How to Make Money Online From What YOU Most Enjoy!

So, how long have you been searching for information on how to make money online from what YOU most enjoy in How to Make Money Online From What You Most Enjoylife? A few months? Years? My personal quest was a long one, but I’m now thrilled to share my secrets with you!

The searching is natural, right?

Many of us have spent large chunks of our working career dreaming of having our own business, being the boss, or at least doing something we truly love. Unfortunately, the pressing need to pay the bills often drives us to set the dream aside.

Retirement was my motivator to try again. A bit ironic isn’t it? Early in my career, I looked forward to my retirement years as a time of leisure. But as retirement loomed, I begin to rethink that.

There were several reasons for my change of heart that may apply to you as well. My retirement savings were a little skimpier than I might have hoped for which meant I had to consider supplementing my income in some fashion. The thought of working for someone else again, even part-time, held no appeal.

Then too, there was the dream! Could I really give it up for good? No time was no longer an excuse. I had plenty of that! I’m also driven to remain active and vital in my golden years which for me equates to learning new things.

Learning while pursuing my dream just felt right, so I renewed my search in earnest and stumbled upon the perfect answer. Let me share my solution with you because it just may work for you also!

How Can I Make Money Online From What I Love?


How Can I Make Money Online From What I Love


We’ve all suspected for some time that working on the Internet was the way to go. After all, the online world is so universally accessible. All it takes is a computer and an Internet connection and vast possibilities open before us.

Making money online from what you love and are passionate about is a four step process and getting started is easy. Getting started is also free! That’s the good news! Is achieving success easy? Not at all! But it sure is possible, and you do love a challenge, right?

So, let me walk you through the steps.

Step 1 – What Is It That You Love?

We’re all so different, and that’s never more obvious than when we take stock of our favorite hobbies and personal passions. So, the first step is to make your list of the things that most intrigue you or provide the most pleasure in life.

Take a few moments to jot your thoughts down. I’ll wait.

 Then go the extra mile and do a bit of searching in Google around the topics on your list. Do you see them? I’m referring to the niche websites that cater to people like yourself with an interest in these pursuits.

One of those sites could be yours!

Feeling unsure? Your choices are incredibly extensive, but let’s throw out a handful of suggestions to get the wheels churning.

How about….

Why don’t you take it from there?

Step 2 – Build A Beautiful Website

Your website is where the dream begins because this is how you will communicate and engage with others who thoroughly enjoy the same things you do. A key secret I want to share with you is that creating a website is not as difficult as you might think.

Since I’ve never been very computer savvy, I was a little worried about this step. But I also had both a strong desire and an insatiable curiosity. When I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and realized I could experiment with building my own website for free, nothing could deter me. I was not going to let this opportunity slip away.

After all, how often do you get to explore your dreams with no obligations and no credit card?

A free Starter Membership in Wealthy Affiliate lets you do just that! I couldn’t turn down the chance to build my own website and complete 10 free lessons on how to start an online business, and I hope you won’t either. I had never seen an opportunity like this one and wasn’t expecting a better deal than free!

Join Wealthy Affiliate As a $0 Starter Member

I invite you to watch the video on my build a website page to see just how simple it is to create the basic structure for a successful site. It takes minutes and just four mouse clicks to get online! Wach the process in real-time!

Step 3 – Attract Visitors to Your Website

Attract Visitors to Your Website

Do you have friends, or perhaps a club, that share your interests? Can you chat endlessly with these like-minded individuals? Attracting visitors to your site is very similar to engaging in these kinds of conversations. But you will engage with your niche by writing blog posts instead of conversing in person.

This is where the training, resources, and supportive community available at Wealthy Affiliate comes into play. You will learn about the proper use of keywords and search engine optimization techniques in attracting readers. It’s fascinating! But I won’t lie to you. This is also where the challenge comes into the picture!

Growing your audience takes some persistence! I’ve enjoyed the journey, and I think you will too but to experience the rewards you have to dive in and give it your best shot.  You have to take that first step!

Step 4 – Earn Revenue From Your Website

Earn Revenue from Your Website

The focus of the training at Wealthy Affiliate is on Affiliate Marketing because it’s a proven technique for earning money from a website. As an affiliate, you promote the goods and services of other entities in exchange for a commission.

There are other options. Eventually, you may want to market your own products. But I recommend getting started online as an affiliate marketer because of the simplicity and popularity of this business model. If you ever make purchases online, you have no doubt purchased through affiliate links. This is also true for a huge percentage of the more than 3 billion people who use the Internet on a daily basis!

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this discussion of how to make money online from what YOU most enjoy to be as interesting and enlightening as I did when I started my online business almost a year ago.

I can’t tell you what a rewarding and life-changing experience it’s been and I hope to share the adventure with as many of my readers as possible! I’m an annual premium member of WA enjoying all of the benefits it has to offer.

Maybe I’ll see you inside WA. If so, it will be my pleasure to help you make your online dreams a reality!

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