The Best Tea Affiliate Programs: How to Brew Better Blog Profits?

Are you one of the estimated 2 billion passionate tea drinkers worldwide? The many excellent tea affiliate programs make creating a blog within this evergreen niche an intriguing possibility. Why not let your passion fuel the development of a sustainable online business?

Per Statista, global tea revenue in 2019 was approximately $214.8 billion, and the expectation is that income will continue to increase at a rate of 6.9% through 2023. Those are some pretty impressive stats!

Did you know that of all beverages, tea is the second most popular drink in the world? Only water is consumed more frequently. Moreover, there are hundreds of types, flavors, and brands of tea that provide a plethora of blogging options from tea reviews alone.

But reviews are not the only useful information your blog might communicate. Your target market may also search for many related topics such as tea and food pairings, tea-infused recipes, and the health benefits of tea, among others.

Furthermore, there are tons of sought after how-to guides you might contribute. My research suggests a shocking number of low-competition, long-tail keywords that will keep your blogging calendar filled.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tea affiliate programs and then talk next steps, shall we?

How to Make Money With Tea Affiliate Programs

6 of The Best Tea Affiliate Programs To Consider


DAVIDsTEA launched in 2008 and now has over 280 stores in Canada and the US in addition to a robust online presence. This company offers more than 100 loose leaf teas to satisfy every palette, including black, green, herbal, matcha, chai, and white.


These offerings include both organic and fair trade teas. Moreover, DAVIDsTEA offers a broad selection of iced teas, gift packages, and teaware.

Commission: 4 – 8%

Tracking Cookie: 15 Days

Affiliate Network:  CJ Affiliate

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2. Teatulia

Teatulia markets organic teas grown in a USDA certified organic tea garden in Bangladesh. The company has a strong social mission to improve the lives of Bangladeshi workers and to rebuild the local ecosystem. Customers purchase products that are grown without toxic chemicals using methods that are good for the environment.

Teatulia Logo

Teatulia has a wide range of loose-leaf, infused, and iced teas. They also are noted for innovative products like tea sodas and energy teas. Their line includes gift and sampler sets, including an interesting tea cocktail collection Teatulia is an excellent choice for those seeking quality products from a socially and environmentally responsible organization.

Commission:  12%

Tracking Cookie:  30 Days

Affiliate Network:  Share-a-Sale

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3. Teabox is an online retailer of fresh teas grown in India and Nepal. The company does not work with wholesalers or use a distribution chain. Rather, they acquire fresh tea from producers and market their tea to individual consumers around the world. The focus at Teabox is delivering the world’s most refreshing beverages by simplifying and shortening the delivery process.

Teabox Logo

In addition to a standard array of loose leaf teas, Teabox has unique tea blends comprised of natural products such as spices, herbs, dried fruits, and flowers. Some of those lively blends include Orange Pineapple Black, Chile Berry Black, and Moroccan Mint Green Tea.

Additional products include convenient TeaPacs and teaware like infusers, tea storage, and teapots.

Commission:  10%

Tracking Cookie:  15 Days

Affiliate Network:  Share-a-Sale

Join Affiliate Program Here.

4. Teabloom

Teabloom markets amazing innovative and artistic flowering tea balls. The balls are formed from a combination of green or black tea leaves and edible flowers, including Jasmine, Lillies, Roses, Lavender, Marigolds, and Chrysanthemums. When placed in boiling water, the balls open up to display the flower petals, and it literally appears to be a blooming flower.

Teabloom Logo

The blends are delicious. But the flowering teas are also prized for their medicinal benefits, which make them the latest rage in healthy foods.  Flowering teas contain anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve arthritis. Other benefits are improved cognition and motor skills. Some may even help in the prevention of cancer,

Teabloom also markets a collection of clear glass teaware designed to showcase the beautiful blooming teas clearly. Their products make exceptional gifts for special occasions.

Commission:  12%, plus a $10 bonus for the first sale

Tracking Cookie:  45 Days

Affiliate Network:  Share-a-Sale

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5. Sips by

The Sips by Online Tea Shop specializes in providing tea aficionados, a multi-brand, personalized tea subscription service. Customers create a profile based on taste preferences, which dictate the teas selected for their box each month. Teas are chosen from over 150 premium tea brands from around the world,

Sips by Online Teas Service Logo

A Sips by box subscription runs $15 each month with free shipping in the US. Each box contains 4 different tea brands and will brew 15+ cups of tea. The organization’s mission is to help users navigate the tea world and experience new tea sensations.

