What is the Best Way to Learn SEO and Affiliate Marketing?

What is the best way to learn SEO

Do you have a dream of starting an online business from home? If so, you may be one of many individuals who has asked, what is the best way to learn SEO and affiliate marketing. It’s a popular question, so you’re not alone. You’ve also found the right place to get the answers you deserve.

In today’s Internet era, an online affiliate marketing business is an excellent choice for just about anyone. But it’s a truly incredible option for retirees seeking to supplement pension income without having to return to the workforce.

Working from home has many advantages, not the least of which is a flexible schedule that allows you to work on the timeframe of your choosing. All you really need is a computer, an Internet connection, and the determination to succeed.

There are many options for acquiring and developing skills as an affiliate marketer including essential SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge. I’d like to share my insights gleaned from personal experience in operating an online business over a period spanning this last year.

My experiences have confirmed my belief as a former educator that the best way to learn both SEO and affiliate marketing is to take action and develop “hands-on” expertise within a supportive learning environment. Step-by-step, task-oriented tutorials allow you to learn by doing. Nothing can top trying it yourself!

You can supplement tutorials with some excellent reading materials available from authority sites on the Web which I will share with you below and I encourage you to do just that. But reading is insufficient on its own because it’s too theoretical. I end up with too many questions such as “what does that look like” and “how do the mechanics work”.

My Wealthy Affiliate Experience

Engaging in tutorial learning that involves reading a lesson, watching a video walk-through of the process, listening to the audio component that accompanies the video, and performing each step yourself is key to grasping the concepts. And let’s not discount the value of asking questions in dedicated classrooms or a live chat forum.

I’ve enjoyed all of these benefits as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined WA a year ago as a free Starter Member and continue to reap the benefit of participation in this exceptional online community. I urge you to consider this path because it’s an outstanding opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge without making an on-going commitment.

You do not need a credit card to create a Starter Membership and you can remain at this membership level for as long as you choose. I eventually upgraded to a Premium Membership because this unlocks additional training and resources but that’s entirely a personal decision and one you should only make if it’s right for you.

Join Wealthy Affiliate As a $0 Starter Member

I appreciate you letting me take this opportunity to explain my thought process on the best way to learn SEO and affiliate marketing and the role that WA can play. This online marketing platform is second to none in terms of training, resources, and community support. It also offers unparalleled value at any membership level.

Your free Starter Membership includes 2 websites and managed WordPress hosting on the SiteRubix platform. The value of this is huge because you can follow along and implement each lesson on your own website and immediately publish the results and see it live on the Web. You may even be able to earn as you learn.

Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – An Overview of the Process

Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing


The major focus of WA is helping folks to learn the basics of affiliate marketing in a hands-on fashion. The infographic above presents an overview of the affiliate marketing process which is fundamentally a very simplistic business model. Click the image to view Lesson 2 in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Program.

I don’t mean to imply that achieving success is simple. That will take work and sustained effort over time but the concept is very straightforward and you can begin immediately to establish a foundation for future success. Growing your online business venture is a cumulative process that you will build one post at a time once you understand foundation concepts.

Creating a successful affiliate marketing business is essentially a 4 step process.

It’s a journey that begins, just as every other journey begins, by taking the first step. As a member of WA, you’ll walk with other entrepreneurs along a proven path.

SEO – The Lifeblood of a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Search engine optimization refers to the methods and techniques that website owners employ to make their site and content more visible to users of the major search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Why is SEO so critical?

The last time you looked up information on the Internet, I’ll bet you used a search function to locate relevant sources and articles. Face it, we Google everything today! There are other sources of traffic such as social media sites and forums but the search engines represent a phenomenal source of organic website traffic that we ignore at our peril.

Every website owner is eager for page one rankings in the search engine results for one very simple reason.

Website Rankings + Targetted Traffic = Revenue

Learn to Create a Google-Friendly Website

Let’s see. I can tackle the job of unraveling SEO mysteries alone or I can learn from successful online entrepreneurs who’ve conquered the challenge. I’ve made my choice and I stand by it! What path will you choose? 

