Marketing: It Works!” Thank you for not stopping there. You actually told us how to market this product using keywords and how to find those keywords.

    I haven’t yet found a piece where people were told how to go about it and succeed.

    Thanks for this. I will surely come back and learn more.


    • Hi Akoli,

      In my retirement years, I’ve found passion and purpose in offering tips about making money with a website in today’s online world. Identifying potential affiliates in a given niche is one preliminary step that’s important. But naturally, there’s a lot more to it which is why I choose to identify the additional steps necessary for success. I’m pleased I inspired interest and that you learned some things as you read my article.

      Good luck with your online journey and thanks for commenting!


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