Product offerings include organic tea, loose leaf tea, bagged tea, and all forms of teaware.

Commission:  10%

Tracking Cookie:  45 Days

Affiliate Network:  Share-a-Sale

View more details or join here.

6. Amazon

It doesn’t make sense to leave Amazon out of the mix because they sell a plethora of tea brands and tea-related products. Moreover, many newbie affiliate marketers are either already an Amazon Associate or can readily join. Finally, customers are familiar with Amazon, which promotes trust.

Amazon Logo

Amazon’s cookie window is significantly shorter at 24 hours. However, the Amazon marketplace is vast and diverse. Associates earn a commission on anything purchased within the cookie window by a referral customer.

Commission:  4.5%

Tracking Cookie: 24 hours

Affiliate Network:  Amazon Associates Program

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate Marketer

So, What’s the Next Step?

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online, and there are myriad benefits to becoming an affiliate. Tea is one example of an evergreen niche, but the truth is that if you take the right steps, you can make money in any field of interest.

Tea offers abundant possibilities but is a broad topic where it will be difficult to shine. You will want to focus on a narrower segment of this massive market. For instance, you might choose to target matcha tea lovers, infused tea enthusiasts, or perhaps the health benefits of green tea.

Specializing in a narrower field will make it easier to develop authority and a brand presence. However, regardless of your specialization, step one is to build a website to showcase your helpful and informative content. Although you have other choices, your best bet is to use WordPress to create your site. There are sound reasons for its market dominance.

Domain Name

Spend some time brainstorming a unique and catchy domain name for your website. Keep it simple and memorable. You don’t need to get overly hung up here, but this can be a fun and creative aspect of the process.

Here are a few ideas that are currently available:

By the way, it’s best to stick with a dot com extension as this is what readers expect, and it will make it easier for readers to remember your address and find you. I buy my domains through the SiteRubix platform at Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 per year. So, the cost is quite manageable.

Web Hosting

Check out my Wealthy Affiliate hosting review to see why this managed WordPress hosting is the perfect alternative for newbie and more experienced bloggers. Factors such as speed, reliability, and security will be critical to your online success. Furthermore, the outstanding training available at WA will properly position your website for a rocking success!

Do yourself a huge favor and take full advantage of the free (no credit card required) Starter Membership at WA to gain a better understanding of the affiliate marketing business model.

Are you curious to see an outstanding example of a website in the tea niche? For inspiration, you might want to check out this award-winning tea blog called Tea For Me Please.

Final Thoughts

I hope all you tea lovers feel inspired by these tea affiliate programs. I applaud you for seeking more information about making money online in fresh and exciting ways.

Don’t stop now and leave tons of additional free guidance on the table!

My affiliate marketing journey is nothing short of awesome, and it all began with a WA starter membership. I wish you well and strongly encourage you to follow your dreams. With the right guidance and resources, anyone can do this!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this post here. The best tea affiliate programs that you have shared  here are really great and I appreciate you for sharing them. I have a website that is on wellness niche, I guess I can add tea to it too and that is really great. I actually like the Teatuli platform too.

    • Hi Philip,

      There are so many health and wellness benefits to green tea and many infused or herbal teas that I think this would make a great addition to your site. I’m glad you found the post helpful and will derive a direct benefit.

      Thanks for sharing this small success with me!

  2. Hi Linda. Thanks very much for this article. Affiliate Marketing has always been the best. With this, you can work from home and earn on autopilot. I will probably look into these affiliate programs. Thanks so much, Linda. Am grateful. This article of yours will help hundreds out there to work from home. Like me

    • Hi Manfred,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I hope these affiliate programs work out well for you.

      Good luck, and thanks for your comments!

  3. I never knew that tea could have such power as an affiliate.  Also, there’s a good reference to Wealthy Affiliate.  If I did it, I would pick tea in general, since I would never run out of topics.  I’d go over to it myself, if I wasn’t already doing a website on dogs.  Maybe once I get far enough here making money, I can expand to another website.

    • the number of great affiliate programs in virtually any niche is just awesome, isn’t it? I really do believe the tea niche is filled with possibilities. I agree that you could find an indefinite number of great topics to blog about. I stumbled upon flowering teas in the course of doing my research for this post. I had to try it and I’m hooked. It’s wonderful!

      But I think you’re very wise to stick with one niche until the website is well-established and making money. Some people branch out into multiple websites a little too soon and they spread themselves too thin. 

      Good luck with your dog site and thanks for connecting!


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