 One of the first lessons you’ll complete as a Starter Member is Getting Your Website Ready for SEO.

But there’s so much more!

WA has an entire classroom devoted to SEO. Take a look at the breadth of content in that classroom.

Search Engine Optimization Classroom


Self-paced tutorials, videos, courses and extensive Q & A are available to enlighten you on this critical topic. Additionally, WA offers weekly webinars (aka WAbinars) on pertinent marketing topics. Here’s an example of a recent presentation.

SEO Webinar Training Example

SEO Webinar Description

Don’t be concerned that you missed this information-rich broadcast. All webinars (52 webinars per year) are recorded and available for future viewing at your convenience. How cool is that?

Take action by first studying and then implementing the techniques practiced by people who have earned a full-time living from Internet marketing for many years.

tweet-Learn to Create a Google-Friendly Website!Learn to Create a Google-Friendly Website!

Learn How to do Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research for SEO

What is keyword research for SEO? Through your training, you will quickly grasp the significance of effective keyword usage in crafting information-rich posts that lure interested readers. WA premium membership includes the unlimited use of a super keyword tool. Starter members can make use of 30 free keyword searches through a trial membership in Jaaxy.

Keyword phrases drive natural search traffic so learning to find and optimize these search terms is a critical component of your SEO education. WA has it covered!

Learn How to Keep Visitors Engaged

Every blogger is obsessed with their bounce rate and the fear that readers will not engage. Who wants to write a post that no one reads? Learn to write engaging posts that draw readers in because they address real questions and pain points!

Write clickable headlines, add visual appeal, include massively valuable information that is focused on your readers. Make it easy to read and scan with subtitles, short sentences, and easily digestible paragraphs. I use a plugin called Yoast SEO to keep me on track with readability factors in addition to other SEO attributes.

WordPress plugins are an endless source of vibrant discussions amongst WA community members!

3 Supplemental Resources to Enhance Your Learning Experience

When you’ve built the core foundation for your website and absorbed the basics through implementation, it’s time to expand your knowledge base and solidify those principles.

Here are three of my favorite resources that have helped to strengthen my learning experience. As a complete newbie, I found them a bit overwhelming. But as we all know, knowledge is power! Now that I’ve developed essential core skills and am no longer floundering, I view these as must-read SEO resources.


Moz offers a Beginner’s Guide to SEO that includes 10 chapters ranging from basics to more advanced SEO principles. Once you have a live website, you can takes advantage of the techniques they sprinkle throughout the guide.


Nothing like going to the source! As the reigning search engine, it’s not surprising that Google offers a downloadable Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. It may take you a while to master the exhaustive guidance in this guide but it’s a worthy endeavor!

The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

I love this concise guide available at Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

Summing Up Our Discussion

I’ve enjoyed answering the question what is the best way to learn SEO and affiliate marketing. I offer these insights based on a year-long adventure in pursuing an online business dream. Today, I can enthusiastically assure you that the dream is attainable in the right learning environment.

And it’s worth the effort!

Are you eager to share your SEO tips or affiliate marketing experience? Please join the conversation by posting your comments below. My readers and I look forward to reading your contributions to the discussion!


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I wish you massive success!


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22 thoughts on “What is the Best Way to Learn SEO and Affiliate Marketing?”

  1. Wow, this was a great post full of details that I had not considered. I am also a wealthy affiliate member and like you have been a member for over a year. I am now earning most of my money online and it is very exciting. However, I do have this feeling that my SEO could be a lot stronger as I have not really given it the attention it deserves in order to really maximize all the effort I am going to in writing posts. So, your suggested tools here will be useful to me. I liked the SEO periodic table! SO detailed (and a little overwhelming too…). Thanks for the info-I will return to your site to action these tips in the future.

    • Hi Liz,

      Congrats on sticking with the WA program for a year and seeing your dream come to fruition! Earning most of your income online is incredibly exciting and so worth the time and effort. I see far too many people give up too soon.

      In the grand scheme of things, a year is nothing. Yes, it’s hard work and we all experience those doldrums periods when nothing seems to be moving fast enough. But what’s the alternative? Being a year older and no closer to financial freedom than we were at the outset? Seems like a poor choice to me 🙂

      I think SEO is something that’s a continuous work in process. I love the SEO Periodic Table because it is so extensive. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You’ve built your online business one blog post at a time. That’s how I approach SEO – one element at a time. Discover, learn and take action by implementing!

      I wish you continued success and fulfillment from your online business. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments!

  2. This a great article, on a tremendous site. Your experience as an educator really shows through, offering tremendous value – particularly to novices. You explain things well and your site is pleasing as well as functional. You demonstrate perfectly the value of following quality training, such as that provided here at WA.

    • Thank you, John. Your comments are kind indeed and much appreciated. A year ago, I was a complete newbie lacking any experience in online marketing or website design techniques. I credit the high-quality training and supportive learning environment at Wealthy Affiliate for the strides I’ve made. Extensive tutorials focused on how to create a good website have made all the difference. Stick with it and success is achievable!

  3. Internet marketing can be a great source of income for retirees, and maybe for something I rarely see mentioned in posts?

    All research and indicators relate to the fact that continuing to learn as you age is extremely important to getting the most out of life.

    Affiliate marketing is a learning experience that can produce financial income and help keep retirees (or anyone else) active mentally for years to come.

    • Hi Mike,

      Your comments are right on the mark! On my About Me page I discuss this very factor at length. Remaining mentally engaged and stimulated was, and remains, a huge consideration for me. Researching, writing, and implementing various affiliate marketing and SEO techniques on my site has addressed this concern perfectly for me.Of course, I’m also interested in a little “me time” at this stage of my life, so the flexibility of working from home is ideal.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights!

  4. Hi there

    SEO is a scary word to many new bloggers as it sounds complicated. Not only SEO but the whole packet including building a website, getting rankings, backlinks, and hosting. The whole can be time-consuming and frustrating looking for everything in different places, not knowing if the info you`re getting is correct or not.

    It`s great knowing there are programs like Wealthy Affiliate out there that offer everything in one place,saving would be bloggers and marketers time and the frustration and error. You mention WA being a great place to learn, but then you give extra resources like MOZ. Is it to say WA is not enough?

    • Hi Roamy,

      I think it’s safe to say that when you’re brand new to blogging and affiliate marketing, SEO is something that is completely outside the realm of your experience. So, of course it sounds complicated and the reality is that there is quite a bit to it.

      This is why I strongly recommend a structured, hands-on approach to learning the ins and outs. Wealthy Affiliate provides that type of supportive, all-inclusive environment that can make all the difference for newbies and successful marketers alike.

      I often see advice offered up on the Internet that suggests you don’t need training such as that available at WA because the Web is loaded with great resources that are completely free. I disagree with that premise. Are there great resources available from authority sites such as Moz and Search Engine Land? Absolutely! Are they the best place to start? I don’t think so! I think they can be overwhelming at the outset.

      Now that I have some experience under my belt, I’ve enjoyed reinforcing what I’ve learned at WA by reading various articles and resources such as the ones I’ve included in my post. What can I say? I’m an avid reader!

      But WA remains home base for me. I continue to learn every day from the training and blogging by members of the community. I also enjoy all the tools and resources I need such as hosting and a keyword research tool.

      WA is a comprehensive solution!

  5. Lots of great info here! This is a great resource for anyone looking to start out as an internet marketer or a blogger. SEO can be totally overwhelming and is often the thing that causes most beginners to drop out of internet marketing. If you don’t do your homework, you can disappear quickly. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for your comments and kind words. A solid understanding of SEO essentials is indeed crucial if you want to grow your organic traffic. And who doesn’t want more traffic? 🙂 I’ve found the training available at Wealthy Affiliate to be very much on point in this critical area.

      I appreciate you stopping by and joining the conversation!

  6. A very thorough and detailed article on wealthy affiliate and Seo. It seems you have much knowledge in this area. I too am a member of this community, but yet still find I have so much to learn. You seem to be someone who knows what they are doing. Hopefully I will get there one day.

    • Hi Jagi,

      Thanks for the compliments. If you’ve already joined Wealthy Affiliate, you’re in the right place to learn SEO. I urge you to stick with the training and implement each lesson on your website as you complete the lesson. Over time, your knowledge and confidence will increase and your website will reap the benefits. It takes persistence but it’s very doable!

      Good luck and please feel free to contact me within WA if I can help.

  7. Hi Linda! Really nice post which I feel will be useful in the long run. I am also a member from WA and have realized the benefits it can give me.

    After reading your post, I did not know that there was so much to SEO and the sources you gave were even more useful! Will definitely bookmark the guides to SEO and your page too!

    Thanks very much and all the best to you!



    • Hi Kai,

      Thanks so much for your comments and for visiting my site. The benefits of membership in WA really are amazing, aren’t they? It’s true that there is quite a bit to SEO but the structured, hand-on approach at WA makes learning it very manageable and achievable.

      I wish you all the best with your website!

  8. My mom is retired and has been asking questions about what she can do online to make a little money. She loves writing, and I think affiliate marketing would suit her well. I’m going to share your page with her because I think your information will really help her.

    My only concern is that she lives with my grandmother and has to take care of her. She keeps saying that she doesn’t have the time to do anything else but she really wants to. Maybe this site will be the nudge that she needs to take action.

    • Hi Theresa,

      I hope you will share the information with your Mom. Affiliate marketing has been an excellent fit for many retirees. It seems particularly ideal for someone who loves writing. Care taking can certainly be a difficult responsibility. And yet, she can work from home which offers a great deal of flexibility. Please tell your Mom she can feel free to contact me with any questions she may have. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since January and I really think, after reading this article, that I will be taking a look at all the SEO resources. I did do some SEO training but lately I have spent so much time writing articles that I need to catch up more on a lot of training.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome resource full of training videos. This article is so thorough and informative. I am sure lots of people will want to give this a try.

    • Hi Ririj,

      It’s true. Wealthy Affiliate has excellent training resources. It’s great that you’ve been writing a lot of posts for your website but I hope you will also find the time to focus on training. SEO is so very important if you want your articles to be found by the search engines.

      Good luck with your site and thanks for commenting!

  10. First of all, thanks for this informative article. When I was starting out my blogging journey, I felt overwhelmed by all the information out there. Thanks to WA for guiding me into the right path.

    At first, I thought my online career would be a cakewalk affair. But soon I realized the amount of work needed to achieve success. At that time, when I heard words like SEO, Email Marketing all the confidence just drove away and I began to doubt myself. Then I head over to WA, studied everything and watched Jay’s video classes and those pieces of training helped me acquire knowledge about online marketing.

    I’m so glad that you’ve explained everything in a well-structured article. That Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors is just awesome. Thanks for sharing, Linda.

    • Hi Sethu,

      I think we had a very similar experience just starting out. There is an overwhelming amount of information and advice available on the Internet when it comes to starting an online business. That’s why I always recommend finding training and a supportive community like Wealthy Affiliate. Working on your own, it can be very challenging to determine the proper sequence of steps. Being able to ask questions and get clarification from others is also key. WA provided the support and structure I needed to get off on the right foot.

      Thanks for the great comments and best wishes for the success of your website!

  11. Love your website! I am a fellow WA member. Just getting started and really enjoy seeing those who are being successful. I hope to achieve a well oiled working website in the very near future! Good luck and thanks for all the tips!

    • Hi Cristy,
      Thanks for the kind words and warm wishes. You’ve made a fabulous start by joining WA. Just follow the exceptional training, take consistent action on what you learn, and success will follow. Best wishes!


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